Just a few random Castings I would love to see

These are just some castings I would love to see happen.

Well lets get started.

Sam Witwer as ALTAIR
Assassin's Credd

Sam is mostly known for his work in STAR WARS The Force Unleashed games and the US version of Being Human. I think he would be awesome as Altair in a movie version of Assassin's Creed. He could play Desmond Miles but I'm not sure about Ezio.

Franky G as KRATOS
God of War

I have only seen Franky G in The Italian Job which was only very brief I have heard he was in one of the SAW movies which I have never seen but he really has the look for KRATOS and has the look of a Spartan.

Karl Urban as JOHN MARSTON
Red Dead Redemption

Urban would be awesome in this role and this would be an awesome movie there is never enough Western's in my opinion.

Joe Flanigan as NATHAN DRAKE
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Joe really looks alot like Drake and I think he could play the part but Nathan Fillion would be great too.

Jon Hamm as Bruce Wayne/BATMAN

Hamm would be great as the new BATMAN in the post Nolan BATMAN movies. I know lots of people wanted Hamm to play Superman but I really couldn't picture him as Supes but as BATMAN he would kick ass big time.

Sir Patrick Stewart as Mr Freeze

I have always wanted to see this casting Stewart would be amazing as Mr Freeze and would help wipe away the memory of Arnie's terrible version.

Gerard Butler as KRAVEN THE HUNTER
Amazing Spider-Man sequel

I would love to see Butler hunting SPIDER-MAN.

Sam Rockwell as THE JOKER

It is sad that we will never see Ledger bring us another incredible JOKER performance, but a post Nolan BATMAN series needs a JOKER and Sam is my pick.

Kevin Durand as LOBO

Kevin is the only guy to do it in my opinion.

Billy Zane as LEX LUTHOR

Zane is so perfect for this role it would be a shame for it not to happen.

Craig Fairbrass as Frank Castle/THE PUNISHER

Craig is my pick for the MARVEL STUDIOS PUNISHER and he has that hard as nails look Frank needs.

Javier Bardem as Kit Walker/THE PHANTOM

Bardem would make one hell of a PHANTOM.
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