If i was to right injustice,this is how.I could not find itanywhere,so sorry if its plagerizing.

Joker travels to Gotham city where he and Lex create a Injustice LOrds, consistingof Joker,Lex,Ares,Harley,Grodd,Firefly,and Bane. The lords attack the watchtower(Superman vs Lex,BAtman & Nightwing vs Bane,Arrow and Shazam vs Grodd,Flash and Cyborg vs Harley). After the joker escapes,lex fows revenge. Superman retuns home to find out Lois is pregnant and left with Jimmy to a photo. At the docks Joker shoots Jimmy and puts a chemical in Lois and puts her in a submarine. The next day the league looks for Lois. Superman finds the sub and gets shot. Doomsday stands infront of him.While the two duke out (Superman vs Doomsday), the league learns Jokers plan. Superman puts doomsday in space,only to find out its lois.Then Metropolis gets nuked. Batman brings Joker to Gotham and the rest of the heroes help the survivors. Wonder Woman tells superman not to do it. Superman travels to gotham, while crushing Green Lanterns Ring (Superman vs Green Lantern). When he arrives, Batman stops him (Superman vs Batman). Superman then kills Joker and leaves to the fortress. 2 years later,the new League Shazam,Robin,Beastboy,Nightwing,Arrow,Cyborg,Raven,and Batman) confront Superman,who then orders a confrence saying that he is now the president of the world and his police: the new and improved Tyger. When raven tries to stop, Superman kills her. Meanwhile,on Oa,Hal jordan gets a new ring and makes friends with Guy Gardner.Sinestro and Atrocitus the attack. (Green lantern vs Sinestro and Atrocitus). When hal is about to kill Sinestrohis ring says he is not a willpowerd man like before and the ring depletes.Hal the takes sinestros ring,then changing him. When Superman,the league,and tyger will capture batman, HAl comes and saves batman,just so he could kill bruce himself (HAl vs batman) when batman leaves,hal joins supermans cause. 1 month later in Alantis,Shazam and Flash come to tell Aquaman to join the regime. But he rebels and Then Black Manta comes a mind controls everyone exept arther.He leaves and joins batmans cause.i week later...Wonder woman and tyger travel to carol air to kill deathstroke. (wonder woman vs deathstroke).After nearly die-ing,deathstroke gets saved by batmans rebel gang (BAtman vs Wonder woman) consisting of Nightwing,Batman,Arrow,Aquaman, Hawkgirl,Beastboy,Starfire,Cyborg,and the rst of the US military).LAter, superman returns to Arkham and takes Bane,Lex,Firefly,Ares and solomon grundy to join.Firefly and ares refuses (Ares and firefly vs superman). When The rebellion comes to bring them,there is a all out brawl (),which leads the the destrucktion of arkham.when outside,Black Adam arrives to join the rebels and black manta gives the Alantians back and joins the regime. Then,Aquaman comes with ocean creatures and the war begins (Superman vs BAtman,Ares and Black Adam vs Shazam,Flash vs SOlomon,HAl vs Nightwing,Robin vs Harley,Arrow vs Cyborg,Aquaman vsBlack MAnta,Bane vs Starfire,Tyger vs Alantis,Beastboy vs Firefly). When the batle leads to the batcave,Lex then puts a electro bacteria bomb on everyone and they all get unconcious.SUperman dosent,and goes to lex (Superman vs Lex),and rips him out.Lex reveals that he did it all.Superma then cripples him and flies away.the next day he calls off the war and regime,and must end all this.But then,he gets shot in the face with kryptonite and dies.the killer reveals himself to be the joker and the Injustice Lords (tyger,Deathstroke,Firefly,Black Adam,Harley Quinn,Black Manta,Atrocitus, and solomon grundy). BAtman and the rest of the Leaguethen fight the Injustice Lords.
After credits scene=5 years later,Robin,Nightwing,and Katanna fight off a bunch of ninjas,then zooms out to show buildboards saying League of Shadows,Then it zooms out to aCadmus lab,where a 17 year old suberboy ina container opens his eys.His eyes then turn red.
No negative comments. Again,sorry if this is plagerisim. I copide from the actual story.
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