It Isn't Easy Being Green

It Isn't Easy Being Green

Green Lantern has a brief encounter with an angry citizen.

Green Lantern had just returned to Earth from a long off-world mission. He is flying over Coast City and he sees a small car accident and many people surrounding the crash. He flies down to make sure everything is okay.

GL- Is everything alright here?

Citizen- HEY! It's that green Van Wilder guy! What do YOU want ya jerk?!

GL- Excuse me?

Citizen- What are you gonna do? Take a dump on the community and then abandon everyone again?

GL- What are you talking about sir?

Citizen- You gave us one of the worst sci-fi movies ever made, and then when Gotham is held hostage for 5 months, you decide not to help out! I mean what the hell man? My cousin was stuck in there!

GL- I was busy in outer space.

Citizen- Yea? Doing what?

GL- I was... fighting against the seductive powers of the Pink Lantern Corps...

Citizen- PINK LANTERN? PINK???? You're just a friggin' joke!

GL- Sir I'm sorry if I-

Citizen- SHUT UP! I'm leaving, come back to me when you're Deadpool.

The crowd leaves.

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