JLA:the comedy!! fan cast

So I'm taking a bit of a break from the Marvel vs DC cast, don't worry my next fancast will be part two of Marvel vs DC, anyway so what if the JLA was a comedy?

Rob Lowe as Superman/Clark Kent. Ever seen Parks & Recreation? Super funny show, & in it Rob Lowe plays this super up beat guy who's kind of a health nut, he's be so funny as Supes.

Steve Carrel as Batman/Bruce Wayne. He'd just be so awesome, no explantion needed, he'd pretty much just play Agent Michael Scarn from the Office.

Dwight K--Rain Wilson as Robin/Dick Grayson. In the Office, Rain plays as Steve Carrel's number two, Rain's character Dwight looks up to Steve's character Michael & wants Michael to be proud of him...also he's kinda crazy. That's how Robin should be.

Jack Black as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan. He'd be so funny as a misunderstood pilot who finds a dying pink alian. Whats kinda funny is my Uncle Shakka (dont ask) looks like a cross between Ryan Reynolds & Jack Black. But thats not really important...

Craig Robinson as Green Lantern/John Stewart. He'd basically just play the same character like he did in the Office, I think him & Jack Black would be so funny together.

Amy Poeler as Wonder Woman/Dianna Prince. She's really funny in Parks & recreation, I'd want her to play that same character.

Creed Bratton as Green Arrow/Oliver Queen. One of the most underrated characters on the Office, he's so just so weird. He'd be awesome as Oliver Queen.

Adam Scott as Aquaman/Authur Curry. He plays such a loser in Parks & Recreations, he always has the logical idea but everyone shoots him down, just like Aquaman.

Jonah Hill as the Flash/Barry Allen. I think Flash in this sorta comedy should be this young dorky hero, thats the kinda character that Jonah Hill can play, he'd be hilarious.


Alec Baldwin as Lex Luthor. His character in 30 Rock is exactly how he would play lex Luthor, ego maniac, smart, cunning, ect. He'd be great as Rob Lowe's opposite.

Ken Joang as Thaal Sinestro. This guy is hilarious in Community, such a creeper & I can really picture him like being the guy on the Injustce League who just weirds everyone else.

Jim Carrey as Joker. Its Jim Carrey guys! He's one of the funniest guys in Hollywood, forget about him as the Riddler, this would be awesome!

John Goodman as Darkseid. A lot want him as Kingpin, I can see that, but he's also really funny guy, he's in both 30 Rock & Community, where he plays character that are a little too nice, he'd make a funny yet menacing Darkseid.
Well thats it, JLA:the Comedy.
Have an awesome day!!
--Summer T
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