HOT STUFF! My 1st FAN FIC of who i want to play Comic Book Heroes done by LC

HOT STUFF! My 1st FAN FIC of who i want to play Comic Book Heroes done by LC

This who i really think that should play the heroes. I think they would be fab and there easy on the eye's for the girls ;) and there one or two for the boy's too, we cant forget about ye now lol. Oh and be bloody nice to me as its my first time. Thanks for reading.

I know some of the heroes here and would like to see them all in a movie and in my bedroom, kicks lee out lol. Here they are down below, hope you like.

Justin Hartley is Green Arrow. I know he already is my favorite.

Wentworth Miller is Green Arrow 2. Mmmm i like, he looks good with a bow and arrow.

Will Smith is Black Panther. He's the marvel Batman right and a great actor.

Hugh Jackman is Wolverine. Only sexy man who could ever play him.

Jensen Ackles is Red Arrow, Green Arrows friend and i love Supernatural.

Billy Crudup is Blue man with the package. Only thing i liked in Watchmen lol.

Malin Akerman is Catwoman. Because i think shes got the claws for the part.

Salma Blair is Batgirl. I really like her in Hellboy and she kicks ass.

Jodi Lyn O'keefe is Black Canary. Seen her a lot, shes a mean gal and kicks ass too. Don't like her for Wonder Woman.

Angelina Jolie is Huntress. Because she has got the eyes and evil look for it and a great actress.

What i want i get, hope you like my picks.

Always wear protection lmao.

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