Iron Man vs Guyver 1!

Iron Man vs Guyver 1!

Everyone has been wondering for the longest time who would win in a battle to the death; Guyver 1(Sho Fukamachi) or Iron Man(Tony Stark) with their standard weapons on a first meeting(with no prep time). Hit the jump to make your voice heard on who you think would win.

I don't know about anyone else but I always wondered who would win in a battle to the death( Iron Man or the Guyver)? Im only giving The Guyver and Iron Man their standard weapons with no prep time.

Iron man(Tony Stark) VS Guyver 1(Sho Fukamachi)

The word "Guyver" refers to a specific being - the fusion of a human or (theoretically) a Zoaform with an alien bio-booster symbiote. The symbiote is commonly called a "Guyver unit" or "Unit-G"(which is also organic).
The Guyver unit was created by alien beings known as the creators(who created all life forms on earth).

Note: Who ever binds(or fuse) the Guyver unit, their strength increases 100X

The Guyver 1 Unit belongs to its host, Sho Fukamachi.


Sonic Emitters: The two orbs at the Guyver's mouth that produce highly destructive sound waves known as the "Sonic Buster". Literally means "Sound Wave Destructive Blast". At full power, the sound waves produced by the weapon not merely batter or shake the object, but in fact "hone in" on its molecular resonance frequency, causing it to literally disintegrate into a cloud of disparate particles.

Mega-Smasher: Two high-power particle cannons contained beneath the Guyver's chest armor. It should be noted that the Mega-Smasher is considered, in Guyver canon, to be the most powerful particle beam weapon in existence on Earth. It has been shown heavily gouging Mount Minakami, as proof of its raw power.

Head Beam: A multi-directional laser mounted just above the Control Metal on the Guyver's head. In the 2005 anime series, Lisker explains it utilizes excess body heat.

High Frequency Wave-Vibration Swords: Blades that extend from the Guyver's forearms; they can bend and lengthen at will, folding into short spikes, or extending into meter-long swords. These blades vibrate at an extremely high frequency allowing them to cut through almost any material with ease by interfering with molecular bonds. Also known as Sonic Swords. Its name literally stands for "high vibration wave swords." Though formidable, they are limted in a number of ways. Their range can be exploited do to their forearm locations. The blades can be canceled out by other vibrational swords of similar power, often resulting in painful ear aching sound caused by their resonating soundwaves near one another. Another flaw is, that despite their vibrating nature, corrosive liquids and explosions can easily destroy them on contact, provided either is of strong enough potency.

Gravity Control Orb/Controller: The Gravity Controller siphons gravitational energy from a higher dimension. Two main uses include giving the Guyver the ability to fly and to unleash destructive gravity waves in the form of a directed "Gravity Cannon", also known as the "Pressure Cannon". It could also be used to block attacks like a small temporary shield.

Also as a fail safe, if the person thats fused with the Guyver unit ever goes unconscious while in Guyver form, the suit will go into auto mode and this will increase the suits abilities again by another 100x. Also the suit will not be able to tell friend from foe(and attack its main oppenent), and it will not stop until its oppenent is dead (no matter how much damage it takes).

The Iron Man suit is a hightech suit of armor which was created and worn/piloted by billioniare industrialist genuis Tony Stark.


Repulsor rays(that are located in the palms) are energy based weapons that can repel physical or energy based attacks.

A uni-beam projection gun in the chest plate, which is able to fire a beam of destructive force(more powerful than the repulsor rays).

Extremely powerful pulse bolts, that pick up kinetic energy, meaning the further they travel the more destructive force.

Pulse beams that short out a person's vital signs, putting them in a coma.

Spectacular graviton beams, capable of making a target fly into the atmosphere and then fall back down again.

Laser beams that possessed a 1 shot blast cartridge.

A generator in the chest that shut-down electrical devices in a 600 mile radius.

2 generators that can emit bolts of sonic energy. He also posseses 2 rotating energy coated bullet shooters.

Iron man can also fly!

So with knowledge of their weapons on display, who would win in a death battle?
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