Idea For a New Hulk Film Set in The New Marvel Universe, Read On!

Idea For a New Hulk Film Set in The New Marvel Universe, Read On!

TimishReloaded with an incredible hulk story idea..

Hello fellow users,

The Hulk is one powerhouse of a character, both of mighty strength and power as displayed in The Avengers played by Mark Ruffalo. One thing to question in the hulk solo films, has the formula run it's course? We have already seen the story of Banner on the run from the government, trying to find peace with his inner self and control the beast. All of it has been displayed in each adaption of the character we have seen. So what is something different they can do. My idea would follow this film being a sort of sequel to both The Incredible Hulk and Avengers but without an actual villain as seen in the comics. I am talking about an entirely new villain, not the Abomination or anyone we have seen. Maybe the Leader can have an appearance at the end of the story. but I was talking about a more grounded approach to this character. Dark superhero action adventure film border lining many film themes similar to Indiana Jones and James Bond. My idea may seem far fetched but please read on.

The film would be called "The Legacy of Hulk" and would incorporate many different characters along with Shield being a heavy focus.

Title: "The Legacy of Hulk"

Story: "Bruce Banner travels to Japan upon finding out from Shield a gamma virus has been emitted in the country itself. Along with shield agents Hawkeye (Played once again by Jeremy Renner) and Agent Walker (Played by former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan) they travel to Tokyo where the first case of gamma illness has been reported. A Mexican archaeologist and adventurer Ricky Jonez (A Mexican version of the Hulk character Rick Jones played by James Franco), is the first victim of this disease. Ricky Jonez reveals vital information which may change the fate of the world. A deadly organization named Q within Japan has received gamma infused weapons of mass destruction, the leader of the organization Kito (Played by Ken Watanabe). The hospital where Ricky Jonez is in is soon attacked and brought tumbling down as they flee away with their lives. Oh but it's not over yet, as they must all work together to bring down Q and possibly save the world from mass gamma destruction in a deadly spy game thriller. The clock is ticking and the danger is real"

Main Cast:

Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner

James Franco as Ricky Jonez

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

Pierce Brosnan as Agent Walker

Ken Watanabe as Kito

Notable Cast:

Ken Jeong as Lee (Kito's brother and second in command to Q)

Nan Yu as Agent Sheila (Shield operative working in Japan)

David Caruso as President of USA

Tom Hanks as General Ross

Vin Diesel as An American Agent working with Q

Jim Carrey as The Leader cameo in the end (Tim Blake Nelson did a great job and I think it's time to pass on to another actor with a new hulk, I think Jim Carrey could pull off a serious and intelligent Leader)

Please comment on the idea and what you think on how it could be incorporated in the story possibly? I have posted music for you to listen to if you need help or thoughts/time to think of some inspiring words for me as young writer.

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