Guardians of the Galaxy (Fan Cast)

Guardians of the Galaxy (Fan Cast)

MrSteiners with another fan cast, this time, the space avengers, the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!

With the upcoming film by James Gunn coming next August, here is my fan cast for the space adventure movie!


Peter Quill/Star Lord - Chris Pratt
Before Pratt was announced as the space pilot, he was on my personal short list to play him. He can pull of seriousness when needed and can fill the comedic elements nicely as per his stellar performance on Parks & Rec.

Gamora - Zoe Saldana
After playing the lead Na'vi in Avatar, Saldana has the perfect look and tone to play the daughter of the Mad Titan. She could do her own mo-cap and develop the relationship between Quill, Rider and her father nicely.

Drax the Destroyer - Jason Momoa
His role as the raging barbarian Conan, he kind of let us down, but I still really enjoy him as an actor. He could pull off the rage of the Destroyer and with a shaved head and his build, require minimum CGI.

Jason Statham as Rocket Raccoon (voice)
Statham has that British grunge that Rocket needs. With some quick wit and action talent, Statham could give us a very mischievous raccoon.
Andy Serkis as Rocket Raccoon (Mo-cap)
After perfecting motion capture in films such as King Kong and the LotR series, Serkis is perfect for the scoundrel.

Groot - James Earl Jones
After playing the sith lord Vader and the king of the pride lands, Jones could pull this off perfectly.

Richard Rider/Nova
Everyone has been dying to see Ackles in a CBM, and I for one, think he would be perfect for Nova (Nathan Fillion would be better but he stated that he doesn't want to do GotG). He has the wit and the tone to play him and I think he would do it well.

Adam Warlock - Armie Hammer
Hammer is a stupendous actor and I think his interpretation of Warlock would be great. He's young and has the perfect look and talent for the character.

Tony Stark/Iron Man
Not a major part of the film, but he is still in it for the finale. RDJ has been a perfect Stark thus far and he will continue doing so.

Returning Cast


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