Ghost Rider (Reboot)

Ghost Rider  (Reboot)

How Ghost Rider should be done in a movie and who should play the characters.

First off Nick Cage's Ghost Rider is a decent movie but it wasn't great and Marvel in the future should do a Ghost Rider movie like this.
Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider- Jensen Ackels

Ackels is a great actor and I love Supernatural it is my favorite show on T.V. and Ackles would be a great Ghost Rider.

Roxanne Simpson-Sienna Miller

Sienna Miller is very easy on the eyes and is a decent actress I think she would be a great Roxanne she already has the look.

Crash Simpson-Cliff Robertson

Yes uncle Ben is my pick for Crash but since Spider-man is being rebooted this wouldn't matter he is a very good actor and a good father figure.

Danny Ketch/Other Ghost Rider-Steven Strait

Strait is a very underrated actor he is a good actor and I think he has the look for Danny if you don't know who he is he was on Sky High,10,000BC and the Covenant.

Mephisto-Karel Roden

Roden would make a good Mephisto he was very good on Hellboy so I think it would work.

Vengeance-Javier Bardem

Bardem is a great actor and has such a sinister voice he would be awesome as Vengeance

BlackHeart-Mark Pellegrino

This guy is great on Supernatural as Lucifer he is very evil and he would make a fantastic Blackheart.

Zarathos-CGI Clancy Brown

Do I really have to say anything.
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