Is Marvel's Midnight Sons Coming to the Big Screen?

What do Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze, Blade, Hannibal King, Morbius and Doctor Strange have in common?

They form one of the most powerful Marvel Teams that the masses are unaware of. There have been so many horror films, vampire pictures, supernatural movies over the last how many decades, but with the current advancement of CGI, this team should come to life on the big screen.

This is where fans of horror movies, goth lifestyle and lovers of comics can all find common ground. The question remains, will Columbia Pictures go after Blade to create the super team we have always wanted to see?

I think so, with the success of The Avengers, I believe it will open the doors for other studios to take risks on super teams on screen. The questions that must also be asked is, who will they cast for the team.

Nicholas Cage seems destined to not continue as Ghost Rider, with Wesley Snipes also no longer believed to be attached to Blade.

So who do you cast for the Midnight Sons?

Here is my suggestions:

Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider: Bradley Cooper or Josh Holloway

Blade: Idris Elba or Wesley Snipes

Hannibal King: David Wenham

Morbius: Taylor Kitsch

Doctor Strange: Daniel Day lewis

I believe this will be a great cbm, it has many factors going for it to make it a great movie. Out of this you get Vengeance, Lilith and Switchblade.

I think the time is ripe to do this, what is needed is a cbm of Doctor Strange. An offshoot can also be the Illuminati...
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