JLA Fan-Cast Revised: No pre-casted actors, younger cast

JLA Fan-Cast Revised: No pre-casted actors, younger cast

After my first fancast I felt like it wasn't original enough and it was too short. So , I recasted and went with a younger approach.

I think Warner Bros. plan of rebooting all characters in a JLA movie is ridiculous. They must be seriously scared of something; I mean it's not too difficult to see why Marvel is on fire right now. This is coming from a DC guy-We need to step it up, because the Avengers are going to be huge. Marvel really knows what they're doing and I think it will pay off for them. However I also think it could hurt them a little. After Avengers comes out and does well, the average non CBM-goer, is not going to want to see Marvel solo films anymore. People will love the team aspect with the big stars and only want that. That’s probably when DC wants to come out with a team movie trying to make it bigger and more epic than the Avengers.

Now, if they really don't plan on using the Nolan Bats, Cambell's GL, or Snyder's Supes they could alienate tons of people and ruin a few franchises. A way to kind of lessen the damage would be to do smaller animated features (Bruce Timm) of all the JLA characters before a film, but even with that who knows who'll pick it up. Another way would be to go Lord of the Rings style: A 4 hour epic. Although even I think that’s way too long, it can give the director time to develop the characters ex: Barry Allen should have a giant inferiority complex about being on a team with Superman and WW because he thinks he just runs fast. It'll also give time for big fight sequences with multiple targets of action.

In a movie like this for a team origin I think they should use Braniac invading in a similar way to the JLU animated series used the White Martian invasion.

I think for the director they should go out and get a big name who knows how to direct and then a crew behind him that have blockbuster experience. I think if they won't get Nolan, they should maybe go after a guy like David Fincher, who is just a masterful director.
Director: David Fincher

Selected Works: Seven, Fight Club, Zodiac, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, The Social Network

My backup for director would be the Cohen Bros, who have had some pretty awesome movies as well. The Cohen Bros.

Selected Works: Fargo, The Big Lebowski, No Country For Old Men, Burn After Reading, True Grit

Cast: Since they want to reboot the cast I think they should go with a younger group because if they do three of these I don't want to see a 5o yr old Batman or GL. However when I started casting this I found out that there really aren't too many great young actors and the cast looked way too much like you were watching a CW 90210/Gossip Girl JLA so I changed my premise toward good actors who have a younger look or presence to them.

For Superman, the posterboy, I wanted to find a guy who just looks like a boy scout who can throw a punch. I liked this guy on Friday Night Lights a lot, I mean he killed it in a tough to deliver role. He still looks pretty young for his age but with the right make up I think he can deliver a great Superman.

Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman: Scott Porter

Selected Works: Friday Night Lights, The Good Wife, Prom Night, Bandslam, Speed Racer, Caprica, The Good Guy

For Batman i tried to find a guy who had a dark, kind of street feel. I actually thought he was ok in Smallville, it was just the writing and lame anti-climactic ending that made his run suck. But I think he is really great in the Star Wars Video Games and in Being Human. With maybe something to get rid of the paleness and some weight training he can definitely play Batman

Bruce Wayne/Batman: Sam Witwer

Selected Works: Being Human, SW-Force Unleashed Games, The Mist, Smallville, Gamer, Caprica

Ok, since this is only my 2nd attempt at fan-casting I’m giving myself these wild card picks, Matt Bomer and Jake Gyllenhaal as the backups for Batman-Bomer and Gyllenhaal-Superman. I actually really like the big dude from Social Network, Hammer, but he’d be too tall to work with the rest of the JLA picks.

Or: Batman-Bomer

Selected Works: White Collar, Now, Chuck, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning, Traveler, Flightplan (BTW- I know he'll be playing Wayne, but I used Grayson pictures because I'm a huge fan of the Morrison/Quietly comic)

Or: Superman:-Gyllenhaal

Selected Works: Source Code, Price of Persia, Love and Other Drugs, Donnie Darko, Jarhead, Day After Tomorrow, Zodiac, Brothers, Brokeb…(never mind)

For Green Lantern, I think the character should be brought straight out of Geoff Johns’ books that have been out the last few years. For Hal Jordan I think that you need a guy who be the Han Solo type character that every guy wants to be, but also have a conscience, and a vulnerability to him. This guy was really fantastic in my opinion in Star Trek and held his own with Denzel in Unstoppable.

Hal Jordan/Green Lantern: Chris Pine

Selected Works: Star Trek, Smokin’ Aces, Unstoppable, Carriers, Just My Luck, Small Town Saturday Night, Princess Diary 2

The Flash was actually a difficult pick for me. Originally I had Chris Pine as the Flash and Mike Fassbender as Hal. Flash would have been a lot easier if it was Wally, but I really wanted Barry as the Flash. For some reason it just feels right with him and the guy I chose brings a sense of humanity, which is one of Barry’s most important characteristics.

Barry Allen/The Flash: Benjamin Mckenzie

Selected Works: Southland, The O.C., Johnny Got His Gun, Junebug, Batman Year One(Voice), 88 Minutes, The Eight Percent

Wonder Woman is always a difficult choice. You want an actress who at least seems a bit tough, because Wonder Woman’s supposed to be badass, but you don’t want some MMA fighter looking chick. I picked her as WW before and I’m gonna do it again because she seems like she can really own the role.

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman: Serinda Swan

Selected Works: Breakout Kings, Tron:Legacy, Smallville, The Breakup Artist, Jinn, Percy Jackson, Psych

The Martian Manhunter is very important character. In a couple different incarnations of JL, the Martian Manhunter is the guy who brings it all together. It seems like everyone's got that scary dude from heroes or Jon Hamm as the guy. I wanted to go a bit more obscure. So I went with Paul Wesley. I’ve got to be honest-never watched anything he’s been in, but he’s got the young look and the weird head to be MM’s human disguise and possibly play a motion capture cgi’d Manhunter.

Jonn Jonzz/Martian Manhunter: Paul Wesley

Selected Works: The Vampire Diaries, Fallen, 24, Killer Movie, Elsewhere, Beneath The Blue, Cloud Nine

Hawkgirl is another character that after growing up with the JLU animated cartoons I think needs to be in the JLA movie. She’s got a fire inside and the key would be to get an actress who could hold it back and let loose at different times. I went with Piper Perabo, who does a great job in everything she’s in and I think she’d make a great Hawkgirl.

Shiara Hall/ Hawkgirl: Piper Perabo

Selected Works: Covert Affairs, Carriers, The Prestige, The Lazarus Project, Coyote Ugly, Ashes, Cheaper By the Dozen 1 and 2

Green Arrow is next on my list. GA is one of the coolest characters around, and he’s gotten into the public a bit because of Smallville. Their version is a bit like Batman, but the whole fight for the little guy, be the conscience for these super powered people is really his strong-suit. I had Bradley Cooper last time trying to be original, but the reason the guy I picked is the most popular fan favourite is because he is perfect for Ollie.

Oliver Queen/Green Arrow: Jensen Ackles

Selected Works: Supernatural, Smallville, Dark Angel, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Under the Red Hood (Voice), Ten Inch Hero

Black Canary is another great character. She has a lot of history with the JLA and she can kick some serious ass. A lot of people have the girl from Chuck as her, but I wanted to be a little more original. Then I realized the girl from Chuck has a certain look about her that matches the intensity Black Canary should have. She’s a serious fan favourite for the role because she’s perfect for it.

Dinah Lance/ Black Canary: Yvonne Strahovski

Selected Works: Chuck, Sea Patrol, I Love You Too, Matching Jack, Mass Effect Games (Voice)

Smaller Roles: Lois Lane: Rashida Jones

-Selected Work: The Social Network, I Love You Man, The Office, Parks and Recreation.

Jimmy Olson: Evan Peters –

Selected Work: Kick-Ass, Never Back Down, The Office, An American Crime

Carol Ferris: Sophia Bush

Selected Work: One Tree Hill, The Hitcher, John Tucker Must Die

Iris West-Allen: Kate Mara

Selected Work:Iron Man2,Shooter, Zoom

Villains: Brainiac: CGI plus Ralph Fiennes : Harry Potter

Villain Cameos or after credits –
Lex Luthor: Wentworth Miller: Prison Break, Law and Order

The Joker: Joseph Gordon-Levitt- Inception, 500 Days of Summer, GI Joe,

No idea who the girl is, she can be Harley though
Anyways I'll upload some of the other JLA members in a day or 2 hopefully,
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