If I Was Making...WONDER WOMAN

If I Was Making...WONDER WOMAN

A "what if" plot summary for Wonder Woman, that oh so difficult of characters to adapt.

Before we begin, a disclaimer. I am someone with a big interest in Greek myth and there are certain elements in the story presented below that differ somewhat from the comic. In most of these cases I am following the actual myths about the Amazons. There are times where I try to split the difference, so to speak and find ways to compromise between the myth and the story. Also, it may not follow all the elements of the comics but it is written as an adaptation, not a direct translation. I have tried to keep the comics in mind as much as possible while allowing for general audiences who aren't as invested in the character as fans to get something out of it. This is true of all my write-ups. I'm writing with the audience in mind.

Secondly, because I know people will ask me for a fan cast, I'm going to get this out of the way right off the bat. My personal pick for Wonder Woman is Bridget Regan. In my mind it's the role she was born to play. I'm sure people will argue with that but Regan is my personal preference. I don't expect her to be yours.


We begin in 1231 BC in the Pontus region of Anatolia (Asia Minor/Turkey) on a battlefield. Just beyond, the city of Themyscira is burning. A voice over from Hippolyta explains that the son of Zeus, Heracles had come to take the girdle of Aphrodite as part of his great labours. Being the strongest warriors in the world, Hippolyta and Heracles agreed to personal combat to decide the fate of the girdle. It was a battle Hippolyta won. But Ares, always striving to drive mortals towards war, manipulated Heracles into believing that should the world discover that he was bested by "a mere woman" he would be the laughing stock of all Greece and the goddess Hera would have means to torment him for all eternity. And so Heracles, blinded by Ares words, took his men into Themyscira to kill all the Amazons. By the time Hippolyta roused her forces to defend the city, many of her subjects had been killed. A great battle took place but the Amazons were outnumbered and Heracles claimed his prize but he took more from Hippolyta than just her girdle.

And so we have Hippolyta lying on the battlefield, her body and her spirit broken, watching as Heracles walks away, girdle in hand. His men then gather up the surviving Amazons and put them in chains, dragging them to the boats. In her voice over she tells us that she was taken as a slave along with the rest of the Amazons, meant to serve Heracles and his men on their journey back to Greece and beyond. But Hippolyta prayed for three days and nights to the goddesses and on the fourth day, the goddess Athena answered her prayers and agreed to free them if they renounced any rites of vengeance and instead took a more virtuous path. Hippolyta agreed and the chains were broken. Surprising their captors, the Amazons quickly seize control of the boats without shedding bloodshed. They put all the men on a single boat and allow them to sail away, but not before Hippolyta tosses her now reclaimed girdle back to Heracles, an act meant to humble him. And so the Amazons set sail, beyond Greece and out into the ocean to a new home they named after their ruined city - Themyscira.

Hidden by the gods, Themyscira proves to be a safe haven for the Amazons. Granted eternal youth and vitality by the goddess Aphrodite, the Amazons knew that one day they would return to the world of man to teach the values of love, virtue and equality and so as they trained their bodies for war, they trained their minds for peace. But as years passed and centuries turned to millennia, the outside world moved on without them and the gods of Olympus faded into obscurity. It seemed that the gods plan for the Amazons had been cast aside and with no apparent purpose and no men on the island to help conceive children, Hippolyta found herself aching for a child of her own. Once again she prayed to the gods but for years they remained silent. She began to wonder if perhaps they had abandoned her and her sisters to the annals of history. But even as she began to doubt, her prayers were answered. The gods were retreating to Olympus, their power diminished as mortals turned away from them and took destiny into their own hands. Their last act before leaving the mortal world was to give Hippolyta a child. Made from the earth itself, the clay child was given life and blessed by goddesses Demeter, Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, Hestia and the god Hermes. They knew that although they were retreating to Olympus, this child of the Amazon queen, blessed by the divine would someday be needed to fight a great darkness. And so our last shot of this prologue is of Hippolyta standing on the shores of Themyscira with an infant child in her arms, looking out at the ocean.

In present day, INSCOM agent Steve Trevor flies a high altitude spy mission over the Middle-Eastern country of Kahndaq (yes, birthplace of Black Adam and entirely fictional ). We learn through communication with base that Steve is there to uncover the nature of military build up in the country amid fears that increased tensions between Kahndaq and Bialya could lead to war. It isn't long before Steve is discovered and he soon has a squadron of Kahndaqi planes on his tail. When his commander says that his plane is invisible to radar and shouldn't have been found, Steve comments that maybe they just used their eyes. After a dogfight. where Steve can only dodge and evade, having no weapons, he flies into a storm to escape his pursuers and sets his sights on making it to friendly air space in Turkey. Before he can reach his destination though his plane is struck by a bolt of lightning. His instruments start going haywire as the plane drops out of the sky. Far below he can see a large body of water which makes no sense to him because he was nowhere near the Mediterranean. He manages to steer the plane out of the storm but its still going down. His plane is fast approaching an island and he tries to eject but it fails and he's knocked around the cockpit. He begins to slip into unconsciousness and as he does so he feels a slight thud as the plane rapidly slows down. Before his eyes close he catches a glimpse of a dark haired woman.

As he slowly starts to come around he hears two female voices talking in a language he has never heard before. Ideally the language would be Hittite or Luwien, languages of Anatolia, where the Amazons come from but since they are both extinct languages, I'll say Greek. As his eyes open he asks if he's in Cyprus or possibly Crete. After receiving no answer, it's only then that he looks up two see two women, both stunningly beautiful, both wearing ancient armour. One of them, a brunette, is the same dark haired woman he saw before he passed out. He begins to joke about their armour, throwing in a pick up lines along the way but is quickly silent when her companion puts her sword to his throat. He's tied up and dragged across the island towards the main settlement. Along the way he sees more women, some dressed in armour, others dressed in long white robes. He wonders if he's died and gone to Vegas, the sword sticking into his back doesn't agree with him though. The two women seem to be arguing with each other in the language he doesn't understand and he asks if they speak English but they ignore him. And so Steve is brought to a great hall filled with women. At the far end there is a throne and we see Hippolyta sitting on it.

The two women converse with Hippolyta in the language. At this point Steve is on his knees, hands tied behind his back, getting more annoyed that nobody seems to understand him. Seeing his frustration, Hippolyta speaks in English telling him that foreign tongues are not often heard on Themyscira but that he deserves to know what is being said of him. The rest of the scene takes place in English. We learn that the two women who captured him are Artemis and Diana. Artemis is arguing that "the pig" should be executed. No man has ever step foot on Themyscira. Hippolyta reminds her that they have vowed to uphold certain virtues, and then apologises to Steve, saying that some on Themyscira still bear hatred for men deep in their hearts, ancient wounds never healed. Hippolyta asks Diana what she thinks they should do, calling her "daughter" and Diana looks at Steve curiously. It's clear that every time Diana looks at him, he's falling more and more in love with her. For her part, Diana is curious about the new arrival and says they should learn all they can from him and send him on his way. She reasons that he should not have been able to find Themyscira and they must know how he did. Hippolyta is pleased with her daughters wisdom. Artemis suggests that a little pain is a good way to make a man talk. Hippolyta takes a length or rope from beside her throne and approaches Steve. Fearing torture, he starts to recite his name, rank and division over and over as Hippolyta wraps the rope around him. She asks him how he got there and Steve suddenly goes silent, stares at her for a moment and then begins to recount the events leading up to his arrival. As soon as he is done he can't believe he just said all that.

Hippolyta ponders his answer for a moment. She wonders if the bolt of lightning that struck his plane came from Zeus. As if on cue, the god Hermes appears and confirms her suspicion. Steve Trevor's arrival was no accident. Hermes explains that the conflict brewing between Khandaq and Bialya is just one in a series of events orchestrated by the god Ares who gained enough power from warfare in the 20th century to leave Olympus and return to the mortal world. Now he is seeking to start the war to end all wars that will give him power enough to overthrow the Olympians, effectively destroying the world in the process and allowing him to remake it as he sees fit. So Diana is to return to the outside world with Steve Trevor, prevent the war, track down Ares and stop him before its too late. This is her mission. This is what she was created to do. But Hippolyta is having none of it. She feels Diana isn't ready to enter the outside world or to face Ares. In her heart, Hippolyta simply fears losing her daughter. Despite both Hermes and Diana's objections, Hippolyta declares there will be a trial of combat to determine who should accompany Steve back to the outside world and tells Diana that she should show Steve around their home and perhaps show him the virtues they have tried to uphold.

And so we cut back and forth between the combat challenge and Steve and Diana walking around the island as Diana explains the history of the Amazons to him and he tells her something of the outside world. In the combat arena, Artemis is proving to be a strong warrior, defeating all as Hermes and Hippolyta look on. Hippolyta says she is more than suitable for the task but Hermes isn't sure. Steve and Diana come across his plane. He's amazed that it seems to have been fully repaired. More than that it looks almost brand knew. Diana explains that they have studied the outside world and although they reject technology in their daily lives it doesn't mean they know nothing of it. Diana asks Steve why he called it a stealth plane if it can be seen and why it isn't truly invisible. Steve says that's impossible but Diana remarks that her home is completely invisible to the whole world. Steve can't really argue with that. Diana says that she has learned a bit about the outside world but admits that she would like to see it for herself. Steve suggests that he could take her with him but she says that it's impossible, that the winner of the trial will accompany him. Steve asks why she could not compete and if it's a case where she couldn't have won. Diana rejects that notion and says she's the fiercest warrior on the island. Steve then asks her why she's standing there with him then...

At the combat challenge, Artemis defeats a final opponent. There's apparently nobody left to fight and Hippolyta declares that Artemis will be given the task. Hermes interrupts her though as he sees someone entering the arena. A new challenger. It is of course Diana. Reluctantly, Hippolyta allows her daughter to battle Artemis, hoping that Artemis, a more experienced warrior will prevail but knowing deep down that her daughter will be triumphant. It is a long and fierce battle. Steve Trevor enters and stands next to Hippolyta to watch as the two Amazons clash with swords and shields. Diana's battle armour is a red leather cuirass with a blue skirt...this is basically the first time we see her Wonder Woman outfit. Of course in the end, Diana wins and Hippolyta reluctantly agrees to let her go with Steve Trevor.

As Steve prepares the plane for take off, Diana has a quiet moment with her mother. Diana doesn't want to leave knowing her mother is disappointed in her. Hippolyta though says she is proud and asks her daughter to forgive her from trying to hold her back from her destiny. She knew this day would come but as a mother she wanted to protect her daughter from every evil. Hippolyta gives Diana her blessing and then gives her the gifts of the gods that were given to her on the day of Diana's creation to keep safe for this day. First, bracelets forged from Aegis, the shield of Athena and first handed down by Zeus, able to deflect any weapon made by man or god and from Hestias, the Lasso of Truth, made from the golden girdle of Gaea. Finally, from Hippolyta herself, a golden tiara fitted with a star-shaped ruby befitting a princess of the Amazons.

Diana meets Steve at the plane, saying her goodbyes to her Amazon sisters. Steve himself is very confused. There is no plane. He looks up and down the beach but he can't see it...and then he walks straight into it Diana tells him that the power used to hide the island will hide the plane so that their journey may go unseen. The plane becomes visible again, allowing Steve and Diana to get in. It takes off and disappears through the mystical barrier that shields Themyscira from the world. Hippolyta looks on, worried for her daughter but Hermes tells her it is what she was meant to do.

As the plane breaks through the other side of the barrier, Steve expects to find himself in the Mediterranean but instead they're on the other side of the Atlantic in the Caribbean. He suggests flying Stateside where he might be able to use his contacts and get some information on the conflict in the middle east. He theorizes that if Ares is indeed manipulating events then there may be some evidence somewhere of his involvement. Diana agrees and so they fly, the plane turning entirely invisible when Steve activates his stealth systems.

We find ourselves in Bialya at the presidential palace. The Bialyan president is having a meeting with his advisors. Chief among them is Ari Buchanan a slick looking consultant. They talk about the military build up in Kahndaq and the possibility of a potential attack. Buchanan suggests that Bialya should move its forces to the border and be ready for a preemptive strike if necessary though the Bialyan president is reluctant. He says that Bialya's nuclear arsenal and it's protection from the west has always been enough to prevent full scale conflict. Buchanan wonders if perhaps there is something else behind the Kahndaq build up and of course they should strive for peace but they must be prepared for the worst. The president agrees to move forces towards the border but with the order not to cross the border or engage Kahndaqi forces unless provoked.

Steve's now invisible jet lands on a rooftop in Baltimore, Maryland. Steve and Diana depart the plan and head down from the roof into Steve's apartment. To say it's a mess is an understatement. Steve changes his clothes and prepares to leave with Diana but realizes she can't go walking around the streets of Baltimore wearing Amazon battle gear. He sizes her up, something she doesn't appreciate and then heads back into the bedroom, leaving Diana to watch the TV where she is quickly disgusted by much of what she's seeing although strangely fascinated by it. Steve comes back with a set of clothes for her to wear. Diana asks where he got them and he mentions an old flame left them there. Do we have a joke about high heels? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Ha. Anyways, Diana also ties her hair up and puts on a pair of glasses to hide her facial features and they leave the apartment and head to NSA Headquarters at Fort Meade, near Odenton. Steve comments that they probably think he's dead and that they need to get in and out before people start asking questions.

When they arrive they go straight to Steve's office and to his computer where he starts bringing up all the information he and his colleagues have gathered on the trouble in the Middle East. They start looking at documents and photographs and come across a common link. Ari Buchanan seems to have done consulting work for both sides. Further exploration reveals that Buchanan has provided his services to many countries around the world, brokering weapons deals, advising leaders but also taking roles in peace negotiations between nations world wide. It also seems the NSA are actively investigating him, with Agent Donna Milton, a colleague of Steve's leading the investigation. So Steve and Diana go to Donna's office to see what information she can give them. Donna is shocked to see Steve. Last she heard, he had gone missing somewhere over Turkey. She's also intrigued by the presence of Diana who starts to introduce herself as Diana, Princess of Themyscira but Steve cuts her off and all she gets out is Diana Prince. Steve says she's a data analyst for the CIA and there as part of a joint operation to discover the truth of what's happening in Kahndaq. As Donna explains what little she knows of Buchanan, she's clearly flirting with Steve. Diana looks at her suspiciously, there's definitely something off about Donna. It's only when she notices Donna's red eyes that she realizes who is standing in front of her. Immediately, she pulls Steve away and challenges Donna to reveal herself, calling her Circe. Donna's appearance changes before their eyes and Circe is soon standing before them.

After a brief flurry of attacks, Circe raises the alarm and the entire NSA goes into lockdown. At first Steve tells her she just trapped herself but a confident Circe explains that Steve Trevor is missing and presumed dead and people will assume he's a traitor after showing up at NSA headquarters with a strange woman. They have no choice but to run but the entire building is being locked down. Diana also finds it hard to run in her high heels and the rest of the clothes Steve gave her and she is soon taking them off, revealing her Amazon outfit underneath. As NSA security pursue them, Circe reverts to her Donna Milton form and follows. The security guards fire at Steve and Diana who deflects the bullets with her bracelets. Steve tells her it's no use and that the building is locked down. There's no way to make it to the exit. Diana ponders this and tells them to go up.

They manage to make it to the roof, fighting their way through numerous guards in the process. Two guards confront them on the roof but before they can fire, Circe appears behind them and transforms them into horrible, dragon-like beasts. Diana grabs Steve and leaps off the roof. They never hit the ground however. Diana holds onto Steve as she rises up through the air, flying away from the building. Circe climbs on to one of the dragon beasts and gives chase with the second beast also in pursuit. After a chase through Baltimore, Diana puts Steve on the ground, turns in the air and punches one of the beasts hard. She then battles them both, eventually ending up back on the ground. Eventually she subdues the beasts and manages to capture Circe with the Lasso of Truth. As soon as the Lasso is put around Circe, her spell wears off and the beasts are transformed back into the two guards who bewildered about what happened. Steve then apologizes before knocking them both out with a couple of hard punches. Circe is then interrogated by Diana, who reveals that Ari Buchanan is indeed Ares and tell them his plan to ignite a third world war. Before they can decide what to do with Circe, NSA and army forces are pouring out of Fort Meade to confront them. With no real option, Diana and Steve flee the scene, Diana lifting Steve into the air once again. Circe herself doesn't stick around and disappears in a flash of light.

Diana and Steve arrive on the roof of the apartment building where the invisible plane is waiting. Diana wants to go alone to Kahndaq to stop Ares, not wanting to put Steve in danger but Steve tells her if he stays he'll probably be caught and arrested and in any case, Diana doesn't know the way to Kahndaq. Diana reluctantly agrees to let him accompany her and so they board the plane and take off.

In Kahndaq, Buchanan, revealed as Ares in disguise, is meeting with generals, telling them that Bialya's move of moving troops to the border is an obvious act of aggression and that Kahndaq needs to respond in kind and show that they won't be bullied. His manipulation of the generals is exquisite, every word designed to pull the strings and lead the country on a path to war. When his meeting ends, he goes to his private quarters where Circe appears. The guise of Buchanan fades away, leaving only Ares. Circe tells him of the incident with the Amazon at the NSA. At first Ares wonders if Hippolyta herself had left Themyscira but Circe's description leads him to the realization that the Amazon in question is Hippolyta's daughter, Diana and that the other Olympians are obviously aware of his plans. Circe asks what they should do and Ares responds with a smile that's they'll have to just twist the knife and ensure that war begins.

As the Invisible plane flies over the Atlantic, Diana explains who Circe is and believes that the sorceress will no doubt have warned Ares that they're coming. Steve switches on a screen inside the plane to monitor news broadcasts to see what's happening in the region. We learn that both sides have moved their troops to the border, tensions between both nations are running higher than ever and all it will take is a little push to put them over the edge. That's followed up by another news story, this time showing amateur footage of a mysterious "wonder woman" battling strange creatures on the streets of Baltimore.

Ares, as Buchanan, is trying to convince the Bialyan president that the threat of a nuclear strike may be enough to avert war and then telling the Kahndaq generals that the nuclear weapons he has secured for them should be readied because Bialya will no doubt threaten a nuclear attack and Kahndaq should be prepared to strike first. But before the nuclear option can be used, Ares has to generate the initial conflict and he goes to the border area, rocket launcher in hand. He waits...and waits...and then fires at nothing...the rocket travels up into the air and eventually explodes, apparently hitting nothing. But inside the invisible plane, Diana and Steve are close to panic. They've been hit by a rocket and the plane is going down. The invisibility starts to fail as they drop towards the ground. They eject and Diana catches Steve, carrying him to the ground. Neither side of the border knows who fired that shot or what they hit. They can only assume it was their enemies and commanders on both sides issue orders to engage. Within a minute, the entire border area is a battlefield and Steve and Diana are right in the middle of it.

Reporters embedded with both armies broadcast the images around the world as Kahndaq and Bialya go to war. Ares watches on from the sidelines. taking in the ecstasy of war. Diana and Steve hide in cover as bullets and tank shells fly all around them. Bombers from an airbase in Bialya take off, ready to bomb the Kahndaqi forces. Diana spots Ares and Circe on the far side and immediately leaves cover and starts lift off and fly across the battlefield. She barely reacts in time to defend against a tank shell. It blows her back onto the ground. Realizing it's too dangerous to fly, she starts to run across the battlefield, deflecting bullets, disarming and taking down soldiers along the way. The embedded camera crews are capturing all the action. She seems to be attacking anyone who gets in her way and Bialyan leaders as well as those from Kahndaq are trying to figure out what side she's on. Ares spots her and sends Circe to deal with her. Circe is reluctant to step into that warzone but Ares is fine with using excessive force to persuade her.

Circe confronts Diana and uses her abilities to take control of many soldiers minds from both sides who all aim their weapons at her. She of course deflects the bullets and with disarms them with a show of strength, grace and speed. Steve meanwhile has Diana's lasso in hand and tries to sneak up behind Circe but Circe is wise to the move and blasts Steve backwards, making him drop the lasso. The distraction is enough for Diana to get close enough to punch her square in the jaw. Even as they fight, the battle continues all around them. It's eventually too much for Circe who disappears in a flash of light. Diana checks on Steve to see if he is OK. She looks around to see the fighting and realises that before she can stop Ares she'll have to stop the battle herself and goes to pick up her lasso.

Circe meanwhile is back at Ares side who strikes her for failing him. He tells her that if she disappoints him again, he may just decide to send her back to Tartarus where he found her. He says he will take care of Diana himself and we see Circe casting a spell which reveals Ares battle armour.

Diana meanwhile steps out into the battlefield in the middle of all the chaos. She hears the the bombers coming and takes off. The first bomber releases its payload but Diana uses her lasso to catch it and toss it back up into the air where it explodes harmlessly. She then goes for the bombers themselves, flying straight through them, fists first, making sure the pilots are able to eject as she destroys the planes. The Bialyan leaders can only watch in shock as the so-called wonder woman destroys their planes. Diana then goes to the Kahndaq tanks, literally punching holes in them and disabling them. As she single handedly destroys the heavy artillery of both sides, the fighting begins to slow and eventually stop as the soldiers look on in awe. Diana challenges them to keep fighting, to attack her if they must attack anyone but nobody on either side is willing to. Soldiers start dropping their weapons and retreating backwards as the scene is broadcast around the world. But there is one person willing to challenge her. A swinging fist from Ares sends Diana flying. Dark clouds appear over the battlefield as the rains starts to fall and crashing thunder accompanies each blow from the combatants. Diana gets in a few good hits but it has no effect. Ares responds with another powerful strike of his own.

Ares tells Diana that she can't beat him, that there are a dozen other conflicts around the world ready to descend into full scale war with just a little arm-twisting. She may have stopped one battle but she can't stop every war. Diana shakes off the blow and replies that she'll just have to stop him directly then and so their epic battle begins. It's long and brutal. Diana's strikes are strong but can't penetrate his armour. As the battle continues, Ares gains the upper hand and eventually has Diana at his mercy. It's then that Steve picks up a rifle and shoots at Ares. Ares is unharmed of course and even laughs off the attempt. But then there's another shot, and another and another as both sets of forces start attacking Ares, united by a common enemy. Ares himself is able to shake it off and a display of his immense power puts a stop to it. But it has given Diana the time she needs to recover. Lightning flashes across the sky and it's Circe who realises what's happening. She makes sure to back away as much as she can as a bolt of lighting comes crashing down, striking Diana's bracelets. Zeus it seems has had enough of his son's misdeeds. Diana slams her wrists together, both bracelets crashing against each other, sending the bolt of lighting back across the battlefield, striking Ares armour.

Ares is pushed back but seems to be unharmed. Diana though strides towards him, determined. Ares stands tall, confident and ready. He notices too late that the strike has cracked his armour as Diana sends a strong fist straight onto the crack, causing it to completely split. Every blow from Diana blasts more and more of the armour away. Ares backs away in fear now and pleads with Circe to help him but Circe decides she's better off alone and disappears in a flash of light, leaving Ares alone to face the wrath of a pissed off Amazon. A final blow destroys the last of the armour. Diana then wraps the lasso around Ares, pulls him to her and punches him in the face before taking off, keeping Ares in the lasso. She swings it and lets sending Ares crashing into the ground. Ares is unable to escape from the lasso and has been defeated. Hermes appears, ready to take Ares to be judged by the Olympians. With war averted and the world saved it's also time for Diana to leave.

She says her goodbyes to Steve, kissing him on the cheek before disappearing with Hermes and Ares. Steve is left alone, unsure of what the future holds, unsure of what will happen to him and if he'll ever see Diana again. One of the reporters at the conflict ask Steve about the mysterious wonder woman. Steve smiles and simply responds that she certainly is a wonder.

Back on Themyscira, Diana sits with her mother on a mountain overlooking the great beauty of the island. Hippolyta asks what she thought of the outside world and Diana's response tells Hippolyta that despite it's faults, it's a world that Diana longs to return to. Hippolyta then mentions that the Amazons were meant to share their wisdom, their virtues and their message of peace and love with the world. It was a mission they neglected, hidden away for centuries as the world passed them by and perhaps it was time for Themyscira to become part of the world again but that they would need an ambassador, someone to represent the Amazons but also to fulfill the mission set to them by Athena so long ago. Diana's face lights up when she realises that her mother is talking about her.

In New York City, Diana walks towards the United Nations. She looks similar to how she did at the NSA when Steve called her Diana Prince. As she approaches the building, a familiar face awaits her. Steve Trevor smiles at her. She asks him what he's doing there and he says he was fired from his old job but he got a new one. Apparently an ambassador from a long lost civilisation was coming to speak at the UN and it was his job to liaise with her given his experience with Amazons. Diana asks if he knew it would be her and Steve says no, but he hoped. They share a moment but it's interrupted by none other than Circe who tells them she wanted to join in on Diana's big day. Circe has already begun transforming a number of passers by into monstrous beasts. Diana asks Steve to tell the UN Assembly that she's going to be a little late as she rids herself of her plain outfit, revealing her Amazon outfit underneath. Princess Diana of Themyscira, sometimes Diana Prince and now Wonder Woman charges straight at Circe. Cut to Black. End Credits.


And there we have it. Wonder Woman. There are references to different stories, different origins, different versions of the Amazon myth and a few of the adaptations, most notably the recent animated film. A few things to note. The costume is meant to look like Mycenaean period armor, though in the Wonder Woman colors. As such it's a cuirass and kind of leather skirt. As for the star-spangled panties, let's assume she's wearing them underneath. I did consider having a moment where the skirt gets torn up on the battlefield and she just rips it off and keeps going, revealing the panties underneath but I didn't write it in as I was afraid it might be cheesy. She also doesn't wear black leather pants. This is an origin story and so her clothes are Amazonian. The "outside world" clothes she wears come from Steve.

She also doesn't really fight crime in this story. The reason is that I wanted to focus on mythological aspect and have her fighting gods and monsters. It doesn't mean that she can't fight crime in the future but her priorities are bigger than a bank robbery.

There's also no secret identity. The sequence in Fort Meade has her dressed as and being called Diana Prince but after that she doesn't hide who she is. My reasoning behind this is simple - she's the spirit of Truth. Having a secret identity goes against that in my opinion (I know some comic book writers and fans may disagree). Also, because I don't see her as a typical crime fighting superhero, a secret identity seemed pointless.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed the read, comments are welcome and I'll try to answer any questions you may have as well.
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