HULK vs. COLOSSUS : CBM Battle Poll

HULK vs. COLOSSUS : CBM Battle Poll

Green skin against metal skin whose hide is stronger?

“I move time like you move bowels.” – anonymous

Hulk: "Hulk smash!"
Logan: "Smash your face!"
Hulk: "No! Hulk smash YOUR hairy face!"
Logan: "Grinch!"
Hulk: "My name is Hulk! You have AMNESIA or something hairy face?"
Logan:"How dare you!"
Hulk: "Shut up!"
Logan: "You Shut up!"
Hulk: "Your Origin Movie sucks!"
[dialogue courtesy of @acvno86]

The battle was furious but in the end, strength prevailed and the man known as WOLVERINE is but a bloody pulp on the ground. HULK knows claw man is hard to kill, claw man heals very fast but in this instance not fast enough. HULK satisfied that there is no more fight from his opponent went his way. But before he could move any distance that strange crimson hued light flashed again, his surrounding seems to fluctuate, and like a pirated Blu ray disc there were scratches and skipping of scenes. When things settled down he looked around and see that he was in some sort of war torn city. And from nowhere WOLVERINE is back fist front and claws unsheathed flying towards him. No time to respond, he was expecting the pain from those sharp blade but like a spectre WOLVERINE just phased through him.

“COLOSSUS welcome to the X-MEN.”
One of the proudest days of his life when the professor said that to him, one of the saddest is when WOLVERINE said that the professor was gone. Their leader is gone, their mentor is gone, their friend is gone but life moves on. COLOSSUS is now an X-MEN and he needs to be one of the best if they need to fight again a battle like the one they had in Alcatraz Island.

Danger room, training room of the X-MEN, COLOSSUS loaded the fast ball special program. The big metal room transformed into war torn scenario, this is courtesy of the hard light features of the specialized room. The program also loaded a fully functioning image of WOLVERINE. COLOSSUS thinks if I have to be in a team, I need to work on my team skills. One fast ball special coming up, COLOSSUS now in his metal form picked up the WOLVERINE dupe and threw him as far as he can.

What the X-MAN did not realize that there was something else loaded with the program. And this one does not appreciate being thrown furry man with sharp claws.

“HULK of universe 199999 vs COLOSSUS of universe 10005 initiated”



[RULE: Try to base the outcome on the characters abilities in the movies and not the comics. COLOSSUS info [here]

Your detailed description of the battle and the result is greatly encouraged (go wild!). You know where to write it.

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