I want a Red Hood live action movie Hollywood (Warner bros).

I want a Red Hood live action movie Hollywood (Warner bros).

Another Batman Reboot? Really Hollywood(Warner bros.)? No! I want a Batman spin off. Heres a movie idea for you; I want 3 live action prequels based on the very popular animated straight to DVD movie Batman Under the Red Hood!

Warner bros. leave The Batman character alone for a while. Nobody wants another Batman movie(In five years or less). We are satisfied with Christopher Nolans trilogy and thats enough(for now). Why purchase DC comics when you aren't trying to give the interesting comicbook characters a live action movie?

The animated movie Batman Under the Red Hood amazed me and everyone that saw it. Use Your animated straight to Dvd movies as a testing ground and the people will tell you what they want to see.

Just take $50 million dollars and make this a R rated movie and this movie will be a success Warner bros.

Do you need a idea on how to make the prequels Warner bros? Well here is my idea!

Movie Title: The Red Hood

Movie Pitch: Batman Begins meets Ninja

Logline: The second Robin (or Batmans side kick Jason Todd) gets brought back from the dead, trains and becomes a advanced highly trained mercernary and seeks vengence on his killer(the joker).

Movie synopsis:

Some would not know it, but being a sidekick to Batman(at the age of 12) isn't easy, the training, the orders Batman (Bruce Wayne) gives you, the focus you must keep, and most importantly the oath of being a crime fighter(never hurt innocent people, and never kill, no matter what the crime of the guilty is) really wears you down. But the funniest part has to be keeping a secret and being able to go to school and act just like a normal kid but at the same time, knowing your other life from school. The patrols and battles with Batman(the coolest hero ever. Every time you suit up with Bruce the battles or patrols is always epic(In Jason Todds mind.

But nothing could prepare Jason Todd(The second Robin) and Batman(Bruce Wayne) for what happened in their last battle together against the Joker(when Jason was 19 years old). Someone got kidnapped a day prior to the events that lead to the joker. A couple of mind games with Batman and a laughter led to the final blow to the head of Robin (Jason Todd) with a crow bar that ended his life. Some say death is permanent, well not for Jason Todd. Ra's al Ghul(a man of magic and spells, see the movie under the Red Hood) stole Jason's body from the morgue and revived(or brought him back to life) him in the Lazurus Pit( A cave that contains water that has abilities to heal those at death's door) but Ra's wasn't expecting Jason to go crazy and escape.

A year later Ra's al Ghul found Jason inside a hospital just outside of Gotham. A Cop on duty told Ra's that Jason got into a fight with a couple of homeless people in a alley and Jason put everyone of the homeless people in ICU. Ra's knew now that Jason was damaged(in his brain) and the best thing he could do was send Jason far away and pay someone to take care of Jason for the rest of his life. Ra's claimed he was Jasons next of kin and took Jason Todd to his home until he figured out the arrangements. Ra's daughter (Talia al Ghul)decided to sneak Jason back to the Lazardus pit and this time the Lazardus Pit healed Jason Todd's damaged brain(Jason was 100 percent completely healed and back to normal). Jason decided that he needed to get revenge on the Joker, so what better way to do that then to assume the former identity of his killer(the Red Hood).

With the help of Talia al Ghul Jason joined a powerful criminal gang(The Elites) over in England for a while. Jason learned from the criminal underground and when the opportunity presented itself Jason destroyed the gang by killing the key members(or head boss, second in command, etc) of the gang, and taking all of their money and weapons in the process.

To be continued!
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