Gears of War Fancast

Gears of War Fancast

A fancast for the Gears of War games.

I am a huge fan of Gears of War and would like to see it get turned into a movie someday. Now updated

Now here's my cast:

Marcus Fenix - Josh Brolin or Karl Urban

My first choice is Josh Brolin. He's a very talented actor and I've enjoyed him in everyting he's been in (except Jonah Hex). I believe that he could capture Marcus' gruff manner and does resemble him a bit.
I chose Karl Urban as my second choice because he has that look of a grizzled soldier and could also capture Marcus' personality.

Dominic Santiago - Edgar Ramirez

I originally had Mark Ruffalo as Dom, but then some people pointed out to me that he wasn't right for the role (he's not Spanish). With Ramirez, however, he's Hispanic and a great actor too.

Augustus Cole - Terry Crews

I chose Terry because he has that ability to be funny and badass at the same time, which is essential when casting Cole.

Damon Baird - Bradley Cooper

I really like Cooper as an actor; he can do both funny and serious and has that smart-ass attitude attributed to Baird. Plus, I would LOVE to see the banter between him and Terry Crews.

Carmine Brothers - Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has that voice that really suits the Carmines and his apperance doesn't matter as you never see their faces.

Anya Stroud - Jessica Biel

Biel has played women soldiers among men before, so this shouldn't be much of a stretch.

Sam Byrnes - Charlize Theron

She's one of my favorite actresses and plays strong independent women really well. Now, I know she's not Australian, but she could probably do the accent IMO.

Jace Stratton - Chiwetel Ejiofor

Great actor; really liked him in 2012. He resembles the character too; all he'd need to do is grow some cornrows and he's set.

Dizzy Wallin - Mickey Rourke

He's a great actor and looks the part. Could really pull off Dizzy's personality.

Tai Kaliso - Jason Momoa

Being Hawaiian, he would do well in this supporitng role.

Victor Hoffman - R. Lee Ermey

Nuff said

Chairman Prescott - Jason Issacs

I saw this pick in another fancast and thought "brilliant", as I was having a hard time casting the character and seeing this, realized Issacs is the perfect choice.

Adam Fenix - Brian Cox

He's a great actor, looks the part, and could really bring the enigma that is necessary for the character.

RAAM - Robert Mailett

For this role you don't need a top notch actor but someone really big. Mailett really fits the role a 7 foot tall.

Skorge - Kevin Durand

Durand is big, but not as big as Mailett, which is just what I was looking for.

Queen Myrrah - Cate Blanchett

She looks the part and has that powerful commanding voice. She was born for this role.

Well, that's all for now. My next fancast will probably either be X-Men or Spider Man and will take a while to put up because of school and all that.

Furrerminator signing out.
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