Hack/Slash: First Cut Fancast

Hack/Slash: First Cut Fancast

the critically acclaimed Horror comic series has had a movie in development hell for a while, this is a fan cast for who i would like to see play who in a Hack/Slash movie.

I have only read the first two volumes in the series, but i love this comic. And if a film were to be made I would want it based off of the first volume. First Cut. Lets start with our heroes.


Eliza Dushku as Cassie Hack

Cassie is the hot sole survivor of her own twisted slasher movie and now she is out to find slashers and kill them. I chose Eliza because she is hot, just like Cassie, and is always a bad-ass just like Cassie, it doesnt hurt that she has black hair. Her character is very similar to Faith from Buffy the Vampire Slayer so it wouldnt be too hard to pull off, plus every time i read one of Cassies lines it is in Eliza's voice.

Ron Pearlman as Vlad

Vlad is a mysterious man. WHen he first met Cassie she mistook him for a slasher, but after finding out the truth he became her friend/body guard, and helps her track down the slashers. Little is known about Vlads past, but he wears a gas mask to cover his deformed face. I chose Ron Pearlman because he has he body fro Vlad, (Vlad is very large and strong) and the dude has a great voice. He also knows how to rock the full body make up.

Now lets move on to the Slashers/Villains

In the Hack/Slash universe Slashers are undead/supernatural creatures that come back from the dead for one purpose or another whether it be through magic or just for revenge. They are a play on horror movie slashers that seem to keep coming back alive no matter what.

Kathy Bates as The Lunchlady

The Lunchlady was Cassie's mom. When she was alive She was the Lunch Lady at Cassies high school. Cassie was picked on by all the other kids and she had had enough and began killing them. The cops found out and tried to arrest her but before they could she killed herself. Months later She rose from the dead to kill more of Cassie's classmates. Cassie took it upon herself to kill her Slasher mother and a legacy began.
I chose Kathy Bates because she can pull of sinister and creepy just like the Lunchlady (see Misery) and she can look the part.

Kane Hodder as Bobby Brunswick

Bobby Brunswick was a mentally challenged veterinary assistant who was in charge of euthanizing animals. After a practical joke gone wrong Bobby ends up trapped in the gas chamber and is killed. HE rose from the grave weeks later to seek his revenge on those responsible. He commands an army of undead animals to do his bidding.
I chose Kane Hodder because he has experience as a "Slasher" having previously played Jason Vorhees in the 2009 reboot of the Friday the 13th series. Bobby has very few lines and they do not need to be spoken by the best actor in the world so he is a good fit.

Doug Jones as Father Wrath.

Father Wrath used to be a southern baptist preacher who bashed homosexuals and would ridicule sinners everywhere. However he was sercretly a homosexual transvestite, one day he tried to have sex with his nephew, in a panic his nephew killed him. He was brought back to life with spells and kills sinners (anyone who does not adhere to the bibles teachings) Such as Spring Break Teenagers.
I chose Doug Jones because the costume is makeup heavy and the man has to slim, and there are very few spoken lines. He could also pull off a creepy baptist preacher.

Evan Rachel Wood as Laura Loch

Laura Loch was a catholic school girl whose boyfriend cheated on her. She found a book of Spells and raised Father Wrath from the dead and made him do her bidding. First to kill her boyfriend then sinners.
I chose Evan Rachel Wood because she looks like the character, but also because she played Sophie Anne the Vampire queen on True Blood, who seems innocent at first but is back stabbing and evil the more you get to know her.

Phillip Seymore Hoffman as Llyod and Jimmy Sundermann

Llyod Sundermann is a comic book fan whose favorite comic book character is getting a really dark reboot. His Twin, brother Jimmy (who never fully developed and lives inside of him) is Psychotic and they plan on killing the 3 comic book creators who are working on the reboot.

I chose Phillip Seymore Hoffman once for the looks but also because i feel he could pull of awkward shy nerdy guy. He also isn't against small roles in movies (Red Dragon). Since technically the characters are twins you could have Hoffman do the mocap and vice for Jimmy as well. Just maybe in a more evil voice than Llyod.


Robert Kirkman, Steve Niles and Skottie Young, as themselves.

These three in the book are responsible for the reboot of Sundermann brothers favorite superhero. So it would be fun to see them actually play these roles.
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