Godzilla 2014: What We Know So Far

Godzilla 2014: What We Know So Far

The latest info on the new Godzilla film.

There has been a lot of info on the new Godzilla movie in the past few months. We've had a teaser and a poster. Today, I'm listing the confirmed info about it. Let's begin.

1. Gareth Edwards is directing: "Monsters" director Gareth Edwards was attacthed to direct back in 2010, so this isn't new info. Before the teaser, no one had much confidence in him. In fact, a lot of people still don't think he's going to do good. I for one think he's going to good. I've seen the teaser image, and Godzilla looks how he's supposed to. He's going to be loyal to the franchise from the looks of things.

2. Godzilla won't be the only monster: The teaser trailer revealed more then just Godzilla's look. It also revealed that he will have a monster to fight. There arn't any images of the monster, but from what I understand it's a giant centipede. As expected, there is no name for the monster, so it's anyone's guess until they confirm it.

3. Toho will help with the film: The creators of Godzilla themselves, Toho studios, are helping with this project. Oddly enough, this started at Toho when Yoshimitsu Banno wanted to make a 45-minute short called "Godzilla: 3D to the Max". In it, he fights a monster called Deathla, but the project turned into this film. With Toho on board, and the fact they'll distribute it in Japan, that should be enough for people to trust in this project.

4. The release date: There were many rumored release dates, which included Christmas of this year. However, Legendary Pictures announced it's realese date is May 16, 2014. This may be a long time to wait, but this is a good thing. The more time that's put into this, the better it will be (not that that's true of all movies).

5. The poster:

This is the official poster for the film. After several fan posters that have hit the internet, we finally have an offical one. The poster, however, dosen't reveal Godzilla's look. There will probably be more posters in the near future.

6. Production will begin next May: The film's cinematographer, Seamus McGarvey (The Avengers) confirmed that production will begin next March and is expected to end in June. As expected, it's going to be in 3D.

7. The writers: There have been many writers for the film. David Callahan wrote the first draft of the script. David S Goyar (The Dark Knight trilogy) wrote the second draft in July 2001. On November 9th, 2011, Max Borenstien finshed Goyar's script. The final writer, Drew Pearce(Ironman 3) was hired to finish the final script in October. The final draft was to make the characters to match the actors that are inteded to be cast.


8. The atmosphere: According to Edwards, and this is probably what throw people off, the film is to be very grounded and realistic. We all know Godzilla dosen't fit in that category at all. But he also said that it would be dark and have a serious tone. Some of the past Godzilla films didn't have a very serious tone to them, which depended the year it was made in. The only one that comes to mind is the first, which had a very serious tone, and was probably the most serious out of the whole series. The grounded and realistic thing may not to everyone's liking, but I'm willing to bet the dark tone has gained some attention. Not to mention the positive reveiw of fans who were lucky enough to see the trailer.

Well, that's the info on Legendary Pictures Godzilla. The film is to be released on May 16, 2014. I'll finish the article with the one picture that was from the comicon teaser:

UPDATES: 1. Tommy Wiseu and Aaron Shang have been casted as Johnny and Carl Takahashi.
2. An image from the new teaser has been released:

3. The rumor that Tommy Wiseu will star in the film is false. It was a rumor that started on Youtube and IMBd.

4. The film is currently going a final rewrite by Frank Darabount.

5. The working title or codename of the film is Nautilus.

6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was rumored for the lead role, but was later denied. Henry Cavill, Scoot McNairy, and Caleb Laundry Jones are now under consideration for the part.

7. Producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee left the project due to creative issues and it could lead to court. Mary Parent is the new producer for the film.

8. The film's plot revolves around a lone soldier, but his interactions with Godzilla has yet to be revealed.

9. Another rewrite is currently being worked on by Frank Darabount.

10. Actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson was rumored for the lead role, but no offer has been made to him. However, he dose show interest.
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