Just X-Men

Just X-Men

With Marvel making so many movies today, I wanted to play around a bit and let everyone know who I would like as X-Men. No particular movie, just my favorite characters...

For starters, I wanted to cast Nathan Summers/Cable. Obviously whoever portrayed him would have to be an older person. On top of that, he has to be pretty big (6'8"). At first I thought Bruce Willis but I decided to go with Michael Biehn. He plays a good soldier in Aliens, he was awesome in Tombstone, and he's the freaking dad of John Connor!

Next is Cyclops/Scott Summers. I liked James Marsden portraying Cyclops. The only thing I want is for them not to make him such a wuss with no story. I mean he is the leader of the X-Men for a reason. He's a soldier and he's just doesn't get the credit I think he deserves.

Next on my list is Domino/Neena Thurman. I know she was never really an X-Man but she is X affiliated. And for this casting I chose Lena Headey. She's a tough number as Sarah Connor and I think she would be able to pull it off.

My next character is Cannonball/Sam Guthrie. Originally, I didn't think he was the best character in the world until I saw him battle it out with Gladiator about 10+ years ago and from that point I started to like him as an X-Man. For this choice I went with Wes Chatham (The Unit). He is not a well known actor but I think he would be a good fit for the southern mutant.

One of my favorite X-Men is Iceman/Bobby Drake and I don't think Sean Ashmore did him justice. He was an okay casting but I would rather see Joseph Gordon-Levitt portray the teams prankster. Levitt is an all around good actor to me.

For Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner I decided to change Alan Cumming. Although he did a good job, I wanted to go with Alan Tudyk. He was good in Firefly/Serenity and in 28 days, he played a character with a German accent and would fill Wagner's shoes quite nicely. Just dye his hair, paint him blue and you have Nightcrawler.

My next pick is Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde. When X3 was made, I know they were going for a younger Shadowcat but I think they should fast forward and make her a little older. Ellen Page was okay as Kitty but I want to go with Mila Kunis.

One of my favorite female characters has always been Psylocke/Betsy Braddock. There were a few choices I had with this character. At first I wanted to go with Kelly Hu but she already had the Lady Deathstrike character so I nixed that idea. Then I thought about Stephanie Jacobson (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), but ultimately I decided on Grace Park. I like her as the ninja assassin.

And now for Colossus/Peter Rasputin. Another character that if you wanted to use a bad actor with few lines (Daniel Cudmore) you could just fill with a tall muscle-bound guy but I would like him to have a few more words in the movie (damn you Bret Rattner). So for this choice I went with Karl Urban since there is a pretty good chance he will not helm the Thor mantle. Plus, he was a convincing Russian in the Bourne Supremecy.

Next on my list is Havok/Alex Summers. He is an all-around cool character and as much as I like Cyclops, he is the cooler brother. I wanted to go with Sean William Scott at first but I just don't think he could pull off a more serious role so instead I went with Justin Hartley. I know he's currently the Green Arrow on Smallville but that show will eventually end.

Archangel/Warren Worthington III is my next X-Man I have always liked. I still think Paul Walker can pull off the wealthy winged mutant of the bunch.

Up now is The White Queen/Emma Frost. I thought about using Ali Larter but ultimately I decided to go with Trisha Helfer because I think she would be better at pulling off the conceided and snobbish role of the X-Men. Plus, to me she seems more mature for the role.

Now for the newest team member, Armor/Hisako Ichiki. I went with Devon Aoki for this role because I am growing to like Armor and her cool mutant power and Aoki seems like the type to kick some serious butt.

For my last X-affiliated character I choose Multiple Man/Jamie Madrox. I liked their original pick in X3 and for some reason I think it would be cool to multiply yourself. But I would rather go with Brian Austin Green (yeah I said it) for this role. Not for his work in 90210 but for his portrayal of Derek Reese in the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

There you have it. That is my casting for characters (fictional) in the X-Universe. Feel free to nit-pick and bash (because I know its coming) but that's who I choose unless there is someone better for the role.
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