Ghost Rider fancast

Ghost Rider fancast

I'm at it again and I feel determined to get it right for the fans and myself


Yes, I'm at it again. Another Ghost Rider fancast. Well, I feel he deserves another shot at cinema. NOT TELEVISION. I'm by no means saying he deserves it more than Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Warbird (I hate the name of, Captain Marvel or Ms. Marvel), etc. I feel if it's even just one standalone film, it would be perfectly fine. No crossover. The doors would be open because of Doctor Strange. It would be dark, gritty, the humor of a Marvel film but very much standalone. R is a highly unnecessary rating for, Ghost Rider. Think of it this way, I look at it as The Incredible Hulk meets The Wolverine. Just because we've seen the villains in previous films doesn't mean a new story or take on them would be copying what has already been done.

Story: Johnny Blaze is a former stunt cyclist whom is running from his past and is a loner because of tragedies in his life caused by the mistakes he's made. He is eventually killed by a biker gang, making a deal with Mephisto, he sells his soul to become the Ghost Rider to gain revenge on his killers as well as making right to wrongs by looking after loved ones and the innocent. Earth and even Hell are faced with a great threat that'll take everything, Ghost Rider has to stop it from bringing Earth and Hell to their knees.

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Director: David Slade

Why I chose him: Despite Eclipse, I believe that David Slade can pull off great, dark films with great performances from his actors all while building suspense and thrills. Don't believe me? Look at Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night. What do they have in common? Great performances from the cast, thrills and suspense. Not to mention brutal and visceral fight scenes. All of which are qualities needed in a Ghost Rider film.

Writer: John Logan

Why I chose him: Skyfall is great as well as is, The Aviator. But, I chose him because of Gladiator, Sweeny Todd and The Last Samurai. Which is funny because The Last Samurai is my favorite Tom Cruise film and Gladiator is my third all time favorite film. I picture Ghost Rider as a film with interesting characters, a great journey for our lead character. Not to mention he can adapt something that's already dark source material and make it even more interesting. Well, Ghost Rider is a great candidate. He can also create fantastic villains.

Cinematographer: Jo Willems

Why I chose him: His films look beautiful. Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night, Limitless and Catching Fire. All are great looking films, which helps make the scenery and the film itself that much more engrossing. Plus, he's worked with David Slade before which makes it all the more interesting and perfect.

Editor: Lee Smith

Why I chose him: The Dark Knight trilogy, The Prestige, Inception, X-Men First Class and Elysium are just a few films that I think are worthy examples of why he's my choice. He helps pace the films nicely, still keep them interesting and edit some incredible fight sequences. I really like the way he paces the films. Just saying.

Composer: Steve Jablonsky

Why I chose him: His scores are epic, thrilling, suspenseful and pull at the heart strings. I'll use the same three examples every time. I feel would make a fantastic and epic Ghost Rider score.

Saved the best for last. If you still disagree, you're certifiably nuts!

As far as additional music goes, I wasn't going to have any but I figured why not. Here are a couple suggestions as far as what I'd go with. I prefer rock/hard rock/alternative music for my superhero movies if we were to go with something.

Production Designer: Dan Hennah

Why I chose him: Have you not seen The Lord of the Rings films, The Hobbit or Underworld: Rise of the Lycans? The production is outstanding and really helps suck you into those worlds. Think of it. Him as production designer on a Ghost Rider film. That would be incredible to watch. 'Nuff said.

Costume Designer: Isis Mussenden

Why I chose her: The deciding factor for me here is the Chronicles of Narnia films, Prince Caspian to be particular. I think she would have some interesting and unique designs for Ghost Rider, his supporting characters, villains and just the characters in general in his world. I think they'd be so cool.

Special Make-Up and Creature Effects: Howard Berger and Greg Nicotero

Why I chose them: All I have to say on this one is look at their work on, Predators. Then, you'll see why I chose them.

Visual Effects: Industrial Light and Magic

Why I chose them: Look at all the blockbusters they've done. They are clearly the best visual effects company in the business and I think they would make a realistic looking Ghost Rider, demons, etc. You'd actually be able to have a white flaming skull and have it not look ridiculous.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider

Why I chose him: Jake Gyllenhaal before has proven he can do dark, disturbed characters as well as action heroes and characters with depth. Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain, Prisoners and Zodiac have all proven this. I think Ghost Rider would be a great opportunity for him not to just step into the genre but he is more than a capable and dramatic actor now that taking dark, disturbed, dramatic and action all into one character would help make him a fantastic titular hero. Especially under the direction of, David Slade.

Evan Rachel Wood as Roxanne Simpson

Why I chose her: What's an interesting, dark superhero story without an interesting leading lady? I feel that she would have great chemistry with Evan Rachel Wood and by making her Roxanne Simpson, you've got a strong character who you could be invested in because she is such an interesting character. Not much of use against our villain but, she would help make the romance in this beauty and the beast story one of the better ones.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Blackheart

Why I chose him: Honestly, he's also my pick for Thanos. But, it's the same reason I chose him for Blackheart. He'd give the character depth while also coming across brutal and straight up frightening. I like Wes Bentley but, he wasn't menacing. Cumberbatch as Kahn straight up scared me like Tom Hardy did as Bane. I think Cumberbatch would make for a fantastic Blackheart and bring a definite threat to Jake Gyllenhaal's Ghost Rider. Can you imagine a fight between these two as these characters? Holy shit that would be brutal.

Jackie Earle Haley as Mephisto

Why I chose him: Despite being short, he was fantastic as Rorschach and made for a creepy and menacing Freddy. I think he would pull of a great Mephisto and do so very convincingly. He comes across creepy to me as it is. So, it works.

Linden Ashby as Captain Dolan

Why I chose him: I've been a fan of Linden Ashby since Mortal Kombat. Not a good movie by any means but he was good in it and he convincingly pulls off a cop who is also a struggling father in Teen Wolf. I think he would do the role justice to be honest with you.

That's what I've got. Comment below.
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