How to make Wonder Woman into a Good Film/TV Show...

Here are 4 Ideas on how to make Wonder Woman into a Good Film/TV Show

Ah Wonder Woman, the most inconic superheroine around with countless of stories and reinventations to the charcter that have had in some ways helped the charcter evole but in other ways completly failing to capture what made Wonder Woman great in the first place. It's time i look at this Amazon and how she could work in a TV Show or even her own Movie:


Yes i love Wonder Woman but if there is one thing i cannot stand about's the costume.. the outfit is ridiculous. The outfit is just not good for live action just like Wolverine's yellow masked comic one is going to take you very seriously looking like that..

In my opinon the best revenitation of a popular costume to the big screen was in Captiain Amercia: The First Avengers

God that costume was perfect The Man of Steel costume is also a great example of this because the classic superman outfit just doesn't work for the big screen anymore.. For the live action movie they basically needs to do that but with Wonder Woman, here is a great example of the Wonder Woman costume done right:

This is a fan-made artwork if she were to actually exist in our real world. This is a much better improvement that the outfit that she wears in the comics. This costume still keeps the iconic feel but also making it realstic for modern audiences.This outfit keeps her sex appeal, her badass feel & most of all she can be taken seriously..this is how to do a wonder woman for the big screen.I freaking lov

e it and i really hope they go with something similar when they reinvent her for the big screen


In my personal opinion i think they need to keep as close as possible on the original origin of Wonder Woman but still add in some new changes to keep it fresh and unique..for example Batman in Batman Begins and Superman in Man of Steel.I do not think they should keep Diana as the daughter of Zeus but as instead the daughter of Hades ( Who had sex with Hippolyta in a flashback). This could be a lot more interesting and would really work for some inner conflict between her demon side ( Hades is basically a Demon in a form of a good) and her Amazon side. This in my opinion would be the best choice for Wonder Woman's origin.


I will say it right now..the best choice for the villain in the Wonder Woman movie would honestly be Hades. I would love to see the relationship between the main hero and the main villain especially because they are father and daughter. Hades could be a fantastic villain but personally i think Hades should be for who they could get to voice him in the movie..well i would love to see S. Scott Bullock use his Hades voice in Kid Icures Uprising for the Wonder Woman movie..i know it won't happen but it's just a suggestion


Personally i feel that Lynn Collins from John Carter..that would be freaking amazing..She would be a fantastic choice of Wonder Woman in my personal opinion
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