As nothing has been confirmed, i have come up with my own Justice League movie, called DAY OF DOOM. The film is completly original, except for the end, which i based in part on a SUPERMAN comic, which will be unnamed until the end to avoid spoilers. Please enjoy, and feel free to input.

The movie starts off with Ra's al Ghul, who rises out of his Lazeras Pits. After he arises, Sinestro (as a yellow lantern) approaches him with a propisition for extreme power, to which Ra's agrees.
After foreseeing the outcome if they succeed, J'onn J'onzz decides to bring on a team to fight Sinestro, Ra's, the yellow lanterns, and the league of assassins. He brings together Superman, Batman, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardener, Barry Allen, Wonder-Woman, Hawk Girl, and Plastic Man to fight.
Meanwhile, Sinestro reveals his plan is to invade Oa with his an army led by Ra's, composed of both yellow lanterns and the league of assassins, to capture the black element. In return for his services, Ras is promised Earth to control.
The team brought up to stop the villains has its quarrels, such as with Batman and Guy Gardener, and about Superman's leadership qualities. After a first attack on the army, the league suffers a devestating loss, however they do manage to scare Sinestro. Sinestro, to secure victory, recruits Doomsday to fight Superman, whom Sinestro sees as a threat.
After seeing their weaknesses in the first fight, the members of the Justice League accept Superman's leadership, and head to Oa to fight.
Before the battle, Hal Jordan convinces the guardians to bring all the green lanterns together to fight. Ra's, wielding a sword forged from the yellow element, leads the army to attack. Hal Jordan decides to take on Sinestro, Superman and Wonder-Woman fight Doomsday, Batman and Guy Gardener go against Ra's, while the rest fight with the green lanterns.
After a long battle, Hal Jordan convinces Sinestro to give up his hiest. Guy Gardener kills Ra's, who can't retrieve water from the lazeras pits, and Superman and Doomsday are still fighting. After seeing Wonder Woman about to be killed by Doomsday, Superman gets mad and starts going all out. In a fight that mirrors that of the one in Death of Superman, both Superman and Doomsday kill each other at the same time.
The league is saddened by Superman's death, and the Guardians dedicate a monument to him due to his bravery, which represents what the Green Lanterns stand for. Sinestro, and his army, are arrested and sent to the prision planet for the rest of their lives. Martian Manhunter then nararates the end, and how the Justice League will remain allies and will come together again if needed.

Superman- Henry Cavill
Batman- Stephen Amell
Hal Jordan- Ryan Reynolds
Guy Gardener-Jim Carrey
Wonder Woman-Alexandria Dardario
Barry Allen-Josh Duhamel
Hawk Girl-Emma Watson
Plastic Man-Collin Donnell
Sinestro- Mark Strong
Ras Al Ghul-Jason Issacs
Martian Manhunter- Voice of Jude Law
Doomsday- Voice of Sylvester Stallone

Comment your thoughts and Happy Holidays from DannRamm113:)
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