Gen-13: The Animated Movie

Gen-13: The Animated Movie

A MUCH-NEEDED remake based on the Wildstorm classic.

Gen 13 is probably one of the most well-known of Wildstorm Comics's properties. It's had its fair share of criticism and praise, its fair share of the serious and the silly, and of course, the worst thing to befall a comic property, a movie production that quit while it was ahead. You all I'm sure know the story of Gen 13, and maybe some of you know the story about the movie that was never released. For the uneducated: Gen 13 revolves around a teenage hero team fighting against the often-sinister machinations of International Operations and their amoral counterparts DV8. Each member is a "Gen-active" (their version of metahuman/mutant), and in addition to the high stakes of the superhero life, they have the usual teen angst. I read the original mini a few months back, and thought it was good animated movie potential.

In regards to the unreleased movie, in 1999 Buena Vista Pictures (a Disney subsidiary) produced an animated film based on the comic, and was directed by Kevin Altieri, who had experience stemming from Batman: The Animated Series and its feature film Mask of the Phantasm. Interestingly, the film's animation style is slightly similar. The story (which was based on the first Gen 13 miniseries from 1994) was slightly tweaked in some areas, and the cast included Alicia Witt as Caitlin Fairchild, Elizabeth Daily as Freefall, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers as Grunge, John De Lancie as John Lynch, Mark Hamill as Threshold, Cloris Leachman as Helga Kleinman, and Lauren Lane as Ivana Baiul. When Wildstorm got bought out by DC Comics that same year, the film got shelved for a US release, but did get a limited release in Europe and Austrailia. The movie is on Youtube, and once fans saw it, it was not so well-recieved (I saw it a while back, and yeah, it was bordering on an 'R' rating, which is why Fairchild's transformation scene was not uploaded).

After much thought, I realized that Gen 13 could have potential if an animated film was done the right way. Thus, this fancast is the result. For starters, the film would stay completely true to the original story (and that includes the appearances of Pitt) in terms of plot and characters. The voice acting would be MUCH MORE high quality, and ALL the Gen 13 members would be in the spotlight. I did, however, shift a couple things (like keeping it at least a PG-13 rating, so you won't hear a ton of swearing, Roxy won't smoke, the gun violence would be given the BTAS treatment, and Fairchild's transformation scene wouldn't be so full of agony and near-nudity, just something similar to say, She-Hulk's transformation in the 90's Incredible Hulk cartoon). Finally, the animation/art style would be done by Man of Action, in a synthesis of the styles used for both the Ben 10 shows and Generator Rex. Here is who I decided on for a voice cast:

Kaley Cuoco as the voice of Caitlin Fairchild

My inspiration for this pick comes from her performance on The Big Bang Theory, only for this picture, Cuoco would be the smart one. Plus, she's had voiceover experience, playing the lead in Disney's Brandy and Mr. Whiskers. I thought Caitlin would be a great character for her.

Tania Gunadi as the voice of Roxy "Freefall" Spaulding

Picking Gunadi was inspired by Miko, the character she voices on Transformers: Prime. Both she and Roxy have black hair with a pink streak, are rebellious, and are like the kid sister you would want. Gunadi's voice is dead-on for Roxy.

David DeLuise as the voice of Percival "Grunge" Chang

Picking DeLuise was inspired by a similar character he voiced, Coop on Megas XLR (which I'm sure a lot of people here are fans of). He's got the right voice for Grunge--in fact, he could use the same voice he used for Coop.

Erica Durance as the voice of Sarah Rainmaker

Erica, in my opinion, has a good voice for Sarah--lovely, yet tough when needed. Plus, I'd thought it would bring some diversity to her acting resume. (You get what I mean...)

Hunter Parrish as the voice of Bobby "Burnout" Lane

I was inspired by when Parrish voiced Kid Flash in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!". I thought he'd have a good voice for Burnout, and I can see some similarities to his character on "Weeds".

Stephen Lang as the voice of John "Jack" Lynch

For picking Lang, I was inspired by his performance in both Terra Nova and in Avatar. Tone it down and make him a more Bond-type character, and you've got a good Lynch.

Mariska Hargitay as the voice of Ivana Baiul

For this, I just pictured her playing it as if her role on Law & Order (which one was it?) was that of a crime baroness. She'd nail Ivana perfectly.

Michael C. Hall as the voice of Matthew "Threshold" Callahan

For this one, it's very simple: imagine 'Dexter' with psychic powers.

Dianna Agron as the voice of Nicole "Bliss" Callahan

I've seen a few episodes of "Glee", and in my view, her character of Quinn is small talk compared to the super-powered control freak that is Bliss--a role Agron would handle with great care.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any pics of Helga Kleinman, the drill instructor for Project Genesis, but you guys have your choice of three actresses to play her: Jane Lynch, Sybil Danning, or Andrea Martin (her I added because...well, if any of you have seen "Young Frankenstein: The Musical", she did a great Frau Blucher).

Additional voices:
-John DiMaggio as Stephen Callahan, Pitt, an I.O. trooper, and one of Lynch's troops
-Jennifer Hale as Rachel Callahan and Fairchild's roommate
-Keith Ferguson as a Project: Genesis scientist, an I.0. captain, and one of Lynch's troops
-Ryan Ochoa as Timmy, Pitt's friend
-Phil LaMarr as Alex Fairchild

Comment away, people!
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