Heavy Rain Fancast

Heavy Rain Fancast

My fancast for the upcoming video game based film, Heavy Rain. Only put reasons for casting choices for the four main characters.

Heavy Rain is an interactive psychological thriller game developed by Quantic Dream. The game is about four playable characters are involved in mystery of the Origami Killer. A serial killer who drowns his victims in rain water leaving origami figurines.

Quantic Dream and New Line Cinema obtained rights for the film installment of Heavy Rain. The film will be have the same writer, David Milch from "NYPD Blue" to write the script. The movie is rumored to be titled, "Rain" and is rumored to be scheduled for 2014 release.

David Fincher should direct this. He brings an appropriately eerie tone to the movies, like The Social Network, but ESPECIALLY The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Sam Douglas - Scott Shelby

Scott Shelby is one of the four playable character in Heavy Rain. He is a private detective investigating the case of the Origami Killer. Sam Douglas's facial features were used for Scot Shelby in the game. To me, Sam Douglas is Scott Shelby because the casting directors chose him for a reason. I wouldn't want to see anyone else replacing him.

Jake Gyllenhaal - Ethan Mars

Ethan Mars is one of the four playable characters in Heavy Rain. He undergoes a series of trials in order to save his son from the Origami Killer. Gyllenhaal seems to be a popular choice for Ethan. Originally, I was going for Shia Labouf but he seemed too young to play Ethan. I chose Gyllenhaal because he has the innocence of Ethan Mars. Gyllenahaal isn't too young or too old. he's just perfect.

Joseph-Gordon Levitt - Norman Jayden

Norman Jayden, an out of town FBI agent, must work alongside the local police department in order to catch the Origami Killer while dealing with his severe drug addiction. (also a playable character) Jayden is probably my favorite character in the game. Joseph Gordon Levitt is a hugely talented actor, and he could bring so much to Jayden's character, really breathe life into it. He's got my vote.

Keira Knightley - Madison Paige

Madison Paige is one of four main characters in the interactive drama Heavy Rain. She is a journalist suffering from chronic Insomnia and nightmares. She looks like her, and on top of that she's a great actress. She plays really strong female characters. I'd love to see her as badass journalist Madison Paige.

Gerard Butler - Carter Blake

Lieutenant Blake is in charge of the "Origami Killer" case, and must work alongside FBI agent Norman Jayden to catch this serial killer.

Liv Tyler - Lauren Winters

A prostitute and grieving mother, Lauren Winter lost her only son to the Origami Killer. She helps Scott Shelby with the investigation of the Origami killer.

Max Charles - Shaun Mars

Shaun Mars is son of Ethan and Grace Mars in Heavy Rain. He is kidnapped by the Origami Killer, who intends to make the boy his latest victim if Ethan cannot save him.

Jessica Biel - Grace Mars

Grace Mars is Ethan Mars' wife and is mother to Shaun Mars.

Jim Sturgess - Gordi Kramer

Due to an incident involving the death of a young boy, Gordi Kramer is suspected to be the Origami Killer.

Dustin Hoffman - Charles Kramer

Founder of Kramer Construction and father of Gordi Kramer.

Anthony Hopkins - Adrian Baker

A retired doctor whom Madison encounters.

Terry Crews - Mad Jack

An ex-con whom Norman encounters in a junkyard.
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