JamesMan, The CBMOAU and the Hulk Need You!

JamesMan, The CBMOAU and the Hulk Need You!

Are you an artist? Well great because we need your help in creating the images needed to produce a fantastic comic book run here just for the site!

Attention Those Who Actually Have Artistic Talent:
I am JamesMan, the Christopher Walken man of the site, and I need you! Not physically... okay a tad physically. Well not physically as in start getting handsy with me but start getting handsy with your pencil. No not that one, the wood one, the one in your hands, dammit, the one you can draw things with.

Oh screw it!

There, that thing ^

Why do I need your services? Well way back when in January fellow CBM'ers decided they wanted to do something amazing (time consuming). They wanted to build a universe of our own, the Comic Book Movie Online Alternate Universe. Where we can create stories using a variety of characters and each one is connected to the same universe (well DC and Marvel are kept separate). I chose to take on the jolly green giant of comics, Hulk.

So the problem? I need an artist! Someone who can draw our big giant and his large gallery of characters! Someone who can throw their own style into what they draw. Someone who can work with the scripts! Do you think you're that person? Do you want to be forever beloved because of your amazing art on comicbookmovie.com? Of course you do!

Just make sure you can actually do these things:
-Send sketches of characters if needed
-Finish the issue in a timely manner
-Fulfill a schedule and release date
-Has access to a computer
-Can work in the comic book format
-Draw better than JamesMan's stick figures

Can you do that? Good! Please contact me here on CBM by just sending me a message. I'll need proof of your skills so I will ask to see some examples of your work and possibly a sketch of Hulk and Bruce Banner. And don't be afraid once the time comes that you're done doing this. Just give me a notice that a certain issue will be your last and I will diligently start looking for a new artist.

One last thing, another series I'm working on also needs an artist. This one is for the DC side of things. It's a team comic titled The Imperfects and it stars Booster Gold, Fire & Ice, The Question, Huntress, and Congorilla. If you want to specifically work on that comic then please message me as long as you can work under the same conditions specified above.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and I hope we can do business in the near future.

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