Justice League 2015 Fancast

Justice League 2015 Fancast

Here's my fancast for the upcoming Justice League movie.

Justice League 2015

BATMAN - Armie Hammer
He is 6'5''. This would help to make Batman an imposing figure among all of the other super powered heroes even though he is just a human. I also think that Hammer has the prominent jawline required to play Batman and he could play the billionaire playboy, Bruce Wayne, extremely well.

SUPERMAN - Henry Cavill
Man of Steel is shaping up to be a great comic book movie. Not only did I keep him here for continuity's sake, but I also think that he will play a great Superman. The only quesion I have is that he is much smaller than Hammer which may cause a problem, but I'm sure different camera angles and CGI can fix this pretty easily.

WONDER WOMAN - Gina Carano
Wonder Woman needs to be able to hold her own on this male dominated team. I think the MMA fighter turned actress would more than hold her own. She has the body and the look to play Wonder Woman, and I think that anyone who has seen Haywire will agree with me.

Green Lantern - Ryan Reynolds
I didn't just keep him here for continuity. I know that Green Lantern was not well received by the general public. However, I do think that Reynolds played Hal Jordan perfectly, he just didn't have a great script or villain to work with. I think that a sequel with Sinestro being the main villain would be a much better movie.

FLASH - ???
I didn't want to cast Chris Pine or Bradley Cooper just like everyone else does in their fancasts. If anyone has any suggestions on actors who could play the Scarlet Speedster leave them in the comments section.

GREEN ARROW - Charlie Hunnam
I think that using Green Arrow in this movie would be a good idea, because they can capitalize off of the popularity of the new CW show, Arrow. I think that Hunnam could play a great Green Arrow. Although he is not well known, the Sons of Anarchy actor is a great actor and he looks just like Oliver Queen.

I was orginally going to cast Elba as Jon Stewart, but then I decided to use him as Martian Manhunter instead. I have really come to like Elba as an actor. I think that he was great in Thor as Heimdall and as the pilot Janek in the (IMO) disappointing Prometheus. I know that Martian Manhunter would have to be mostly CGI, but I think that they could model the Manhunter's face after Elba's much like what The Avengers did with Mark Ruffalo and the Hulk. Go back and watch Thor and when Elba comes on as Heimdall, just close your eyes and listen to him talk. I promise you will think of Martian Manhunter!

AQUAMAN - Josh Holloway
I saved Aquaman for last, because I think that he will be the toughest character to bring on screen, but if they do it right he could be great. The Aquaman comics have been one of the highlights of the New 52 (along with Batman of course). I think that Aquaman is a great character that has just had a bad reputation among the general public as of late. Even though he is AQUAman, he is still very formidable on land thanks to his superior strenght and speed. If he is done right, I think that Aquaman could be a real surprising treat of the Justice League movie much like Mark Ruffalo's Hulk was in The Avengers. I chose Josh Holloway mostly because he looks like Aquaman. If anyone has any suggestions for a better Aquaman (not Alexander Skaarsgard) leave them in the comments!

I hope you guys liked my Fan Cast! This is my first one and I can't wait to make more! Please leave any comments in the comments section.
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