Justice League Fan cast

Justice League Fan cast

Come check out my Justice League fan cast!!!

I'd tried to bring some fresh faces and some familiar ones, I would love to see the Tower of Babel turned into a film but, for right now here are the heroes as I would like to see on the big screen!

Henry Cavill as SUPERMAN
From the teaser we've seen I think Henry is going to be great!

Paul Wesley as BATMAN
A lot of you guys bash Vampire Diaries but Paul does a great job of dealing with a "darker side" and with doing what is right.

Alexandra Daddario as WONDER WOMAN
She did a pretty good job in Percy Jackson, and looks the part!

Liam Hemsworth as GREEN LANTERN (Guy Gardner)
If he can do what his brother did with THOR, it would be sweet.

Charlie Hunnam as GREEN ARROW
He has the look for sure, I havent seen much of his work, but I think he can pull it off for sure.

Joe Manganiello as HAWKMAN
Joe does a great job in TRUE BLOOD and he expressed interest in playing a superhero.

Jansen Ackles as THE FLASH
Im very surprised he wasnt casted as a superhero yet, I love SUPERNATURAL and I think he would make a great Flash.

Liam Neeson as MARTIAN MANHUNTER (voice only)
I would make his character CGI and have Liam's voice bring him to life.

Like I said, Im working on a story and Villians but this is a preview of what's to come!!!
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