Green Lantern in the DC Cinematic Universe

Green Lantern in the DC Cinematic Universe

How I would handle The Emerald Knight if I was in charge...

Hey guys! So, I've been thinking lately ever since it was announced that Zack Snyder was confirmed to direct DC's big ensemble counter part to Marvel's The Avengers, Justice League. Personally, I think that is a mistake but, that's not what this article is about. Green Lantern was released in 2011 in what had a promising cast and director. Unfortunately, the writing and directing sucked with horrible villains despite Ryan Reynolds owning the role and Mark Strong knocking it out of the park as Sinestro. So, how do you go about Green Lantern? It's obvious that they refuse to acknowledge that it exists and they probably will end up rebooting the character starting in Justice League. Well, I'm here to tell you how I would go about it if I was in charge of the DC properties over at Warner Bros.

For starters, I would keep the Hal Jordan character as I find him to be the most interesting Green Lantern, people are familiarized with him and he is one of the original core members of the, Justice League. After the aforementioned film, he would get his own rebooted film with the opening highlighting the origin of Hal Jordan. From there, the film would be more about the mythology of the Green Lantern and the Guardians of the Universe. The Guardians of the Universe would play a big part of the film as the enemies in the film would be the Manhunters. The reason for this is that not only would they provide more depth to the, Guardians of the Universe. It would also pit Hal in a situation where is isn't sure whether he can trust them, thus, over the course of the film he would grow up and come into his own as the leader of the, Green Lanterns. This I think would help not only get the horrid taste of the original film out of our mouths. But, also help the general audience accept the character and thus he would become the popular character he is among the comic readers. Also, a little imagination wouldn't hurt anyone.

As with any reboot, you need to recast the entire film. As I said, I don't have a problem with Ryan Reynolds as the character and I would love for Mark Strong to return as Sinestro but then it would be more of a sequel, which this movie clearly doesn't deserve. Hal Jordan not only needs to be carless and naive as always but the actor playing him must have chemistry with whoever they get for, Carol, which Reynolds and Lively clearly didn't have. Sinestro needs to be a very strong supporting character that over the course of the film, slowly starts becoming corrupt. Everything he stood for is in question (sound familiar?) and he becomes angry and a lose cannon. Keep in mind, I've never read a Green Lantern comic but research always helps as in with this case. This idea of course, as per my opinion, helps make the characters and world not only that much more interesting but would make for a great movie that I think benefits from the Manhunters being the villains of the film despite the fact that they can' really express.

So, what do you do after a Green Lanern solo film? We get into Justice League 2 which I would have them face, Vandal Savage. After Justice League 2, we get into Green Lantern 2 which would be as with the first film, darker than the original film and how could you make it even darker? Well have the villains be the, Red Lanterns. This film would have ties to Hal's origin and the Manhunters as they would be the reason for Abin Sur's death. They would have ties to the Manhunters and the Guardians of the Universe as Atrocitus would seek revenge on the Guardians of the Universe who he blames for the death of his wife and daughters. The film version would be a much angrier, more violent version of his comic counter part. Hal's journey would further not trust the Guardians of the Universe and blames them for the enemies the Lanterns have to encounter. He would fully become the leader of the Lanterns finally but, not without the costs as just like in the comics, he must save Sinestro after he had been captured and ultimately fighting not only Atrocitus but also his mentor in, Sinestro. The consequences are great as by the end of the film, Sinestro in his own mind, realizes that the only way for things to ever be right and after being betrayed is to use fear. Thus would end with a cliffhanger where he ultimately becomes a yellow lantern.

Justice League 3 would be Darkseid finally and would have grave consequences on all the characters because Superman sacrifices himself to defeat Darkseid and the Justice League is no more with the heroes leaving to their own paths and feel the need to become better heroes and people in honor of the memory of, Superman. Green Lantern 3 would be the epic finale in the Green Lantern trilogy where we see the Sinestro Corps War. A loose adaptation of course. The Hal's fear of losing Carol and Sinestro becoming evil are slowly coming to frution as Hal must learn to face his fears after Oa has been attacked with multiple casualties and kidnappings. Hal must find allies in the Blue Lantern and Red Lantern corps as the Sinestro Corps are too powerful for the Green Lanterns to face on their own. Ultimately coming down to a final battle, Hal is forced to kill Sinestro in order to finally bring peace and saftey to the universe.  He resigns from his Green Lantern duties to live a normal life with Carol and passes his ring to John Stewart.

I think this sounds like it would make for a pretty cool Green Lantern films but, that's just me. Always being more of a Marvel guy than I am DC, I don't know how good this is so, I'm leaving it for you guys to read and decide for yourselves. Please be as honest as you can be and explain your issues with it if there is any. Please be respectful though at the same time as always. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed it.
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