"Ghost Rider/Captain America: Fear"--The Animated Movie

"Ghost Rider/Captain America: Fear"--The Animated Movie

An animated adaptation of the 1992 team-up tale.

In 1992, as part of its line of prestige-format books, Marvel released "Ghost Rider/Captain America: Fear", written by then-Ghost Rider scribe Howard Mackie and drawn by Lee Weeks. The story centers on the the two of them teaming up to track down and apprehend an enhanced Scarecrow (the Marvel one, not the DC one), who's been on a killing spree where he induces his victims' fears before pitchforking them.

From the back of the book:

"FEAR: Your heart races, your breath becomes shallow, sweat streams from every pore. Your brain screams, your throat constricts into a dry rasp. You try to run, but your legs won't carry you. The fear takes over your body.

SCARECROW: Endowed with superhuman strength and the power to stir up the fear that lurks inside, causing panic attacks in any who approach him, Scarecrow is on a vendetta of blood and fear.

GHOST RIDER AND CAPTAIN AMERICA: The SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE and the SENTINEL OF LIBERTY. Both must overcome their personal fears in order to quell those of a city bathed in red with the blood of innocent victims."

I thought this would be a good horror/suspense animated film, in the vein of Batman: Gotham Knight's "In Darkness Dwells" segment or the current "Blade" entry in Marvel Anime. It would also throw a spotlight on Danny Ketch, the second Ghost Rider (since everyone who isn't a comic fan mostly knows Johnny Blaze from the 2007 movie), and his only other media exposure was guest appearances on the 90's Fantastic Four and Incredible Hulk cartoons. I would have this be animated by a combination of Madhouse and Production I.G., who both worked on segments for Batman: Gotham Knight. The script would be a collaboration between Howard Mackie and Ed Brubaker, and the DVD cover would have original art by a combination of Lee Weeks and Emma Rios. Here is my voice cast:

Ian Somerhalder as the voice of Ghost Rider/Danny Ketch

I went with Somerhalder because I could picture his voice easily for Ketch, and his experience on Vampire Diaries would be good for a supernatural character like Ghost Rider.

Colin Ferguson as the voice of Captain America

I've grown to really like Eureka, and when I was thinking of who to cast as Cap, I thought Ferguson displayed an all-American quality on the show, a good fit for the star-spangled avenger.

Hugh Laurie, Armin Shimerman, or Alec Willows as the voice of Scarecrow/Ebeneezer Laughton

Each of these picks has a good reason:
-Laurie for his near-psychotic portrayal as the lead on House.
-Shimerman for his turn as the Green Goblin in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2.
-Willows for his portrayal of Tarantulas on Transformers: Beast Wars.
Feel free to contribute any ideas for this character's VA, he was hard for me to cast.

Yvonne Strahovski as the voice of Officer Stacy Dolan

Of course, I was inspired by her performance on Chuck (and she really did a great performance in the second-to-last episode of the series), but I was also thinking of her role in the upcoming "I, Frankenstein" adaptation. I also think she'd be great in a crime drama, but here she's both the strong gal and horror victim--something she could do to show off not only her acting chops for that kind of genre, but also doing it only VOCALLY.

Bruce Davison as the voice of Captain Gerry Dolan

For picking Davison I was inspired by him playing President Slade Wilson in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, and thought he'd be great as a cop with a lot at stake in the story.

Additional voices:
-Corey Burton as Doctor Harris and Stern, head of the Firm
-Kevin Michael Richarson as a surgeon and a gang member
-Jim Meskimen as a SWAT member and a coroner
-Michael Bell as the old store owner and Police Commissioner Stubbs
-Sean Marquette as a young kid and Stacy Dolan's partner
-Jon Polito as Gerry Dolan's partner and a Firm member

Whaddaya think?
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