Hi, I'm a Marvel, and I'm a DC, and I'm both...SAY WHHHHATTT?

Hi, I'm a Marvel, and I'm a DC, and I'm both...SAY WHHHHATTT?

Do we let our love of certain characters, and companies cloud our judgement. Plus is having support for one, while routing for the failure of another, only going to shoot yourself in the foot?

I love Superman, there I have said it, some of you you may already know that, but, I also know that some of his comics, TV shows and Movies have been, well, terrible. I am ok saying that, it pains me to say it, but even the character I enjoy reading and watching the most has had his off days.

Why is that important, perhaps even relevant to what I will discuss in this article? It is because I am sure every member of the CBM.com community could say what their fav character is, what company they read and so on and so on, but it seems to become a problem when we are unable to accept what is good by somebody else, and what is bad by what we love the most.

What I mean by all this, is too often we will see comment sections littered with comments about movies that people will have no interest in, were never going to have an interested in, and are only there to find fault in sometimes, the smallest of places. I happen to think this is a crazy way of thinking and acting, for instance, if I was to only read Superman, and refused to read Batman, I would be missing out on Scott Snyder's great work, heck take that a step further, if I was then only willing to read DC, because Superman is in the JL, then I would, again, be missing out on great pieces of work produced by Marvel, such as the current DareDevil comics.

I apply this same same logic to the world of movies, for instance MoS is top of my excited list right now, but I don't see it as a betrayal to have liked, and really enjoyed watching the Avengers. I certainly would not join comment sections to simply say "I hate that, it sucks" because I want MoS to be successful. Do I have my points of view about the Avengers, yes of course. Was it perfect? No, but will any movie be? Again, no. Now I have watched the Avengers twice, would have been more, but work was in the way, and each time I remain liking the same parts and my personally issues remain the same, but never is my opinion driven by having an interest in another character from another company.

Let me quickly put the above paragraph into a little bit of context, I loved the dialogue between the characters, and the action was fantastic, especially that last 40mins or so. I didn't like the way the army all died at the end, I felt they weren't established as being a single mind like the Borg for them to do that, and I felt around the middle it got a bit slow and bogged down sometimes. Now that is my opinion based on my own viewing experience, nothing more and nothing less, me having Superman as my favorite hero, had nothing to do with me forming that opinion, why would it?

What I find actually stranger is the opinion of some people to wish a movie to fail, purely based on the fact they are either Marvel and / or DC. That is crazy! Take TDKR as an example, lets say hypothetically that it receives critical praise, 5 stars across the board, but it tanks at the box office, then that has a knock on effect to any CBM, no matter if it is DC or Marvel, why? Marvel Studios, would look at TDKR, if the above was the case, and say "Hmmm TDKR got huge praise, and came off the very successful TDK, but flopped, suddenly The Avengers 2 is not as much as a safe bet anymore, perhaps we should look at the money going into these projects etc...etc" You may think that is rubbish, but seeing as general audiences are not 100% on who belongs where, and both WB/DC and Marvel know that, thus a failure for one, is a failure for both.

Of course I am not saying we should watch them all regardless if we like a certain character or not, or if reviews have been terrible. What I am saying is, we should all be hoping that each CBM, strives to be the best it can, and achieves great box office and media acclaim. I don't think we should even be mocking fans of certain characters based on if their character had a bad movie, as being a Superman fan, and I am sure GL fans, and perhaps so do Hulk fans prior Avengers, know the feeling, that it isn't good to see something you have wanted to see for years, be disappointing, it sucks in fact, and seeing as this is CBM.com we should all feel regret when a CBM movie fails to deliver.

Going back to my love of Superman, and your love of your favorite characters, I fully respect that we are all willing to let extra things slide when it comes to those bad moments that involve our favorites, I know I have done it. However I think it is important to realise that Marvel and DC are both companies putting out some great work, and some not so great work, and looking through rose tinted glasses at what you love is fine, as long as you are not putting on rage tinted glasses in regards to everything else.

To sum up, there is nothing wrong with supporting something, and there is nothing wrong with disliking something, but the line has to be drawn as to the why you have this dislike. Is it because you find yourself refusing to, as you'd feel as though you are betraying your faction, or because you have formed a genuine opinion based on facts through reading and/or watching the item.

Sound off with what you think. Now with any of my articles or stories I hope you will be constructive, if you are someone who can't enjoy something because of your love for your fav character or company, be great to hear your opinion on the subject too. This isn't a witch hunt, be great to hear your point of view.

Anyways it is lunchtime on a Monday, time for a sandwich...willing to take sandwich suggestions too.
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