How I Would Cast a Live Action Savage Dragon

Savage Dragon...

I think i have more Savage Dragon in my collection than anything else. So i figured "hey give it a go".

Now i start most of my articles/casts with saying i obviously don't work for hollywood, to being picky on my opinion is silly. lets get down to business
Erik Larsen has said even himself that if he were to do a live action Savage Dragon movie he'd pick Bruce Willis, and i agree with that.

Director-- Guillermo Del Toro. I chose because Savage Dragon and Hellboy have times where they have similar tones of humor vs action and banter and all that. plus Del Toro always has kick-ass makeup.

Dragon/Bruce Willis

Photobucket Bruce Willis die hard Pictures, Images and Photos

Now, I'm well aware of the people on this site with the booby obsession so this next role may disappoint some of you. Sorry Pal I am one to cast based on who i believe could pull of the role of the character in my mind; and not who best fills the bra. Plus let's face it, Larsen draws colossal boobage anyways.

Rapture/ Vivica A Fox
to me it just flat out made sense (i had a hard time editing the size of these photos, i'm sorry)
Photobucket Vivica A Fox Pictures, Images and Photos

Alex Wilde/Zoe Saldana (would not have been my first choice but after a few hours of searching for a different actress i decided to go with her)

Lt. Frank Darling/ Joe Morton
Photobucket Photobucket

Superpatriot/Kurt Russel
others i considered--Ed Harris, Steven Lang
i have absolutely no reason except butt-tons of ass-kickery
superpatriot Pictures, Images and PhotosKurt Russel Pictures, Images and Photos

She-Dragon/Olivia Wilde (wilde is a natural blonde btw)


THE VILLAINS (vicious circle is mentioned but only a few members are focused on in great detail to avoid to much hubbub (even though SD has like a gazillion villains)

Cyberface/Ralph Fiennes
Cyberface as main villain
Ralph is and always has been my favorite actor (see the movie Spider, he doesn't speak one word and is in amazing in it!) i don't care if he's not tall enough for you, his presence is ten feet tall. it's hollywood babe, and the face fills seats but the chops pay the bills.

Johnny Redbeard/ (another member of vicious circle. he creates she-dragon character)
For the life of me i couldn't think of someone better i ended up with either Ray Stevenson or Gerard Butler
PhotobucketVolstagg 2 Pictures, Images and Photos

Overlord/Hugo Weaving (this was cast by voice only, because Overlord is always head to toe in armer. it was between he and Ian Mckellen.
i decided to go with someone that is just slightly closer to Overlords unmasked face just in case we saw him unmasked later in the series.
Overlord doesn't appear until end of film (similar to SD #1 hint for a sequel)
Hugo Weaving Pictures, Images and Photos
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