Green Lantern Character Posters - The Aliens

Green Lantern Character Posters - The Aliens

4 Character Posters featuring Abin Sur, Tomar-Re, Sinestro, and Kilowog!

Back again with more quick work I did. I thought they came out kinda cool, but as always lemme know what yall think of 'em. Good or bad I wanna hear it (how else am I gonna get better?).

So without further ado, and keep in mind these are anything but masterpieces or anything considering the time I put into them (about an hour for all 4 lol), I present my Green Lantern Character Posters. Enjoy!

Thal Sinestro

Abin Sur



Ehhh, Tomar-Re came out fairly blurry...tough to find a big enough picture to use :\

Hopefully that doest detract too much, and I hope yall liked 'em :)
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