How a Silver Surfer film could/should be made!

How a Silver Surfer film could/should be made!

This is my first article so please attempt to be kind if you are capable!

I've been pondering Silver Surfer for a while since there had been talk about a standalone film, but lately all is quiet on the SS front. Fox obviously was dissapointed with the Fantastic Four sequels performance and they did not fast track the spin-off as expected. I believe they feel it was a reflection on the Surfer and not the Fantastic Four, which in my opinion couldn't be farther from the truth. I think SS was what made that movie watchable. Clearly Fox was scared by certain elements of the Surfer's story (Galactus), but I think with Green Lantern on the horizon and the Avengers coming in 2012 the time is right to make an excellent Sci-Fi movie using the Sentinel of the Spaceways.

In the interest of having people comment on the Surfer I figured I attempt my own article.

I don't know if anyone remembers the 1998 Fox Kids show, but the origin on that show was fantastic (no pun intended). They set up Galactus and Norrin Radd becoming the Surfer in a timely and efficient way without involving the Fantastic Four at all. I think this is the best way to present SS in his own film. A long and narrated prologue (much like Fellowship of the Ring) prior to the opening titles establishing Zenn-La as a center of knowledge in the galaxy, with the Kree and Skrulls present during the arrival of Galactus is the best way to begin. This establishes the universe and it's many races very quickly. The early arrival and near destruction would be a nice early action scene to pull the average audience into the plot and sell the fact that Norrid Radd sacrificed himself for his planet.

As far how to present Galactus I would stick with his traditional look, but I would avoid showing his face. Shots from behind or from the Surfer's point of view extending up without being able to see his head would give him both a mysterious quality, but also reiterates his huge size. I believe seeing a human face on such a giant character would come across silly on film, but this alternative is superior than showing a "space cloud".

After this opening sequence there should be a title sequence showing the Surfer traveling from planet to planet and seeing them devoured by Galactus. This way about 15 minutes into the film we've been shown Zenn-La, Galactus, Norrin Radd become the Surfer and several planets destoyed all by the end of the titles. This allows time for several character introductions during the Surfers travels and nice character moments throughout the film. I would very much like there to be scenes of the Surfer traveling alone in space with inner dialogue pondering the cosmos like in the cartoon.

From here they can have the Surfer en route to a new planet and as he passes Saturn's moon towards Earth we can be introduced to Thanos as the true villain. His story will pick up from the point at which he murders several of his own people to please "Death" to establish his evil deeds and motivation.

Thanos, sensing the arrival of Galactus would then come to Earth about the same time that the Surfer discovers our planet as Galactus's next meal. Here is where the film can separate itself from the Fantastic Four plot. As the Surfer prepares the planet for Galactus he would encounter Thanos, who would attempt to take his power in order defeat Galactus, but in doing so would unlock the Surfer's memory. The restoration of his memory and longing of his home world would trigger the Surfer to reject Galactus and save the Earth. For doing so he would become exiled here. During this time we'd be introduced to Frankie Raye and the Surfer attempting to get to know the human race, but is outcast. Meanwhile Thanos is terrorizing Earth and discovers the last of the gems he needs to create the Infinity Gauntlet. Now exiled on Earth and unable to leave the planet, the Surfer would battle Thanos in order to protect his new home and gain acceptance. After defeating Thanos and saving Earth the Surfer could use the Gauntlets power to free himself from exile on Earth and once again travel across the galaxy. End with a cool scene of the Surfer zooming through our galaxy into the Cosmos. Queue SEQUEL!

For a sequel I would have a Kree-Skrull war and then for a 3rd film have Galactus return to Earth like in "Parable" and from here Frankie could become the new herald of Galactus.

Again this is my first article so be cool please.
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