JDUKE25's Batman suit design for Justice League Movie/Batman reboot

JDUKE25's Batman suit design for Justice League Movie/Batman reboot

Here are a few designs I did for a new Batsuit I want to see on the big screen.

Like some of you out there, you're tired of seeing Batman on the big screen in all black. I for one want to see him in the Black/Grey suit he wears in the comics. I took some time out to do some concept designs for a suit I want to see in the Justice League/Batman reboot movie.

I took a few design elements I liked from the comics, TDK trilogy and Arkham City and combined them to make a suit I think would work well on screen.

Let's start:

Body view

I went with the Black/Grey suit color scheme. One thing you may notice is that he has a leg holster. I thought he could put his grappling hook here, that way there would be more room on his belt for gadgets.

The Cowl

A couple things noticeable are that I went with Batman having lenses and also him having a similar neck design as Batman has in TDK and TDKR. Only I thickened up the neck because the neck in TDK and TDKR was way too tiny looking.

I think Batman having lenses looks cooler, more intimidating, and can serve as a good function. Below I have 4 different lenses Batman could use during combat.

Lenses can help protect Batman's eyes and also assist him seeing under water.



Hey, it gets really bright for anyone. It could be extremely sunny out, or their could be an explosion, or just a really bright light that could hinder Batman's vision. But not anymore.

Thermal vision:

Batman can detect heat signatures, whether it be people, creatures, or explosive devices.

Night vision:

This will enable Batman to see in the dark, just as a Batman should be able to.

I took some design elements from Arkham City and applied it in to making some gauntlets of my own.

Right Gauntlet:

Left Gauntlet:

The Belt
In the front, Batman can store whatever gadgets and devices he has that can fit. On the sides, are pouches for him to store balls of tear gas and smokebombs. On the back, there are pouches for him to store his Batarangs.

Left Pouch:

Right Pouch:

Back belt pouches:

The Batarang
Finally, I will show you my Batarang designs. They're made to fit inside the pouches of his Utility Belt.

Batarang retracted:

Batarang opened:

There you have it. Here are some of my concept designs for the new Batsuit. Comment below and let me know what you think, what you'd change, or how you'd want it to look.

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