Green Arrow video game

Green Arrow video game

For a wail now I have been imagining in mind a possible Green Arrow game that will take some elements from games like Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3 and Crysis.

For a wail now I have been imagining in mind a possible Green Arrow game that will take some elements from games like Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider, Far Cry 3 and Crysis.

For all those who watch Arrow, you probably know about the origin story that the show had created for Green Arrow. It’s not exactly like the comics, but there are some similarities.
I believe that a video game that will tell the origins of Green Arrow will be great.
So here’s my video game for Green Arrow.

The game will be set on an island, before Oliver Queen was a hero. The game will be a 3rd person open world game, and the combat will allow free aiming with the bow, stealth and Freeflow combat system (like in the Batman games and Assassins creed).

First the character of Oliver Queen should be little different. I don’t want the pre-Arrow Oliver to be like in the show. I want him to be a cocky and a selfish billionaire that for the last few years spent millions on doing all kinds of extreme sport. So even though he does not pusses the abilities of a superhero, he has some skills.

In the beginning of the game, Oliver’s ship struck by a violent storm and split in two, leaving him stranded on an isolated island. Oliver is the only one left alive, and now he has to find a way to survive.

First Oliver will be all by himself, and he will need to learn how to hunt and craft clothes (like a green hood) and weapons, this is how he will learn to use the bow and arrow.

Some enemies will soon join Oliver on the island. At first Oliver will think that he deals with pirates, but he will soon learn that there are more enemies. The pirates will be led by mercenaries. The leader would be a character that was made for the game only. His main henchman would be Merlyn.

These guys will bring some hostages with them, and also will have a big ship.

In the beginning Oliver will be very selfish, and wouldn’t even try to save the hostages, only to get off the island.
After his attempt to sneak aboard the ship will fail (he will be taken down by Merlyn), Oliver will be taken as a hostage too.
He will try to offer money to his captives, but will soon understand that money won’t save him this time.

In the prison (that will be on the island), Oliver will meet Yao Fei (don’t know if there is someone like this in the comics, but this won’t be the same Yao as in the show).
Oliver will join forces with Yao to escape the prison, but because Oliver is still thinks only about himself, the other prisoners would be left behind.

Yao will later explain to Oliver about the island. The island was once a home for an ancient civilization, but that civilization is no more. Through the years, the island was a temporary home and base for different people, even the Nazis, in some point.
Yao tells Oliver that due to some kind of electro-magnetic force, the island can’t be seen on the radar, and this is way the pirates use this island as their base.

Yao has some skills, and we will train Oliver to become Green Arrow.

Oliver will later learn that his enemies use weapons that have been made by Queen Industries, so he will feel responsible, and will feel the need to stop the pirates from using weapons that his company has created.
Oliver will go to stop the pirates, and also will free the hostages (one of them will be his love interest for the game).

You know where this goes from here, and it’s the journey of Oliver Queen, and how he became Green Arrow.
In the end of the game, Oliver will stop the bad guys, and will leave the island, to go back to his city, and become it’s hero, the Green Arrow.

Oliver should have acrobatics skills, and he will be able to do free running like in Assassins Creed, also tree running, climbing on different stuff, diving, swimming and much more. Oliver will also use a lot of stealth. There will be an upgrading system that will let the player upgrade Oliver’s skills.

Oliver will also have an “Archer vision”, which is like the eagle vision in Assassins creed and the detective mode in the Batman games. This will allow Oliver to track down enemies, and will be very useful in stealth.

Weapons and items:
Bow and arrow will be the basic weapons that Oliver will use on the island.
There will be multiple types of arrows.

We will get the basic arrow that just either kill or injure enemies.

Rope arrows that can be used as a grappling hook. But also can be used in combat.

Smoke arrows, that will be used for derivation.

Sleep arrows, that can put enemies to sleep for limited time.

Fire arrows, that can set things and enemies on fire.

Exploding arrows, that used as bombs. Once these arrows hit, they blow up.

There might be more arrows. All arrows need to be crafted, so Oliver will need to go hunt different animals and find special materials that can make these arrows.

The bow itself can be upgraded and be used as a weapon to hit different enemies.

In the comics, Oliver is also very proficient with a sword, so it will be cool to see him use swords and machetes.

I don’t know if Oliver should use guns in this, but I think he can use some guns, but eventually he realizes that the bow and arrows are much more useful for him.

The map of the island will be big, and will allow the player lots of exploration. There are many hidden treasures to find, caves with puzzles, and many collectibles.
There will be tropical locations, jungles, ancient structures, underground caves, big towers and much more to explore.

There will be many viewpoints to find (like in Assassins Creed). They will be located on high places, like on top of trees, or towers, and even mountains that Oliver will have to climb on top to find and unlock them. Every viewpoint will serve as a fast travel location, all also will unveil different hidden treasures and locations in that area of the map.

Like in the Batman games, in order to find some treasures and collectibles, the player will need certain upgrades, so you will be running around the map every time you will get a new gadget or an upgrade to get the treasures and collectibles. Finding treasures and collectibles will rewards the player with new items for crafting, getting special upgrades and experience points.

There will be many side missions and side activities for the player to do, aside from the main missions. From saving hostages, to capturing pirates, to sneaking into pirate outposts (and stealing from them treasures and items), to hunting animals, exploring caves and underwater location and much more.

If this game will be successful, I already have plans for the sequel, that will be set in a city.
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