Green Lantern Reboot Fan Cast

<em>Green Lantern</em> Reboot Fan Cast

My fan cast to a possible reboot of the Green Lantern film franchise with an idea for a film called Green Lantern: Vengeance.

Greetings. Like almost everyone out there, I was severely disappointed in the Green Lantern film. Not to say it didn't have its good points, but it was overall disappointed.

So, I thought, what is the best way to revive/ continue the franchise. And I came up with a possible film called Green Lantern: Vengeance.

The film serves as a way to introduce a new Green Lantern to continue the series.

-A prologue explains Hal Jordan's finding of Abin-Sur and how Hal obtained a power ring. How he was trained by Sinestro, Tomar-Re, Kilowog, and other lanterns. How Sinestro discovered the yellow power of fear and betrayed the lanterns, and how Hal defeated him, but let him live.

-The film begins up with Hal's wedding to Carol Ferris.

-The guardians of Oa give Hal an honor bestowed upon few lanterns: Honor Guard. A lantern who protects the entire universe rather than a specific sector.

-There is a catch though, the Guardians give Hal a power ring meant to be given to a lantern that will replace Hal in his sector.

-Meanwhile, a squadron of lanterns is attacked by a mysterious red force, one is sent back to Oa barely alive and only muttering the phrase, "he's coming"

-On earth, the ring the guardians gave to Hal seeks out a man named Kyle Rayner.

-Kyle recognizes Hal from the news and goes to Oa with Hal

-Hal, Kilwog, and Tomar-Re train Kyle (Hal using the same methods that Sinestro taught him).

-Sinestro attacks Oa, forcing Hal to fight him.

-The guardians stop the fight and warn Sinestro of a being known as Atrocitus.

-Sinestro tells Hal the story of a sector now known as “the forbidden zone,” which he was supposed to guard. Sinestro was one day called back to Oa, and a powerful being swept through the sector, leaving it desolate and most civilization dead.

-One of the survivors, a being named Atros blamed the guardians, believing they abandoned them, and he swore vengeance. Atros discovered the red power of rage, which he formed into his own power ring. Atros renamed himself Atrocitus.

-Sinestro fought Atrocitus and imprisoned him in the Forbidden Zone, but his reappearance bodes ill for the corps and the universe because rage in an unquenchable thirst.

-Sinestro and Hal form a temporary truce in order to face Atrocitus.

-Meanwhile, Kyle develops an attraction to fellow lantern Soranik Natu who brushes him off and rebukes his affections at first but warms up to him throughout the film.

-In their time of truce, Sinestro even trains the rookie Kyle, saying he sees a lot of Hal in him.

-Atrocitus attacks Oa. Several guardians fall facing him finding the green power of will inferior to Atrocitus’ red power of rage.

-Hal and Sinestro fight Atrocitus together. They manage to temporarily overpower Atrocitus before he overpowers them both and begins to ramgape through Oa, taking down any guardian in his way.

-Hal sends Kyle, along with Soranik back to earth, knowing that should the lanterns fall, at least two will survive. Tomar-Re goes along with him to finish Kyle’s training.

-On earth, Kyle realizes the reality of the threat, and wants to give up thinking it’s hopeless. Soranik convinces him that nothing is stronger than a being’s will, that’s why the corps was founded. Tomar-Re only reinforces this saying that the reason Green Lanterns function on will is because it’s incorruptible.

-On Oa, Atrocitus is about to land a killing blow to Sinestro when Sinestro betrays the truce and tells him there are Lanterns on Earth and that they are hiding there to ensure the corps survives. Atrocitus head to earth, wanting to finish off Oa last. A weakened Hal heads to earth, knowing Kyle is in danger.

-With Soranik and Tomar-Re, Kyle finishes his training just as Atrocitus arrives. The three guardians and the red lantern engage in a vicious battle. Atrocitus again overpowers the guardians but Hal shows up only to be severely injured.

-Atrocitus prepares to land a killing blow to Soranik, which awakens Kyle’s inner strength. He fights Atrocitus, forcing them both into space.

-Kyle manages to beat Atrocitus and take him down. Kyle turns his back and returns to Earth. Atrocitus attacks from behind, but Kyle barely manages to counter, attacking Atrocitus’ power ring, which shatters, and leaves Atrocitus powerless. Atrocitus dies in the vacuum of space.

-On Oa, the guardians applaud Kyle for defeating Atrocitus, and reward Kyle the title of Guardian of sector 2814. They then tell Hal that Sinestro escaped and his first duty as honor guard will be to track him down and bring him to justice.

-Hal, Kyle, and Soranik return to earth. Hal explains the major responsibility Kyle now has before going to see Carol.

-Kyle and Soranik confess their attraction to each other and begin a relationship.

-Soranik returns to Oa and Hal takes off for parts unknown, Kyle closes the film with a narration:

”I never did see Hal Jordan again. But I know he’s still out there, bringing justice to the galaxy wherever it’s needed. Chasing down Sinestro. Hal will get him. I know it. From what I understand, Carol sees and hears from him all the time. Soranik returned to Oa. Last time I was there, she was still helping rebuild after Atrocitus’ rampage. And me? I spend my time on earth mostly. Seeing Soranik when I can. I never get too far from my sector though. I don’t want a repeat of what happened in the forbidden zone with Atrocitus. I won’t let it happen. For one thing remains…”

-Kyle recites the Green Lantern oath as he flies from earth into space and towards the screen. And the screen fades to black.


Scott Speedman (Underworld, The Strangers, Last Resort) is a terrific actor. I haven't seen any of the Underworld films, but I first saw him in The Strangers, but I thought he showed potential...his role in that movie was more of a bit part...he's great at playing terrified though. I really saw what is capable of in the drama Last Resort, and I thought he'd be perfect for Hal. Him or Last Resort co-star Daniel Lissing. There were a lot of traits in Speedman's character in Last Resort and Hal Jordon, which ultimately got Speedman the role in my book.

Olivia Wilde (Tron: Legacy, The Words, People Like Us) has the rare quirk of both being exceptionally beautiful and a phenomenal actress. Because with a lot of actresses it's either one or the other. Olivia's characters are strong, independent, and incredibly hot...what do you is Carol Ferris. Well...Carol Jordan by the end of the movie.

The idea of this movie is to set up the (rebooted) GL film franchise with Kyle Rayner as the titular Green Lantern. Hal Jordan is popular as the original Green Lantern, but I wanted to shake things up. I have thought about Guy Gardnir and John Stewart, but I wanted someone Hal could take under his wing...train to be a lantern, and that's what attracted me to Rayner.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Looper, Third Rock from the Sun, The Dark Knight Rises) has been around since I was a kid, but it seems that only know is he becoming more and more popular. The idea to cast him as a GL actually came from this site.

I was in the chat room and the topic of subject was if the Nolan Dark Knight universe was continued, would JGL make a good Batman. I stated that personally I felt he would be a better GL, an idea which received a lot of praise. All that was left was, which Lantern would he be? When I thought about using Kyle Rayner, something in my head just clicked.

I thought Michael Clarke Duncan (may he rest in peace) was perfect for Kilowog. That was one of the few things about the film I liked. But, for a replacement, I say you can't go wrong with Idris Elba (Luther, Obsessed, Prometheus). The dude is wicked talented, and he has a great voice on him.

I am really surprised I was the first one to think of this. I've seen a few Green Lantern fan casts with Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan's Labyrinth, Hocus Pocus) in them, but he was never cast as Tomar-Re. That really surprised me. I thought it fit really well, and I still do.

Like Olivia Wilde, Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Final Destination 3, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Thing) has the rare combination of looks and acting capability. She has done a few unsavory films...but every great actor now and then does a flop (anyone remember Ben Affleck in Gigli? No. THANK GOD! It's possibly the worst movie ever made), it's unavoidable. But a few blemishes in her filmography hasn't stopped this actress' progress. Like Wilde, her characters are also hot and strong-willed.

Another thing I liked about the GL film, Mark Strong. He was flawless as Sinestro. I wanted someone who could recapture the nobility Sinestro has, and that actor was Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock, The Hobbit). He's becoming more and more well known, and he's great at villains, making them intelligent, noble and terrifying all at once.

I really want a GL film to feature Atrocitus. He's my favorite villain in the GL universe. While Danny Huston (The Warrior's Way, Magic City, 30 Days of Night) isn't quite as hulking as Atrocitus, he has a power all his own. I think he would make Atrocitus terrifying and tragic at the same time. I also considered Ron Perlman and Mickey Rourke, but they seemed too obvious. I expect some grief over this choice, but I still really like it.


You know where to review!

Thank you! Have a nice day.
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