Hitman REBOOT Fan Cast by Lucaxmen!

Hitman REBOOT Fan Cast by Lucaxmen!

A movie based on agent 47 was made by FOX on 2007, titled just Hitman, the movie was extremely bad and the cast was horrible. Now I do a fan cast completely based on the first game to a possible reboot!

Hitman is a stealth game series developed by the Danish company IO Interactive. The series is available on PC as well as several video game consoles, including the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Xbox 360. Four games of HITMAN were already made: Hitman: Codename 47 released in 2000; Hitman 2: Silent Assassin released in 2002; Hitman: Contracts released in 2004 and Hitman: Blood Money released in 2006. A fifth game in the series is being developed to be released next year, and will be named Hitman: Absolution.

Now I felt that the FOX adaptation was really horrible, the cast was awful, Timothy Olyphant is a great actor, but he is just not the right one to play a character such as Agent 47. The story was completely changed from the original, as on the game, both 47 and the other agents are clones, in the movie they were all simply orphans taken for tests. Of course the story was changed on that way to make the movie more "real", as clones would sound really weird to a movie like HITMAN, that FOX maybe wanted to be on a very real way. But, I believe that a movie based on the Hitman video game can be done as a little unreal as the series is, and that is why I am following the first game plot and casting the characters for a possible future REBOOT and who knows, out of FOX!

Hitman: Codename 47 Plot:

The game begins with Agent 47 waking up and being ordered, by a voice from a loudspeaker, to perform various tasks. When 47 reaches the end, he kills a guard and takes his clothes in order to escape. The man using the loudspeaker sees this on a surveillance camera, sits back, and laughs, as he has deliberately set up 47's escape.

One year later, 47 is a professional assassin in the employ of the International Contract Agency (ICA), briefed by his controller Diana Burnwood. 47 is sent around the globe on a series of missions to eliminate four global criminal masterminds: Lee Hong, leader of the Red Dragon Triad in Hong Kong; Pablo Belisario Ochoa, a Colombian drug lord heavily based on Tony Montana from Scarface; Franz Fuchs, an Austrian terrorist; and Arkadij Jegorov (aka Boris), a notorious weapons smuggler and gunrunner.

Throughout his assassination missions 47 collects letters written to his targets by the other targets, suggesting that these four people somehow know each other. Furthermore, all four of his targets were once part of the French Foreign Legion at about the same time and seem to contact each other regarding an experimental human. The letters also mention a mutual friend among the men, 'Professor' Ort-Meyer.

47 is then alerted by Diana that the clients who ordered the assassinations are the same person, and that this person has ordered one final assassination in which he is to kill Odon Kovacs, a doctor at a sanatorium in Satu Mare, Romania. When 47 checks in, 'Professor' Ort-Meyer is revealed to be the man behind the voice and calls the police. A heavily-armed SWAT unit storms in and sweeps the building for 47. After slaying his target, 47 infiltrates deeper and learns the truth behind his existence: 47 is the result of a cloning experiment which combined the genetic material of each of his four previous targets (Lee Hong, Pablo Ochoa, Franz Fuchs, and Arkadij Jegorov), plus Dr. Ort-Meyer's own. The experiments were in the pursuit of creating a flawless human being. Ort-Meyer engineered 47's escape from the asylum in order to test his performance in the outside world. It is implied that Ort-Meyer ordered the assassinations on his associates because they wanted to use the clones for their own purposes, which Ort-Meyer was unwilling to allow.

With the help of Agent Smith, who is being held in the sanitarium, 47 uncovers a sophisticated lab beneath the hospital. In response, Ort-Meyer unleashes a squad of "Mr. 48s", an improved, mindlessly loyal series of clones. 47 defeats the clones and confronts Ort-Meyer.

Director: David Fincher

Fincher has a great style of directing his movies, and he already did two great investigation movies, Se7en and Zodiac, and I think that a Hitman movie with his style of investigation movies would be just great.

David Fincher directed Se7en, Zodiac and Fight Club

Now Lets Get to the Cast!

Paul Bettany as Agent 47

A genetically-engineered assassin created from the recombinant DNA of five of the world's most dangerous criminals. His name comes from the last two digits of a bar code on the back of his head – 640509-040147. He is a tall, bald, blue-eyed, no-nonsense individual and usually wears a suit with black leather gloves and a red tie and is known to disguise himself. Engineered from conception to be the perfect killer, 47's strength, speed, and intellect are above the human norm.

As I said before Timothy Olyphant was just wrong for the role, when you see 47 you see someone a little older and with a mean face and really serious, Olyphant compared to 47 had a baby face. On Bettany I can see exactly the same face as 47, serious and menacing, and he is a god damn good actor, As you can see on Priest he was bald on that, and was the example of how damn good he could be as 47!

Paul Bettany was on Priest, The Da Vinci Code and Iron Man.(as the voice of Jarvis)

Gillian Anderson as Diana Burnwood(voice):

47's handler at the Agency. Diana briefs 47 on his assignments, oversees his progress, and serves as his guide over the radio. For the vast majority of the series, 47 never sees Diana, recognizing her only by voice, however, they do come face-to-face at the conclusion of 'Hitman: Blood Money' and 'Hitman: Contracts'. Diana has an upper-class English accent and a business-like demeanor. Although Diana usually handles 47's affairs from afar, she turns out to be a major character in 'Hitman: Blood Money'; serving as a double agent, faking 47's death, saving the Agency from liquidation, and dodging death herself a few times.

Although there is no pictures of how Diana face really is, I think Gillian would be perfect for the part as the voice, her voice really reminds me of Diana voice, and recently Gillian is living on England(correct me if she is not anymore), and since then, she developed an English accent which reminds me a lot of Diana. So Gillian would only serve as the voice on this movie which would be perfect.

Gillian Anderson was on The X Files, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People and The Last King of Scotland.

Harvey Keitel as Dr. Ort-Meyer:

47's creator and the ultimate villain of Hitman: Codename 47. A brilliant but dangerous individual. Ort-Meyer ran a sophisticated lab hidden beneath a Romanian asylum. There he labored on DNA splicing in an effort to create a flawless human being. He took a great part in raising and indoctrinating 47 at the asylum, where 47 was kept a prisoner until he matured. Ort-Meyer eventually engineered 47's "escape" from the asylum in order to test his performance in the real world. The consummate megalomaniac, Ort-Meyer contracted with the Agency to have 47 kill the other 4 men behind the Hitman Project (47's "fathers"), so that Ort-Meyer could enjoy the fruits of his labor by himself. And in the final showdown, 47 killed Ort-Meyer by snapping his neck.

I got to say, I think Keitel is the perfect choice for Meyer, since I have seen him on Reservoir Dogs I started to love the man acting, he can act as a good man, a menacing man, or hell both!
I think that he would be the perfect version of Dr. Ort-Meyer on the screen, he would bring the perfect personality as the main villain of the movie.

Harvey Keitel was on Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and From Dusk Till Dawn.

Neil Patrick Harris as Agent Smith:

A fairly inept American CIA agent with ties to the Agency. He has a tendency to be captured and tortured by the people he has been assigned to spy on. As a result, the Agency has sent 47 to rescue him on a number of occasions. His torture experiences have caused him to take up drinking on the job, making him even more ineffective. Like 47, Agent Smith dons a variety of disguises, but most often he's seen beaten and stripped down to his American Flag boxer shorts. He seems to regard 47 as a friend, no doubt because 47 has rescued him so many times. The feeling is not mutual. 47 initially treats his relationship with Agent Smith as detached and professional, but as he is forced to rescue Smith again and again he increasingly sees Smith as a hindrance.

I know that on the picture above Smith is almost hairless and red head, but first, on Codename 47 he indeed had hair, and I know Neil has blonde hair, but I choosing him mostly because of his personality. Neil has the perfect personality of Smith, the one who is always under trouble, as seen his work as Barney on How I Met Your Mother, I saw that he can pull out the role, and would be cool seeing Smith as the comic relief on the movie!

Neil Patrick Harris was on The Smurfs, Beastly and is currently in the tv series How I Met Your Mother.

Ken Watanabe as Lee Hong:

He is Owner of the Wang Fou restaurant in Hong Kong, as well as the leader of the Red Dragon Triad, one of the most notorious crime syndicates in China. Known as "The Man With No Conscience" (possibly because he poisoned his own uncle to take control of the syndicate), Hong is extremely paranoid, having his bodyguard taste all of his food to test it for poison and carrying a poison-tipped sword with him at all times. He is one of 47's five "fathers".

Watanabe is just the perfect guy to play a character like Hong, Hong is an evil man and menacing, Watanabe is just the perfect guy for this kind of role and he is a very good actor.

Ken Watanabe was on Batman Begins, Inception and The Last Samurai.

Josh Hartnett as Pablo Belisário Ochoa:

Colombian drug lord Pablo Belisario Ochoa was born in Cali, Colombia in 1930. By the age of 18 his criminal activities were already extensive, what with his multiple convictions and the manslaughter of a rival who was going after a girlfriend. He escaped sentence for the latter by exploiting his criminal connections, which resulted in the murder of the judge who was to preside at his trial. He escaped to France and joined the French Foreign Legion, but later returned to Colombia in 1955 where he built his criminal drug-centered empire. However, as a result of several bloody fights with other Colombian cartels, Ochoa was forced to retreat to his stronghold in the rainforest. His mannerisms are heavily based on the character Tony Montana from the movie Scarface (when he meets 47, Ochoa greets him with an M60 and the line "Say hello to my little friend", similar to Al Pacino in the final scene of the movie). He is one of 47's five "fathers".

Josh reminds me a lot of how Pablo really looks, although in this pic Pablo looks like a zombie, in the actual game and other pictures he looks a lot like Josh. Josh also has very good action skills, and I can definitely see him playing a bad guy like Pablo, and damn, imagine Josh and Paul scenes together how good would be.

Josh Hartnett was on 30 Days of Night, Hollywood Homicide and Pearl Harbor.

John Lithgow as Franz Fuchs:

International terrorist Frantz Fuchs was born in Linz, Austria in 1929 where he spent his formative years nurtured in violence by his father who, when World War II broke out, encouraged the young Frantz to join a different youth organization that had uniforms, instilled hatred in his mind and provided his son with weapons to play with. Frantz's violent paradise was shattered, however, when the Nazis fell to the Allies. He fled to Marseilles where he joined the French Foreign Legion and quickly rose in the ranks as he continued to hone his talents in explosives and assassination. After he left the service in 1955, Fuchs continued to practice his brand of terrorism and established a name for himself as one of the world's most dangerous mercenaries. He is one of 47's five "fathers".

Of Course Lithgow looks a lot like Fuchs, but the main reason why I choose him is because him acting as a psychopath killer on season 4 of Dexter was brilliant, he was really good on it, in my opinion he was the best Dexter villain ever and the guy really knows how to deal the role of the villain.

John Lithgow was on Dexter, How I Met Your Mother and 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Val Kilmer as Arkadij Jegorov/Boris Duruska:

Arkadij Jegorov, also known as Boris Ivanovich Deruzka, is an international gunrunner born in 1930 in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan where, under the harsh poverty conditions and scrutiny of the local and loyal apparatchiks, he cultivated a strong hatred for the communist regime. His journey down the road to crime began at the age of 15 when he began stealing weapons from the Soviets and selling them to Cossack nationalists. His father saw fit to turn him to the authorities; however, Jegorov eluded the police and went into hiding in the mountains before making his way to Marseilles, where he was to join the French Foreign Legion in 1950. By the end of his service in 1955, Jegorov had established a gun-running route through Turkey and Iran. His gunrunner activities continued after he left the league, culminating in his going into business with the Russian mafia in the mid 1980s and building up a gun-trafficking operation that covered most of the world. He is one of five 47's "fathers".

Even knowing that Kilmer has not being on much famous or good movies lately, he is still a pretty good damn actor, I was trying to find some actor that could fit Jegorov look and personality, and I came across Val Kilmer, and after I found that picture above of him, I knew that he is the perfect choice for the character. Kilmer can be really good as a villain, especially a one with the background and past of Arkadij.

Val Kilmer was on Batman Forever, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Felon.

So that's it, my idea for a Hitman movie based on the first game of the series, Hitman: Codename 47. I used the main characters from the first game and choose actors that fit perfectly with both appearance and personality of the characters.

Thanks Wikipedia and the Hitman Wiki for the extra info on the game characters.

Let me know what you think on the comments section below!
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