Ghost Rider: Vengeance part 2 of Trilogy

Ghost Rider: Vengeance part 2 of Trilogy

Casting the sequel to my Ghost Rider Trilogy

The movie would start with Johnny getting pulled into hell. Since he no longer serves as the Ghost rider and he owes his soul to Mephisto, he must remain there.

I choose Garrett Hedlund because I liked him in Tron and felt like he could capture the essence of a young Johnny Blaze.

Haley would bring a whole new creepy aspect to this role.
Mephisto would have a minor role in the Sequel.

An angel named Zadkiel enters hell to speak to Johnny Blaze. Zadkiel explains to Johnny he was chosen to hunt demons buy the heavens not hell.Mephesto being the devil he is, manipulated the situation and took credit for the Rider. Originally Zadkiel was an angel of heaven who sided with Lucifer in his rebellion. Before the rebellion ended Zadkiel betrayed Lucifer and was placed in charge of heaven's black ops like angel group. Those angels handled things god would not. As a punishment he was on to remain in the lower level of heaven and would stay away from god and all other angels.

His mission included combating hell's problems on Earth and keeping humanity's evil in check. One way he did this was through controlling the spirits of vengeance. He now needed the Ghost Rider to protect Ketch while he finished heavens work. Zadkiel would be played by Vincent Cassell because he is a great actor and looks pure but he still seems he can have a dark side.

A Demon named Lilith, ease drops on Johnny's
conversation with Zadkiel. When Johnny is allowed to enter the world again, Lilith exits with Johnny. Lilith is in search of revenge on the spirit world . Monica Bellucci would own this part. She looks very sultry and feisty.

Jamie Bell is amazing actor and looks adventurous enough to carry the Rider mantle. Also he looks like he
can be brothers with Garrett.
Ketch needs to be protected by the former police Lt., who Is mephisto new pawn vengeance. Vengeance still
believes the Rider is to blame for his families death. He
doesn't even know there is a second Rider at this time.

Vengeance is now hellbent on finding the Ghost Rider
and has searched the world for help. He has now found
other cursed individuals in his same boat.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks like he is gritty enough to be
the cop and has the voice to do a very good Vengeance.

Vengeance joins a group of people that are protecting the world from mystical threats.
Victoria Montesi ancestors are the sole protectors of this Darkhold and this why she started the team. Vengeance has them convinced the Rider is the demon destined to open the Darkhold. The Darkhold is full of ancient black
magic and trapped spirits. Opening it can also summon the Elder God Chthon, to wreak havoc upon the Earth.

Liv Tyler was chosen for this role because she looks the part and has played roles already with characters with heavy burden to carry.Frank Drake assist Victoria and is a descendant of Dracula. Ever since the movie Wanted, I loved this guy Thomas Kretschmann. I caught more of his work and he really is a phenomenal actor.

The two other members of the group are cult favorites in the Marvel universe. Including them is would show how connected the Marvel universe is. The team would be like the Darkhold/Midnight sons/Night stalkers

Rufus Sewell would play a great Morbuis. He would feel dark, but still bring a human side to him. He would be on a quest to cure for his own rare, fatal blood disease.

Jack Russel is cursed as a werewolf and joined the group to help to undo his wrongs.Jeffrey Donovan can be tense and bring some humor to the table.

Vengeance and crew would battle the new Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze. Johnny would be equipped with his hell fire chain and gun.Johnny would find it weird that he can still control these weapons.

Near the end of the movie, Lilith would open the Darkhold unleashing spirits on to the world. Vegeance and crew would team with Ghost Rider and Blaze to stop her. The god Chthon would rise and come to her aid.
Lilith would let Vengeance know she slaughtered his
family for the joy of it.

(Chton would be done in cgi like the Mummy or Sandman from Spiderman 3)

The group is close to being destroyed in tell Johnny concentrates and turns himself into the Ghost Rider.
He remembers Zadkiel mentioning he was chosen to be the true Ghost Rider, realizing this he knows he can become him when innocent blood is being shed.Both Ghost Riders and Vengeance wrap up Chthon in
their chains of hell fire and roast him.

Victoria tricks Lilith
into entering the DarkHold. Victoria seals her in where she is stuck with other spirits.

Zadkiel would return with Mephisto and congratulate
them. He would tell the Ghost Riders they are working for
a higher purpose now. He would their mission is still not
complete. They must travel the world and find the other Ghost Riders and return their powers to the Darkhold. Once that is complete they must return the Darkhold to it's rightful place, on holy ground. Only a Ghost Rider can move the Darkhold as they are it's sole protectors.

Victoria says she wants her team to company them. Zadikiel agrees and frees Vengeance from under
Mephisto. They jump on/in their transportation's and ride
off in the desert.
Mephisto and Zadkiel watch them leave.
Mephisto turns to Zadkiel and says " You really think
they are going to help you change the world".
Zadkiel says" No, they are going to help me destroy it".
Mephisto looks confused. Zadkiel says "stay out of my way".
Mephisto watches Zadikiel turn into a dove and fly away.

So thats the end of the sequel.
The final chapter will be Ghost Rider:Revelationst
and we see Zadkiel final plan on wiping out all mankind.

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