A 3 for 1 special. "What if" movie plots for Hawkman, The Flash and Lobo.

These aren't as fleshed out as previous ones so I've decided to put them together. I admit to not being a big follower of Hawkman but having done some research it's occurred to me that he has a lot of conflicting origins. The re-incarnation idea has been used in some cases to rectify this but never to a satisfying degree.

So what we have here is MY interpretation of Hawkman, not something directly translated from the comics. For Lobo, I don't really have a plot. Just the opening scene which I thought would be fun to share. As for The Flash, again it's not a complete plot. Just the basic idea of the kind of film I'd make. Barry or Wally? I say, why not both? It's all about generations and passing the torch.

But first up - Lobo: Opening Scene.

We open on a remote asteroid, somewhere in the universe. On this asteroid is what amounts to a truck stop in space. What it really is though is an alien strip club. Inside the strip club, alien girls are dancing on poles, giving lap dances etc. A rowdy group of aliens are drinking, shouting and just having a good time and in the corner, sitting in a booth with his head on the table, nursing a hangover is another, grumpier alien. His head is throbbing. Every laugh from the group sends pain right to his brain. Groggily, he calls out to them to keep it down. They ignore him and keep on drinking, cheering, dancing with the girls.

The hungover alien calls out again, louder, demanding that they shut up. This time the group takes some notice. One of them comes over, brandishing a switchblade. He warns the hungover guy not to ruin their fun. The hungover guy raises his head to look at him. Switchblade guy immediately realizes he's made a mistake. This is no ordinary drunk. It's Lobo. Switchblade guy knows his life is on the line and stabs with the blade. Lobo catches his wrist and twists. The blade drops and the guys hand is almost taken completely off. The other thugs rush Lobo. What follows is a slaughter. Lobo doesn't just kick major ass, he kills them all. By the end, one is choking on a steel chain, another is hanging upside down from the bar, his throat cut. Switchblade guy has his own knife sticking out of the back of his skull. It's violent. It's brutal. It's bloody.

In the end there's just one left, cowering behind the bar. The one that matter. The one Lobo went there for. The bounty. Without breaking a sweat, Lobo pulls him back over the bar. He gets his chain from choking guy and wraps it around the bounty, then starts dragging him out the door along the floor. He throws some money at the alien strippers as he leaves. They call after him, asking him to stay and have some fun but he tells them he has a bounty to collect.

Lobo's bike is waiting outside the bar. The bounty begs and pleads with Lobo, offering money to let him go even as he's being dragged along the ground. Lobo declines, stating that the Main Man always delivers. They reach the bike and Lobo ties the bounty to the back. Lobo then punches him, knocking him out, and gets on the bike. He's about to start it up but stops and looks back at the club. After a moment to make a decision, Lobo decides he has some time and gets off the bike. He starts walking towards the strip club, unzipping his pants as he walks, ready to spend some "quality time" with the strippers as his bounty lies unconscious outside on the bike - Cut to Opening Credits!


And that's Lobo...well, the opening anyway. As for an actual plot, it's not one I've thought about beyond that opening scene. I have some ideas of Lobo collecting a bounty but it turns out to be a set up and Lobo goes on a rampage across the universe, looking for the people who crossed him. Sounds a bit like a Chuck Norris movie in space - but how is that not awesome? From the opening scene described above, it's obvious that this would have an R rating. Is such a rating necessary? You could probably get away with a softer film but then Lobo would hunt you down for wimping out.

Next up - HAWKMAN!

As I said above, this is my own interpretation of the character, somewhat of a re-imagining though it retains many elements from the comic. Also this is more of a synopsis rather than the entire plot.

I'd tell the story of Katar Hol and his wife, Shayera who escape the violent, war hungry world of Thanagar and crash land on Earth in ancient Egypt. Revered as a god, Katar takes the name, Khufu and reluctantly becomes the leader of a small Egyptian province, hoping to build a peaceful and prosperous society, free of the violence that plagued his homeworld. His ship is destroyed, but not before taking some of the Nth Metal from the hull to craft a set of armor, and a mace for him and Shayera so that they may defend their people should the need arise. They rule justly for 20 years until agents from Thanagar track them down and after a long, brutal battle, execute the deserters for treason.

But isn't the end. Amazingly, Katar and Shayera are reborn in future times and as if guided by fate, they find each other. They remain unaware of their own histories until they meet each others gaze at which point the memories come flooding back and they embrace each other. This happens countless times down the centuries with no explanation or apparent reason until, in contemporary times, an archeologist working at an excavation uncovers the tomb, said to be that of an Egyptian god who defied Ra and was destroyed along with his lover. Carter, with no memory of his past, encounters the bodies of his ancient self and that of his wife, and upon touching the Nth Metal armor, his past life memories are regained but for the first time, Shayera isn't there with him.

Resigned to never finding his lost love, Carter Hall steals the armor from the tomb and decides to use it to fight for the noble and just society he had once dreamed of. He becomes Hawkman, a memory of Thanagars chief deity. On the other side of the planet, a young woman, Shiera Sanders, sees news of the mysterious Hawkman's exploits on the television and her memories of Shayera come flooding back. Driven by a love for a man she has never seen, she resolves to find the mysterious Hawkman and embrace her lover once again. As Carter struggles to overcome the centuries of grief over his wife's loss, he puts all his efforts into being Hawkman, hoping to bury himself in his mission so deep that he will forget the pain of knowing his wife is lost to him. Little does he or Shayera know though that the news transmissions about his exploits have also been picked up by Thanagar agents who have been living on Earth, infiltrating high positions in preparation for an all out invasion.


That's the bare bones of my Hawkman idea. There is one thing about it that has an alternate. Conceivably, Shayera could be part of the Thanagarian invasion rather than being a human on Earth and when Carter and she meet, her memories would come flooding back and she would betray Thanagar to protect Earth and be with Carter. I kind of envisage it as being a love story across time. There is of course one little issue...the idea of lovers across time was explored in the Will Smith film, Hancock. But of course Hawkman would be better :P

And finally, because you've read this far (or scrolled straight to it) - THE FLASH!

I don't have a full plot, just a very basic idea. It starts 10 years ago. Barry Allen is The Flash. He has been The Flash for 20 years. There are some hints that there may have been a Flash before him (Jay Garrick) but in this story, Barry is a veteran of the superhero game. We see The Flash taking on bad guys, stopping the nefarious plans of a deadly villain. During the battle, Barry discovers something that concerns him. He's slowing down. Not by much, in fact it's not something anyone would notice. Barry begins to speculate that it's simply a result of him getting older and he realises that there will come a day when The Flash is no longer able to protect the city. So Barry decides that Central City needs a hero, they need a Flash. It's something that needs to continue long after he's gone.

So Barry decides to try to replicate the lab accident that gave him his powers in the hope that one day he can appoint a successor. Of course something goes terribly wrong and his nephew Wally gets caught up in the experiment. Wally is 11 years old at this stage. Horrified at what has happened, Barry works tirelessly to help Wally control his new speed abilities. Wally of course is loving it, calling himself Kid Flash. He can't wait to go out and beat the bad guys but Barry forbids it. He destroys the experiment so that it can't happen again and works to ensure that Wally learns responsibility and perhaps most importantly, secrecy. The world can't know that Wally West is also faster than the blink of an eye.

We jump forward to present day - 10 years later. Barry has now been The Flash for 30 years and his decrease in speed has become much more noticeable. Barry is now in his 60's or 70's but he's still active as The Flash. Wally meanwhile has just turned 21. He's at college, using his speed to his advantage, sleeping late but still making it to classes, doing coursework in seconds to leave more time for parties and girls. The concept of responsibility that Barry tried to instill in him has pretty much gone out the window.

At the same time, the villain Barry put away at the beginning of the film has been broken out of prison by two other enemies of the Flash. Together, the trio come up with a plan to gain revenge on The Flash and take him down once and for all. At the moment, the three villains I have in mind are Weather Wizard, Captain Cold and either Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master or Heat Wave. In fact I could just make it 5 villains and include all of them.

The villains succeed in capturing The Flash and plan on killing him, but not before torturing him physically and emotionally. Once they pull off his mask and discover that he is in fact Barry Allen, they decide to go after Iris West and Wally, wanting to make Barry watch them die in front of his eyes as he is helpless to help them. With Barry out of action and feared dead by the public, Wally realizes that his aunt Iris may be in danger and arrives just in time to prevent her capture by rushing into the room and racing away with her just as Captain Cold is attempting to freeze her, thus revealing his own abilities to Iris.

Iris leads Wally to a secret hideout of Barry's where they have a heart to heart. Wally looks around the hideout, seeing various costumes, some torn asunder from the Flash's battles over the years as well as various experimental devices that Barry has toyed with over time. One in particular interests Wally. A ring (yes you know where this is going) containing a compressed costume within. With Barry in danger and the city in chaos after a broadcast from the villains claiming to have captured the Flash (promising to reveal his identity to the world on the evening news), Wally realises he needs to take responsibility and dons the Flash costume for the first time. He immediately goes out into the city to fight crime, abating civil unrest, assuring that The Flash is still active and alive and well. He also searches the city looking for Barry.

What happens next? Well...um...he draws the villains out, rescues Barry and together they defeat the bad guys. That bit isn't really planned out yet. I am thinking that Barry may die, pushing his body to its limits to save Central City and with his dying breath he gives his blessing to Wally taking on the mantle of The Flash, telling Wally he's proud of him.


And that's my Flash movie. A story of legacy across generations of superheroes, with the idea of passing the torch being a central theme.

I do have a very vague idea for a sequel that would involve the new Flash tapping into the Speed Force, taking on Professor Zoom and traveling through time, ultimately teaming up with both Barry Allen and Jay Garrick to take him down.
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