Infamous 2 Fan cast

Infamous 2 Fan cast

Sequel to my original Infamous cast.

Wentworth Miller as Cole Macgrath
Miller's film credits- Prison Break, and Underworld.

Jack Black as Zeke Dunbar
Black's film credits- Tropic Thunder, and School of Rock.

Jamie Chung as Lucy Kuo
Chung's film credits- The Hangover part 2, and Sucker Punch.

Zoe Salanda as Nix
Salanda's film credits- Star Trek, and Avatar.

Jeff Bridges as Bertrand
Bridges film credits- Tron Legacy, and Iron Man.

Morgan Freeman as Sebastian Wolfe
Freeman's film credits- Batman Begins, and The Dark Knight.

Do Not Read Next Cast Member If You Want To Be Surprised…

Don Cheadle as John White- The Beast
Cheadle's film credits- Iron Man 2, and Brooklyn's Finest.

Well theres the cast. I hope you liked it! Sound off in the comments, and I highly recommend you pick up Infamous 2 Its BADASS!
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