Part 1 of a treatment for the JLA movie that exists in my head and some choices for the actors to play them.

I love DC and Marvel, but in my heart i'm a DC guy, and I hope eventually there can be a JLA movie, until then you get my ideas. I would really like David Goyer and Geoff Johns to work on the story, and then have Jonathan Nolan write it, and Chris Nolan direct, but my backup for director would be David Fincher.


The moon shines in the opening between the buildings that make up the skyline of the city...the shot slowly pushes in...A dark figure crosses with the moon behind him, giving him a silhouetted appearance: THE BATMAN.


{Chris Pine's a really good young actor, alot of people have him as GL or FLASh, but I think he's got a rare sort of heart, but could also play the playboy- so I picked him for Batman.Notable Films : STAR TREK, UNSTOPPABLE}

BATMAN is chasing a shadowed figure across a rooftop; maneuvering from one roof to the next...He speeds up to gain momentum for a bigger gap...BATMAN grabs something from his belt...OVERHEAD SHOT as he jumps over to the next rooftop. He lands...rolls...throws a batarang at the mysterious figure all in one motion, and keeps moving. Batarang hits the figure just as it was about to jump to the next roof... gives out an electric pulse from the batarang’s entry site at the mid-back. This causes us to get a look at his actual figure, about 7 and 1/2 feet tall and robotic.

Because the electric shot stopped its momentum, the figure is send dissenting through a window of the building it intended to jump onto the roof of. We now get our first good look at the face of the BATMAN, watching where the ROBOT went, and then quickly moving into the shadows.


The ROBOT already through the window crashes hard through the wall, revealing an empty, dark, corporate type office setup. THE ROBOT reaches back and pulls the electric batarang out of his back, camera follows as it brings up the weapon to his head. We get a look at 3 dots in triangular formation on its forehead (somewhat) area and to scan it, the 3 lights shine out from the top of its head. We see the BATMAN now, lurking in the shadows, watching this. He quickly moves from behind one wall to another. The ROBOOT hears this and it then angrily chucks the weapon at BATMAN, but it misses.

Now we get sort into of a suspenseful moment: Shots of BATMAN lurking, moving throughout the room, intercut with shots of the ROBOT, camera spinning around him, the room through its eyes- screen in red, it sees the cape hanging out from behind cover. Quickly the ROBOT transforms its right hand and it pulls into its arm, and circles, forming a wrist canon, it fires multiple shots at the cape...BATMAN without a cape comes in now and attacks from behind, jumping on the ROBOT, uses a batarang to pry open a box located on the ROBOT’s back, just about where the neck meets the back, and BATMAN then jams the batarang in, and it electrocutes the ROBOT, but before going down the ROBOT manages to throw BATMAN down, sending him through the air about 10 feet. BATMAN grabs his cape and investigates the ROBOT.

BATMAN: Let’s see about this one.

Quick cuts of him playing detective, tying up the robot, and then signaling something on his belt. He drags the ROBOT to the window it entered through, and then he comes and connects the metal rope to the batwing, and jumps in.


We get a giant waterfall, the camera slowly pushes in; the batwing comes in from off-screen left and crashes through the waterfall. ENTER: THE BATCAVE


The batwing lands...BATMAN exits...drags the ROBOT down to a surgery type table...takes his cowl off...puts the ROBOT down on the table...

BATMAN: Computer; Initiate Scan.

The CPU starts the scan, noises off—screen of an elevator arriving and opening. ALFRED PENNYWORTH comes out with some soup on a tray.

{I'd really love to see Michael Caine back but Timothy Dalton's as good a pick as any, he'd be able to play the right manor for the role.}

ALFRED(O.S):Evening, Master Bruce.

BATMAN: It’s “BATMAN” when I’m in the suit, Alfred.

Alfred steps up close to the main computer, where BATMAN is making his way. Over BATMAN’s shoulder the computer is scanning over the ROBOT, and then a model of it comes up on the main CPU. ALFRED sets the soup down at a small table on Batman’s side.

ALFRED: (Sarcasm)Of course it is, Sir.

Reaction shot of BATMAN smiling; you get a sense Alfred’s probably the only one who can get a smile out him. THE CPU says-

CPU: Scan complete.
BATMAN: Results on the metal?
CPU: Not a match to any known earth metal.
ALFRED: Another one, Sir?

Over BATMAN’s other shoulder, is a circular conveyer belt holding similar looking robots. However these are 4 ft. green-metal in color and are 3-legged with a head, as opposed to the humanoid styled silver and gray metallic colored.

BATMAN: Most likely Alfred, Computer; run it against Samples 1-10.

CPU: Partial-Match.

ALFRED: What do you think that means, Sir?

BATMAN: Well, this one’s different, Alfred; bigger, plus it has a humanoid shape, the control box was at the top of the back, metallic colored, and it transfigured its arm into a canon before I took it down.

ALFRED: Interesting, so this one was made on earth.

BATMAN: Computer; analyze the metal specifically.

CPU: Five different metals, one of which-identical to the extraterrestrial metal found in samples 1-10.

BATMAN: Ok, good, analyze the four others; look for a place of origin.

ALFRED: How would it know that?

BATMAN: I’m guessing the entity that’s creating these constructed it from earth metals mixed with its own metal supply, four different earth metals meshed into that one figure, it might have been recycled together and that means it might have been recorded somewhere.

CPU: Lexcorp Building 33.1, Metropolis.

ALFRED: Very impressive, Sir.

BATMAN: I try...
(Turns around in his chair, faces Alfred)

ALFRED: Interesting, if the entity that’s creating these “drones” is based in Metropolis, do you think it has any connection to that red and blue her—

BATMAN: We don’t know what “he” is. From what I’ve gathered, he’s extraterrestrial as well.

ALFRED: Then what’s our next move?

BATMAN: Well Alfred, isn’t BRUCE WAYNE due for a trip to Metropolis?

The camera follows the floor to show the logo of the Central City Police Department...we get a man’s feet running hard in the opposite direction. The man is revealed to be FORREST,

{Not a big part but a nice little cameo for the comic fans.}


{Allison is a decent actress, and I think she's right for the part. I'm a big fan of the comics since Flash:Rebirth, so I had to include Patty. She's a huge part in the New 52 as well. }

And he opens the door to the crime lab, revealing BARRY ALLEN and PATTY SPIVOT lab coat and goggles on, working on fingerprinting of bullet casings. ALLEN sees him, greets him nicely-


{Ben is another good young actor, I really like the guy in Southland, and to me he just screams Barry Allen; my favourite Flash. }

ALLEN: How’s a ‘going Forr-

FORREST: Barry! Where have you been all morning? Chief Frye wanted to see you 30 minutes ago!
(ALLEN throws off this lab coat in a frenzy.)

PATTY: Is Barry always this late, Forrest?

FORREST: Well, yeah unfor-

ALLEN:(Smiling)Don’t answer that.
(ALLEN now, is running out the door- Goggles still on-)

PATTY: Uh, Barry!?
(ALLEN turns back. )

ALLEN: Yeah?

PATTY points to her eyes, signaling to ALLEN that his goggles are still on.


He throws them at FORREST and then keeps on going out the door.

FORREST: I hope the kid’s got some speed.

ALLEN gets to the door of FRYE’S office, adjusts his tie, and is about to walk in when he sees a green note on the door saying- see you on the roof.

Allen sighs.


The door to the roof swings open and while talking Allen hurriedly comes out... he closes the door, and turns-
ALLEN: Sorry I’m late...(Sees no one on the roof) Chief?

ALLEN confused, hears a voice above him that startles him at first.
VOICE (O.S.: You know Barry,

We now get a good look at the GREEN LANTERN, slowly coming down from above.

{So, the GL movie was not very good, it wasn't his fault, he actually made the movie sufferable and he deserves another-real-shot at GL, Hal Jordan is also my favourite GL, even though I didn't grow up with him, I love the comics since Rebirth.}

GREEN LANTERN(CONT.): For a guy who can move faster than anyone, you sure took your time getting up here.

ALLEN: Sorry, to disappoint...how’d you get me up here anyway?

GL holds his fist up, showing ALLEN the ring.

ALLEN(CONT.): Right, forgot how useful that thing could be.

GREEN LANTERN: More useful than just holding your suit.

ALLEN: Well you got me there, but hey do you mind-

GREEN LANTERN: -Powering down?

GL lands and removes his ring; the energy suit fades into street clothes: HAL JORDAN.

ALLEN: Yeah, wouldn’t want anybody making another connection. The last time-

JORDAN: That annoying reporter lady somehow got a picture, and her story out.

ALLEN(Embarrassed- he’s dating her: Iris West, yeah...totally annoying.

JORDAN: Wait, you and her?

ALLEN: Not important, Hal. What brought you out to Central City?

JORDAN:Wondering if you’ve got anything yet on the robot I left with you.

ALLEN:Well, not really, it’s only been a few days and I have to work on it nights, when no one else is around.

JORDAN:Right, right, I forgot about your “slow” reputation.

ALLEN:Hey, I’m not slow, I’m thorough.
(JORDAN chuckles, ALLEN continues)Look, all I’ve really gathered so far is that it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen, most likely alien, more...your area.

JORDAN: Yeah, but since the ring didn’t have much to say I figured you’d help.
(ALLEN gives him a look, JORDAN continues-)Alright, well, look I took a new one down this morning back in Coast City; this one was different, bigger.

JORDAN shows ALLEN a model similar to the robot BATMAN took down in the last scene; it projects out from his ring. ALLEN carefully looks at it.

ALLEN: It’s got more of a humanoid shape.

JORDAN: Exactly, plus the ring had something on this one- synthesized of extraterrestrial and earth metals, traced it to Metropolis.

ALLEN: Then what are we still doing here?
{END OF PART 1, BTW I'm always seeing great fan-art on this site so it'd be cool if someone would want to storyboard/draw this}
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