Jesus of Nazareth Fancast

Jesus of Nazareth Fancast

Fancast for a remake of the film Jesus of Nazareth.

I will probably get a lot of smack for doing this fan cast but I don't care, before CBM's existed in Hollywood the biblical stories of the bible were where Hollywood went for captivating and emotional stories. I think it is high time that Hollywood does another film about the greatest story ever told the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This would be a remake of the classic film starring Robert Powell as Jesus "Jesus of Nazareth"

Peter Jackson or Wolfgang-Peterson, both of these men have a certain eye to historical and authentic tones that would lend well to this film.

JESUS of Nazareth: Viggo Mortnensen
Viggo is the ideal choice to play Jesus he has the look and right build as well as personality that would be a new yet iconic approach to this character.

Mary Mother of Jesus: Mary Steenburgen
Mary is a a great actresses and she is the right age as to what the Mother of Jesus would at the time of this film, she would also share a lot of screen time with Viggo so they would need to develop a mother/son dynamic that I could see both of them pulling off together quite well.

Mary Magdalene: Camilla Belle
I have become a fan of her work as of late and she has the right acting chops and look to play the adulterer turned follower of Christ.

The 12 Apostles:

Peter: Mark Addy
Andrew: Ioan Gruffud
James: Sean Bean
John: Steven Strait
Matthew: John Heard
Judas: David Thewlis

Thomas: John Schneider
Simon: Oscar Isaac
Philip: Sebastian Roche
Bartholomew: Hugh Dancy
James Son of Alphaeus: Joel Edgerton
Thaddeus: Alfred Molina

John the Baptist: Richard Armitage
After watching Richard as Thorin in some of the vlogs from The Hobbit, I can see that his acting skills would lend well to the part of John The Baptist as he would be proclaiming the coming of Jesus.

Caiaphas: John Rhys-Davis
This is a role where you want some one who has a demanding presents on screen that shows respect yet can terrorize you at the same time. John can do this role justice while making it his own.
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