How Spider-Man 3 should have ended

How Spider-Man 3 should have ended

Don't get me wrong, I still love the movie. The whole franchise, actually. I think I have figured out how the movie would have worked better, had a better end battle, and would have surely been an automatic green light to what could have been our Spider-Man 4. Of course, a lot of the problem here was the inclusion of Venom at the end, so a lot of the solution will come from kicking Venom out of the movie.

Ooooh, Venom. I am still amazed at how they could get Venom's looks so spot-on, but entirely ruin the character, all of this at the same time.

Had they kept the black suit until the end of the movie, had Spidey and Goblin Harry kicking Sandman's sandy butt 2-on-1, and kept the church-scene where the symbiote meets Eddie for an after-credits scene, for a tease of Venom in Spider-Man 4. Right there, they could have went big and have Venom the main bad guy for a whole new trilogy, similar to Magneto in X-Men, with other villains during the three movies.

I think having no Venom for the end scene gives Spider-Man the privilege to battle in a different suit, just like Iron Man battles with different suits in the movies. It makes him more aggressive and I think aggressivity is welcomed when you have to face a giant man made out of sand. His aggressivity could also be the reason for Harry's death, wich would give Peter another reason to question his alter-ego (and shocks the hell out of you, Peter killing Harry, accidentally !). Finally, he decides to get rid of the symbiote, in the church, after the credits. It also gives him the opportunity to FINALLY KEEP HIS MASK ON. Am I the only one who got mad because they always had to tear the mask ? I know, to show the emotions... Still, I want to see Spider-Man's face, not Peter's. Also, the exclusion of Venom means that Mary Jane does not get kidnapped ONCE MORE. Can't he just want to stop the bad guy, without having to be lured to the villains with a red headed chick ?

Given how much of an impact it would have on Peter to kill his best-friend because of a suit, maybe they should have toned down the "Peter being a douche" previously to this ending, wich means no emo Peter, no dance scene (although I thought it was just funny).

So there you have it. My vision of how the movie franchise that got me into superhero movies should have ended. Kinda sad to think how cool was Spider-Man 2, and how it all ended. But hey, it's not all bad, we still got rid of Topher Grace !
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