GOTHAM FAN ART by the SoulEater

GOTHAM FAN ART by the SoulEater

We've all seen what Bruce was like when he lost his parents, but now let's look at what some of his villains were doing at the time, in this series: BEFORE BATMAN

In honor of the series GOTHAM coming to FOX, I decided to make animated snippets of the Children of Gotham and what they went through to propel them to the men and woman who terrorized or saved the city.
Monologue will follow each piece depicting what's gone through each childs mind at the time of their inception. 
We know what Bruce Wayne went through as a boy, but what about Joker? What about Catwoman, what about Freeze...where were they at the exact same time?

Each is accompanied by a monologue


Bruce:"I lost my parents when I was a child..."

Jack:"I took my parents when I was a child..."

Bruce:"I died inside that night..."

Jack:"I came alive..."

Bruce:"I cried for Alfred."

Jack:"I laughed at the world..."

Both:"No one knew the man I would one knew the THING..that they would fear for this..."

Next is a girl who had had enough.

And a boy who had taken enough.

Catwoman and Thomas Elliot/Hush

Selina:"I was tired of hearinng it would never happen again..."

Thomas:"I was tired of him lying to both of us..."

Selina:"I owed it to myself..."

Thomas:"They owed it to me..."

Selina:"I had to do something about it..."

Thomas:"I WOULD do something about it..."

Both:"One thing was for sure, the world would never hold me down!!!"

Next is a boy of science, the other a boy torment.

One studied to practice the ways of saving people, but all he was exposed to was seeing how nothing could be saved.  Everything you care about gets ripped from you.

The other, plagued with the question to why the world hated him...what had he done to deserve it?

Harvey:"I was thrown against the mirror..."

Freeze:"I saw the wolves eat her..."

Harvey:"He said it was my fault, and to clean up the pieces..."

Freeze:"There was nothing anyone could've done..."

Harvey:"I bleed, it was my fault..."

Freeze:"I felt nothing...nothing but cold, so cold it burned..."

Harvey:"It didn't make sense, nothing made sense..."

Freeze:"I put them in the Ice, before Nora found me..."

Harvey:"I didn't do wasn't fair...nothing.....nothing is fair..."

Next is an Outcast, and Princess.

One raised to kill, the other a born killer.

Bane:"This is what you wanted right?! A boy from the village you raided to die by your dogs?! Well who's been rent apart now? Who's the strongest now!!!!"

Talia:"Shall I kill him father? Do I pass the test?"

This is a look into the eyes of Pamela Isley and Harleen Quinzel at the Foster center who made them both doubt they could ever be loved, and two boys, Oswald and Floyd, who had everything other than regard for anyone else.
This is Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn and Deadshot and The Penguin

(While packing)
Harley:"What if they're right, what if I'm no good. What if something IS wrong with me..."
Pamela:"Don't you dare believe them Harleen. You're 100 times better than any of them, or those bullies with the rulers. You're funny and cute and smart!"
Harley"I am not..."
Pamela:"You make me laugh, and I hate jokes. Someone's gonna love that about you."
Harley:"Now there's a funny joke, everyone know's your the bright one!"
Pamela:"So? Your looks, my brains we'll be unstoppable. Us vs. the world, just you wait."
Harley:"What are you talking about, your beautiful."
Pamela:"No guy in this neighborhood think so...too ugly, too smart, to much of a freak."
Harley:"Guys here'r jerks, you'll have your pick of em when your older! You're the smartest girl I know!"
Pamela:"Guys don't like smart girls hon, it intimidates em."
Harley:"I guess that's what they're attracted to in me then, not an ounce of sense in me."
Pamela:"Listen, they may not appreciate you but your my best friend, if I'm ugly but have you i'm fine with that...."
Harley:"But...who'll love us out there? They'd have to be crazy."
Pamela:"That's just it, maybe the crazy people are the best types, maybe they're hoping for two crazy gals like us to knock em dead. Just wait till we grow up, all the prettiest flowers gotta grow wild first. Anything's better than this place...."
Sister Ursula:"What are you little monsters up too!"
Oswald:"blasted dog...some fool let that beast on my property, and on MY birthday!"
Floyd:"Hey this..."
Owner:"HAROLD! NO NO!!"
*The Owner cries*
Floyd:"Happy birthday old chap..."


This is a look into the lives of Edward Nashton Nigma(The Riddler), and Garfield Lynns(Firefly) as seen through the eyes of the Firemen and Cops of the city.

Fire Fighter:"AAGGGHHH!!!!!"
Fire Captain:"What? What is it?"
Lieutenant:"We've found the boy, repeat, we've found the boy, and HE is the arsonist!!! He just doused Rogers in a cocktail!!"
Miles away on the Gotham Worthing Bridge.
Officer Celvin:"Police Captain:"Anything?"
Police Lieutenant:"Pfft...Nothing..."

Officer Celvin:"You know I don't get it Renolds...Some kid just up and breaks out of Juvi, so what? Then he successfully robs a bank truck that broke down...and leaves a damned crossword puzzle for us to come here?"
Police Lieutenant:"You saying the kid planned all this himself?"
Officer Celvin:" kid's that bright..."
Police Lieutenant:"Alright, but we're on this bridge freezing our asses off while Jarick and the others are actually combing the streets for him....heh, if he's even alive."
Officer Celvin:"He couldn't have gotten this far and us not see him or catch up to him....unless...."
Police Lieutenant:"You thinking he jumped...?"


Two children, born geniuses, and born broken.
One left with no friends, so he made them...
The other, growing up with all he wanted, but all of his happiness was a mask harboring darkness. 

Maroni:"This has gotta be the weirdest bring your boy to work day I've ever seen..."

Mr. Sionis:"Hey, if he wants to get into the family business he needs to know what that means..."

Roman:"I wanted to know what dad really did, I can tell when people lie to me..." 

Maroni:"Well would ya get a look at that, already he's sounding like you and he's even got that twinkle in his eye like you when you're in your zone!"

Mr. Sionis:"Okay now I gotta pay attention..."

Victim:"No! No! You son of a b****! I'll die before a I rat out family!" 

Mr. Sionis:"Well no, you won't DIE before you do..."

Roman:"No but he'll wish for it likely as not..."

Maroni:"Get a load of this kid! You're on the right track kid and you're learning from the best play you're cards right, you'll be calling the shots."

Roman:"I know...and we'll see."


Mrs. Lovelace:"Jervis for the last time! Get down here and do your chores!!!"

Jervis:"I already did Mrs. Lovelace!"

Mrs. Lovelace:"Well get out of that room before you ruin you're eye sight you little fool! Go out and play with the other kids!"

Jervis:"I'll be out soon!..." 


"I'm sorry about that...I'm afraid she doesn't understand. You see, those kids don't WANT to play with me, unless it's literally WITH a pinata. What's more they don't take my games seriously, and say no one would ever want to befriend someone like me...but you know different don't you?   Don't worry, soon you'll be trained enough to know to keep you're paws and elbows off the table, and not to fidget so on your nails, you'll only hurt yourselves, and it means so much you came.  

You know Alice...I think that if we ever met in real life...we'd be best of friends, we both know what it's like to be lost in a world devoid of wonder....we'd even talk about comic books and neural science, you know, get to the heart of what truly makes one mad, then WE'D be laughing at them, wouldn't we?"

Mrs. Lovelace:"IS THAT BLOOD ON THE KITCHEN FLOOR? What have you been doing!?


Here's a look into the eyes of Jonathan Crane(Scarecrow) and Waylon Jones(Killer Croc)

Two young boys,
One a living his whole life being feared and hated like a curse, while the other lived life lusting for fear of others like a drug.

Crane/Jones:"He went to hit me again..."

Crane:"There was nothing I could do about it..."

Jones:"What could a freak like me do about it...?"

Crane:"He was the stronger one, he had the power, so he made the rules...he GOT to hurt's how the world works...I was meant to be afraid of him..." 

Jones:"They hated me...they were all afraid of me..." 

Crane:"They hated me...No one was afraid of me..."

Crane/Jones:"I had no say in the matter...but then..."

Crane:"A miracle happened..."

Jones:"I realized if that's what they wanted...fine, they'd have a REASON to be afraid of me!!!" 

Crane:"He backed up into the scarecrow just as the light hit it..."

Jones:"I grabbed his whip and yanked him off his feet! He'd trained me to lift was time to lift a barrel..." 

Crane:"Spiders leaped off of the scarecrow just as he saw it...and his blood ran cold, suddenly he looked more pathetic and weak then I ever had...him! The big jock man, the monster, brought low by a little arachnid...and a silhouette in the dark."

Jones:"I lifted him onto the platform for everyone to see instead...and this time, I hit him....again, and again...and matter how many times he whipped me for me to stop...I hit him harder...." 

Crane:"He was clinically scared of spiders...suddenly I was the big man I held the key to his peace of mind, and not just all of them..."

Jones:"I finally got it..."

Crane:"It finally clicked...THIS was how the world truly worked. And all of those who stood by for their own fear? Now paid the price...would now know true and worser fear than I did...the law of nature had I was the stronger I wielded the power...I made the rules..."

Jones:"They wanted an animal....they got an animal...and it would take allot more than screams...cries for mercy...and a few whips or tame the kind of animal they were going to get..."


Both children left without a mother, both left a special gift...a special talent, to share with the breath life into the lifeless, to bring MAGIC and wonder...

Zatanna:"Dear mother, I've decided to write to you again, so here goes.  I...understand now, why dad doesn't want to talk about you, why he doesn't come with me to the cemetery sometimes.  Why he doesn't want me to learn magic like's because HE'S a real wizard, and I think I am too.  Now I know why I can hear peoples thoughts sometimes or...or feel like I can walk on air when I fall! I don't know why he isn't telling me but...I'm going to tell him I know.  I know you'll be so angry at me, I went into the back room where I'm not supposed to go you said there's no going back, just going forward the right way, and regardless, I'm going to try to make you both proud...whatever I Zatanna."


The Langly Foster Home:

Wesker:"So..just act naturally, right of course why wouldn't I? I didn't do a thing, I did what I could, I called the police...even though he tried making my life here a living hell, I've done nothing wrong. I have NO idea who rigged his boom box to blow like that, I'm not nearly that smart or...bold.  No one saw it happen but us, and you won't tell a soul, will you? know sometimes, I's as if you can hear me...."

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