JOLT17's Movie Poster for BattlinMurdock's SPIDER-MAN Short Film Saga!

<b>JOLT17's</b> Movie Poster for <b>BattlinMurdock's</b> SPIDER-MAN Short Film Saga!

Check out the newest poster for BattlinMurdock's Spider-Man series, collectively called In The Eight Months, produced by the famed Bobby Fernando!

Been a bit since I've thrown a little Spidey action at you folks, but I'm quite pleased to publicly reveal Jolt17's Spider-Man poster for my collected series here!

The saga takes place in 6 short films that follow Peter Parker as world-famous superhero Spider-Man in between the events of Speak of the Devil and Born Again, the last two installments in my Hell's Kitchen Trilogy featuring Daredevil.

You can check out the poster below, along with the first script of the series. To read all the short films, just go here.

Spider-Man: Autopilot

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