HOW DEV'D DO IT: Ezekiel Stane In The MCU

HOW DEV'D DO IT: Ezekiel Stane In The MCU

Marvel's man-machine hybrid still hasn't popped up on the big screen, should he? Hit the jump to check out how I, DEVLIN712, would bring Tony Stark's arch-enemy to the big screen...

Ezekiel Stane in the MCU
In all his years Tony Stark has rarely come face to face with an equal. But in 2008 Haykeye's Matt Fraction gave the Marvel Universe the anti-Stark, Ezekial Stane, bringing the bond between man and machine closer than ever before. But so far, we haven't seen Obediah Stane's son, Iron Man 2.0, show up on the big screen.

In the first of How Dev'd Do It, I show you how Ezekiel Stane should show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting all the way back in the MCU's first endevaur, Iron Man:



What do you think? Should Ezekial Stane show up in the MCU down the line? How would you do it? Sign off you're thoughts on the idea below! And while you're at it tell me what you think of How Dev'd Do It, who or what should be next? If you enjoyed hit the red glove, it never hurts!

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