This is my Hawkeye and Mockingbird Fan-Cast. I have not done one of these in a while so here I go...

Hawkeye, the world’s greatest marksman is back—and reunited with the world's most dangerous super-spy, Mockingbird—in an all-new ongoing series! The deadly duo defied every obstacle to make their way back to each other and put together the all new WCA team—but now the one thing that divided them years before has returned to haunt them: the Phantom Rider! This ancient enemy is out to destroy all our heroes hold dear, and is teaming with Clint Barton’s arch-nemesis, the obsessed assassin Crossfire, to do it! Writer Jim McCann and penciler David Lopez, the team behind the acclaimed New Avengers: The Reunion, reunite to aim the spotlight and crosshairs on Marvel’s terrorist-targeting tandem, delivering a monthly dose of classic threats, new enemies, shocking allies, unexpected twists and dysfunctional dynamics

Jensen Ackles - Clint Barton A.K.A Hawkeye
Hawkeye is a expert marksman and acrobatics .I chose Jensen Ackles for Hawkeye because he just seems like a solid choice for him because I've chose him before and so many people have before. Hes a good actor. He is in the show Supernatural and he voices Redhood in Batman under the redhood

Yvonne Strahovski-Bobbi Morse A.K.A MockingBird
Mockingbird is a expert at acrobatics and expert shooter Hawkeyes lover and partner. I chose Yvonne Strahovski for MockingBird because she looks a lot like her plus she's really hot and shes a good actress. She is in Chuck. And I really could not think of any one else for the part.

Clive Owen- Crossfire
Crossfire is a expert shooter and a super assassin and has been dealt with by Hawkeye and MockingBird before. I chose Clive Owen for the role of Crossfire because he knows how to handle a gun. He also seems really good for the part. . He is in the Shoot Em Up and Sin City.

Jessica Biel-Jamie Slade A.K.A The Phantom Rider
Jamie Slade is the daughter of Hamilton Slade and the current Phantom Rider.I chose Jessica Biel for Jamie Slade A.K.A the Phantom Rider because she is a good actress she can handle a villain and a serious role and shes damn gorgeous. She is in The A-Team and Valentines day and Blade Trinity

Robert Downey Jr -Dominic Fortune
Dominic Fortune is a gun for hire and has worked with MockingBird.I chose RDJ cause I couldnt think of any one else. He Seems like he could do it. And hes a great actor . He is in Less Than Zero and Iron Man 1 and 2

Liam Neeson-Hamilton Slade A.K.A The Phantom Rider
Hamilton Slade is father of Jamie Slade and the former Phantom Rider. I chose Liam Neeson because he seems solid for the role. Hes a great actor. He is in the films Taken, Unknown and theA-Team

Chris Evans - Steve Rodgers
Steve Rodgers is leader of everything and good friends with Hawkeye. I chose Chris Evans for Steve Rodgers cause hes already playing Captain America. He's in Captain America The First Avenger
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