HELP WANTED: Seeking voice actors for Batman series (11.12.12 update)

The Batman fan series is moving ahead and I have an update for those currently selected to fill the roles of certain characters. Other characters that have not been selected yet are also listed.

As the writer for the series I am pleased to announce that we have gained several voice actors for the soon-to-be web based series that will air some time in 2013. Congratulations to all who have been selected.

To those that did not get the role they wanted, or were picked for a minor role in the first episode, feel free to attempt another major role. There are plenty of characters left to choose from.

Here is the current list of voice actors and their (major) characters:

Batman/Bruce Wayne played by Davis Cameron
Joker played by Jason Marnocha
Lucius Fox played by Paris Hughes
Jack Ryder played by Ben Dean
Jonathan Crane played by Andrew Laino
Harley Quinn played by Heather Carley
Penguin played by Chad Hall
Thomas Elliot/Hush played by Jalen K. Cassell
Edward Nygma/The Riddler played by Julio Velez
Barry Allen played by Sammy Syphe
Victor Zsasz played by Richard Eubanks

Original characters that do not appear in comics:

David Hutch played by Roy Benavides
Kevin Michaels played by Michael Indo

Other characters:

Thug #1 played by Dane Matthews
Joker Thug played by Tony Campise


There are still a wide variety of characters to choose from. Introducing some new faces into the mix, anyone picked for minor roles/miscellaneous roles may apply for these along with anyone who has not yet applied:
(** = new announced character, * = Original, F = Female, M = Male)

Known DC characters:
Tim Drake (M)
Alfred Pennyworth (M)
Barbara Gordon/Oracle/Batgirl (F)
Vicki Vale (F)
Jim Gordon (M)
**Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy (F)
**Victor Fries (M)
**Nora Fries (F)
**Barbara Gordon (Gordon's Wife, Oracle's mother) (F)

Original series characters:
*Commissioner Walker (M)
*Callie (F)
*Amanda Terry (F)
*Officer Michael Newfield (M)

Other DC characters that appear:
Woman in Pink/Pandora (F)


Those are the roles still open. Of course, there are minor characters that appear briefly, should your application be unsuccessful. More characters will be introduced later in the series, for now, there are 4 new roles to go for, along with 5 established characters left to choose from.

The original series characters are also important. Walker is very vital to the story, Callie is very intelligent, not as computerized as many might think, she sounds human.

To everyone that has applied so far, thank you. This means a lot to us at Stormbreaker Comics and Ironwing Entertainment, getting this series made is something we have been planning for almost 2 years.


Some lines to voice test for, direct all voice tests to [email protected]

Here are the lines:

DRAKE: Whoever the Batman is, is trying to do something that we can't. He's trying to stop Joker, isn't that what we're doing? We need him now more than ever.

VICKI VALE: After the riots that struck Gotham last night, police commissioner Walker has issued a public statement that offers $100,000 to whoever captures the Batman. Sources say the Batman is in hiding, after last night's attacks caused panic throughout the city.

CALLIE: I have tracked down the Joker to an abandoned warehouse in the Narrows. Armed guards patrol the perimeter, gaining access from the front is unwise, I suggest seeking an alternative means of entry, perhaps from the sky.

ORACLE/BARB: It's been hard on him for the past few weeks, with everything that's happened I'm surprised he hasn't lost his mind. I'm worried about him, I think he's going to do something stupid, Bruce.

WOMAN IN PINK: Who I am is none of your concern, say I told you, would it make things any easier? I think not. Bruce, your actions will lead to your death, I may have saved you here tonight but I am not going to help you again. You need to stop, before it's too late.

WALKER: I don't care if he's the incredible hulk, we find the son of a bitch, unmask him and reveal to the entire city that he's no more than a man. Batman is reponsible for the deaths of many innocent civilians, he has to pay for what he has done.

GORDON: Joker is still out there, if we don't move now he'll tear the entire city apart. We need to stop him - we need Batman.

VICTOR FRIES: I will find a cure for you, Nora. You have my word. I will not fail you, this much I promise. If I must do things you would look down upon just to save you, I will do them and pay the consequences myself. For this world would be weaker without you.

NORA FRIES: I am proud of you Victor, I always have been. But when this illness consumes me you must promise me something. Never break who you are. You're a good man, you will do great things and you must not look back on this day with vengeance. Promise me you will stay the same after I am gone.

PAMELA ISLEY: The flowers speak to me. The way they move, the way they dance on the wind and let off potent smells of heaven. Can you not smell it? Can you not hear them? They call to me, whisper to me in my dreams, I can feel them. Mother Nature gave me a gift, one I do not intend on wasting.

BARBARA GORDON: You get out of my house! This is all your fault! You're the reason he's dead you bastard! You should have protected him, you should have protected us, it's your fault, it's all your fault!

MICHAEL NEWFIELD: Please, I have a wife, two sons... I can't, please, please don't kill me. I swear, I'll do anything you want me to do, just please don't shoot me.

AMANDA TERRY: So, Bruce, what does a playboy like yourself do when you're not out skulking around bars in the middle of the night? Are you a stay-at-home type of guy or do you often find yourself watching from the shadows?


Once again, send your voice tests to [email protected]

Good luck with your submissions.
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