Ghost Rider: Revelations

Ghost Rider: Revelations

The final installment of my Ghost Rider trilogy.

The final installment of the Trilogy has the spirit world facing off at their creators Zadkiel.

The Ghost Riders have been traveling the world with the Darkhold collecting all the Ghost Riders spirits, to "help" Zadkiel's cause.

Zadkiel manipulated the spirits to keep heaven's involvement with them secret. He did this through a combination of messing with their memories and having them take on the look of demons. He became tired of the human race and realized he can do better than god, he was now ready to start his war on heaven.Once the brothers return with the Darkhold, Zadkiel has enough power to tear down heavens walls. Except he needs the last two Ghost Riders powers. He banishes the brothers out and attempts to take there power. The brothers only lose some power .Zadkiel already cast them out of heaven and raised hell on earth. Zadkiel needs the last bit of there power to bring down heavens walls. The Ghost Rider's must travel through this new hell back to heaven, to take back the Darkhold.

Death Watch is resurrected to assist Zadkiel.

The Midnight Sons/Protectors of the Darkhold are captured by renegade Demons hoping to bring the Ghost Riders to them.

Vengeance not being a true Ghost Rider still has his power given to him by his creator Blackheart. Vengeance goes to him for help, to rescue his captured friends. Blackheart explains to him about the end of times and hell is on earth.
And they need Mephisto to join them to help the Ghost Riders.

Now for the new villains as the Film

To accomplish this war on heaven began recruiting his most loyal demon and spirits.

Zodiac is bookstore owner who worshiped Zadkiel and is given powers. Zadkiel merges Zodiac with twelve Dykkors demons and adopted the guise of Zodiak.
He leads followers and cults to stop the Riders.

Hag and Troll were a duo of demons that were summoned by Deathwatch to help takeout Ghost Riders and stop them from getting to heaven.
Black out is leading the renegade Demons but is also working for Deathwatch.

The Riders run into some crazy cowboy hermit known by as Caretaker. They find out that he was a Ghost Rider but they stripped away his powers, over there travels. He confesses that he was the original.They discuss and realize they were supposed to kill all the host of the Riders. Since they didn't, Caretaker has a plan to end Zadkiel.

Mephisto helps the others get free and they make a run to find the GhostRiders
Heavens Angels allow the Ghost Riders into heaven. They go to Zadkiel and fight him. He defeats them and removes there powers. He opens up the Darkhold and says he will let the spirits of vengeance roam free and rip down heavens walls. He yells and says "now with their dead host, they are now under my control."
Johnny says "who said their host were dead."
And on earth all the Riders stand waiting. There Spirits fly down and return to their rightful owners. Johnny and Danny rejoin with theirs as well. The Riders throw their chains around Zadkiel and pull him to earth. Zadkiel is with his minions now surrounded by 100's of Riders.

They defeat Zadkiel and Caretaker now leads all Ghost Riders protecting the world from renegade demons.

I tried.
Be nice.
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