Justice League Fan Story

Justice League Fan Story

My fan story, it's my first so don't be brash, oh and i wrote it after TDKR, so yeah, It's based after Superman Returns, TDKR and The Green Lantern

Setting- Daily Planet, Clark is typing on his computer
Lois- (comes to his desk) Hey clark
Clark/Superman- oh, hey Lois, what’s up?
Lois-Nothing, what are you working on?
Clark/Superman- nothing really, Bruce Wayne is going to have some sort of charity in metropolis and the chief wants me to be there to write about it
Lois- oh, really? (Starts to walk off)
Clark/Superman- hey, Lois
Lois- yes?
Clark/Superman- if you want to, he said I could invite a guest with me, and if you want I was thinking
Lois- of course I’ll go with you
Clark/Super- Really? Then it’s a date
Lois- alright, pick me up at 7
Clark/Superman- alright
Lois walks off and Clark smiles in success
Clark looks out his windows where there’s a bank robbery
Clark runs off
Scene cuts to the robbery
Robber1- alright everyone down
Robber2- (comes in) the cops are out there
Robber1- like they’re gonna do anything
Superman lands through the roof and everyone cheers
Clark/Superman- you know, my job would be a lot easier if you people would just remember that Superman lives here
Superman- yes, I just said that
Robber2- (shoots him)
Bullet bounces off
Superman- alright, let’s make this easy, I’ll count to three and you two better get out of here, 1
Robber1- (shoots)
Superman- 2
Superman- 3 (uses freeze breath on both them)
Both try to move but can’t
Superman – (goes to the cops) don’t worry, I got them
Cops storm in and put handcuffs on the two
Cop- thank you superman, you did it again
Superman- no problem, things have been pretty boring lately
Chief- and it will stay that way (walks off)
Superman- I hope so
Beginning credits
Lex Corp, Luthor is sitting at his desk near his window
The phone starts ringing
Lex-(answers) hello
Secretary- Mr. Luthor, a man by the name of Jones is here to see you
Lex- yes, tell him to come in
Jones/ manhunter- (comes in) hello mr. Luthor
Lex-please, just call me Lex, your name is?
Jones/manhunter- Jone Jones
Lex- well, that’s a very funny name
Jones/Manhunter- what do you mean
Lex- your first name is the same as your last, except without the s, is that your real name
Jone/Manhunter- I assure you that it is
Lex- interesting
Jone/Manhunter- well, I didn’t come here to discuss names, I came here to discuss the charity with you
Lex- oh yes, Mr. Wayne’s charity for the air force, of course
Jone/Manhunter- well, you’re his biggest sponsor and everything, I work for Wayne enterprises and everything, are you seeking anything from him?
Lex- of course not, I genuinely do care about the airforce
Sees a snow globe on Luthor’s desk that says Kandor on it
Jone/Manhunter- alright, by the way what is that snow globe on your desk doing
Lex- that, that is nothing
Jone/manhunter- alright (walks off)
Lex- (picks up the ring and looks at it) nothing at all
Batcave, batman is at his computer
Alfred- Mr. Wayne
Bruce/Batman- yes Alfred
Alfred- are you still looking at videos of that green man again?
Bruce/Batman- yes, I was looking at the yellow cloud closely, it seemed as if though it had a face or something
Alfred- a face on a cloud, it must have been some sort of formation, leave it alone, you have a charity in Metropolis to get going to, and plus the lovely Dianna will be waiting for you
Bruce/Batman- yes, yes she will
Alfred leaves
Bruce/Batman- What is that ring doing, that’s impossible
Barry is at his apartment on his couch watching TV
Iris comes in
Barry- so did you get the story?
Iris- no some idiot from the daily planet in metropolis got it
Barry/Flash- oh well you know, home town nepotism I guess
Iris- I’m not in the mood Barry
Barry/Flash- Iris, just because you didn’t get one story doesn’t mean you’re not a good reporter, in fact, I think you’re the best (kisses Iris)
Iris- Barry, it isn’t just that it’s, I wanted to have an excuse to have a weekend with you and I thought getting a full paid trip to metropolis, with just me and you in the same room, the fancy beautiful place that Bruce is having his charity at, the same room, you and i
Barry/Flash- you know what, we’re going to metropolis, and I will get you in the Charity
Iris- we won’t be on the list
Barry/Flash- trust me, I can get us in, so get ready to pack your bags
Iris- alright, I’ll starts now (goes out to her apartment)
Barry- yes
Hal’s apartment, Carol is packing things
Carroll- Remember, this isn’t a date, I just need you as a guest
Hal/GL- say whatever you want, I am still considering this a date
Carol- Take this seriously, we’re representing Ferris aircraft
Hal/GL- yeah, I thought this was some sort of charity for the air force
Carol- yeah and we test the planes they ride in
Hal/GL- so who’d you say was in charge of this anyways?
Carol- Bruce Wayne
Hal/GL- ha, I saw that guy on the news the other day, he seems like a complete idiot
Carol- well that idiot is responsible for the billions of dollars that are going towards us, not to mention he is kind handsome
Hal/GL- when you say kind of- do you mean-
Carol- oh I think you know exactly what I mean
Hal/GL- no, I really don’t
Carol- oh well
Hal/GL- doesn’t he live in Gotham?
Carol- yeah so
Hal/GL- isn’t it where that bat guy wanders around, what if it’s him?
Carol- I seriously doubt that it’s him
Bat cave, Bruce is busy taking off his batman suit and into a suit
Alfred- you are looking very nice master Wayne
Bruce/Batman- thank you Alfred, I’m just afraid that Gotham will need me while I’m gone
Alfred- you have nothing to worry about Bruce, nothing has happened since Bane
Bruce/Batman- (bell starts ringing) that must be Dianna, make sure nothing happens to the bat cave while I’m gone (walks off)
Bruce opens the door to his mansion with Dianna at the front door
Bruce- while if it isn’t the Beautiful and Gorgeous Dianna Prince
Dianna/WW- nice to see Wayne
Bruce/BB- (looks at his watch) well we should probably start heading off
Dianna- ok, let me just take my stuff and we’ll head down to the train station
Bruce/BB- please, I have a private plane that can take us there
Dianna/WW- well why aren’t you fancy?
Bruce/BB- well, when you have all that money, you got spend it on a few things (both go onto the plane)
Metropolis, Clark is walking down the street with Lois
Clark/SM- that was some day at the planet, right?
Lois- well you know, well just daily life at the daily planet
Clark/SM- yeah, you know what, it is really late
Lois- what you scared?
Clark/SM- yeah, you never know what kind of people are here at night
A man runs by and grabs Lois’s purse and runs off
Clark/SM- like that
Lois- hey you come back here
Clark/SM- Hey Lois, you just stay there, I’ll handle this (runs off)
Lois- Clark! What are you doing? That man is insane
Clark goes into a phone booth and dress in to his superman costume
Dianna and Bruce are walking down
Bruce/BB- so what did I tell you, is this not a great city or what?
Diann/WW- this is a gorgeous town, but you played it up a little bit
Bruce/BB- well, would you have come here if I told you this place was just alright?
Dianna/WW- you’re right I guess
The mugger runs past them
Bruce/BB- man with a purse and a mask on, Dianna you stay here
Dianna/WW- Bruce?
Bruce runs off
Mugger is in an ally checking through her purse
Mugger- this lady doesn’t have anything, whatever, I still have her card though
A batarang come out and nearly misses the mugger
Mugger- what the-
Batman comes up and starts beating him up
Batman- where did you get that purse
Mugger- let go of me
Batman- (shoves him toward the wall) tell me, where did you get it?
Mugger- get off.
Superman flies
Clark/SM- hey let go of him
Bruce/BM- who the heck are you?
Clark/SM- I’m going to be the one who puts you in prison if you don’t let go of that man
Bruce/BM- (Drops him) this guy is getting what a criminal deserves
Clark/SM- that’s not how we treat them in metropolis
Batman/BM- this isn’t any of your business
Clark/SM- well this is my city and I won’t have some vigilante coming in
Bruce/Batman- alright, (tosses the purse) find whoever this belongs to
Clark/SM- I know this person pretty well (turns around) oh and don’t ever let me (turns back)
Batman has already left
Clark/SM- weird
Mugger- what are you going to do to me?
Clark/SM- (Takes the mugger and twist a pole around him) stay (flies off)
Bruce walks back to Dianna
Dianna- and where were you
Bruce/BM- I had some unfinished business to take care of, let’s go to the hotel
Hal and carol are in the hotel lobby
Hal/GL- I’m just saying you can save a lot less money if you would’ve just have one room
Carol- yeah but that would require being in the same room as you
Hal/GL- I don’t see what the problem there is
Carol- we’re staying in separate rooms alright
Hal/GL- your money, not mine
Barry and Iris come in
Barry- alright, so we’re staying in the same room right
Carol- yep (kisses him and walks off)
Hal/GL- what the crap
Barry- (sits down next to Hal) so, you staying here
Hal/GL- no, I thought I would just come into this hotel for no reason other than to look at the lobby
Barry/Flash- ha
Hal/GL- sorry, that was rude of me, my name is Hal Jordan, Test Pilot
Barry/Flash- Barry Allen, Forensic Scientist
Hal/GL- oh so, you work with the police and stuff
Barry/Flash- yeah, so Mr. Jordan, what brings you all the way out here?
Hal/GL- the lady over there was invited to some stupid charity thing and she needed to bring a guest, and she acts like it was nothing inviting me, but I know otherwise, what about you?
Barry/Flash- My girlfriend over there and I are going to get into the charity thing
Hal/GL- cool
Iris- (comes in) Barry, let’s head to the room
Barry/Flash- alright, nice talking to you (shake hands and leaves with Iris)
Hal/GL- what a weirdo
A bunch of people start heading toward the door with cameras
Bruce is walking in with Dianna
Bruce/BM- people please, I’m just trying to get to my hotel room
Reporter- so, mr. Wayne, what is it like holding you charity for the air force here at metropolis?
Dianna- all will be answered at the charity (shoves reporter out of the way and walk)
Bruce and Dianna walk out of the crowd
Bruce/BM- stupid paparazzi
Hal is sitting and Carol comes towards him
Carol- alright, I already got your room, get your things and get ready
Hal/GL- the thing doesn’t start til later
Carol- well, I want to get there early
Hal/GL- You know when they say the early bird gets the worm, my dog had worms one time and it wasn’t pretty
Carol- just go
Both start heading toward their separate hotel rooms
Jone walks into Hal

Hal/GL- hey watch it
Jone/MH- that’s an interesting looking ring you have there
Hal/GL- yeah and its about to go through your skull if you don’t apologize
Jone/MH- my mistake, sorry, where did you get it
Hal/GL- jewelry store
Jone/MH- a grown man buying himself jewelry?
Hal/GL- it’s none of your business, walk off buddy
Jone/MH- yes sir, a pleasure meeting you (walks off)
Hal/GL- seriously, what kind of people live in this city
Lois’ apartment, Clark knocks at the door and Lois opens it for him
Lois- oh Clark, hello
Clark- sorry, I hope I’m not too early
Lois- ah, don’t worry you’re fine
Clark/SM- so, what do you want to do before we leave, want to go get dinner or something?
Lois- they’ll have food at the thing
Clark/SM- oh yeah, that’s right
Lois- bad news, I heard that Luthor is going to be there
Clark/SM- oh, well, I’m sure he’s paid his debt to society
Lois- yeah, I’m just curious on how he got off of that island
Clark/SM- rescue boat I guess, we should probably get going now
Lois- alright, just let me get my purse and we can go, I already got a sitter for my kid so (walks into her room)
Clark/SM- (picks up a picture of her and another man) just to think, she almost married you
Lois- (comes back in) alright I’m ready
Clark and Lois go out
The charity, people are wearing fancy clothes and dresses
Bruce has his arm around Dianna
Dianna/WW- so what’s it feel like with to have all of these people at your event?
Bruce/BM- I have had more
Clark and Losi walk up to them
Clark/SM- hello MR. Wayne, it’s a real pleasure to meet you, I am Clark Kent and I work at the Daily Planet, and I’m here to interview you
Bruce/BM- first off, just call me Bruce, and let’s get a table for four and you can talk to me all you want
Clark/SM- alright
Walk off to a table
Jone/MH- if that is who I think it is then (goes up to Bruce) Master Wayne
Bruce/BM- Jone, nice to see you as always, have you met Dianna?
Jone/MH- no, it is nice to meet you
Dianna/WW- nice to meet you as well
Jone/MH- (takes Bruce aside) sir, I have talked to Luthor
Bruce/BM- and have you found out anything?
Jone/MH- I have found just enough
Bruce/BM- well, you can tell me later, I have to go talk to these (gets back to Clark) fine people here, just enjoy yourself
Jone/MH- I will try (walks off and bumps into Lex) hello Mr. Luthor
Lex- yes, John is it?
Jone/MH- Jone
Lex- oh yes, so how is everything?
Jone/MH- very well
Lex- good, you know I am getting very uncomfortable with all of these people, I’m going to my room
Jone/MH- you could just go out the door
Lex- well, I forgot something in my room
Jone/MH- what
Lex- it’s nothing important
Jone/MH- if it isn’t important, then why go all the way to your hotel room to get it?
Lex- I’m going (walks off)
Lex’s hotel room
A man in the shadow is sitting down
Lex- you?
Man- yes, Luthor, it is me
Lex- How did you get in here?
Man- that isn’t important, what is important is that we made a deal
Lex- alright, just give me the stuff
Man- very well then
Gives him a suitcase full of Kryptonite
Man- I give you that, and you help me
Lex- (kneels down) yes sir
Man gets out of shadows to reveal himself to be Brainiac
Brainiac- now go to your party, I want to enjoy myself alone
Lex- understood (walks out with his suit case)
Bruce at the table with Clark, Dianna, and Lois
Bruce- so Mister Kent, tell me about yourself
Clark- well I’m really supposed to be interviewing you
Lois- just tell him
Clark- well, I am from smallville, Kansas, I was adopted by two lovely people, Jonathan and Martha Kent, and I was raised on a farm. And I work at the daily planet
Bruce/BM- interesting, now Ms. Lane tell us about you
Lois- well, I was raised here in metropolis, I love my job, I have a kid and I almost married a man named Richard
Dianna- did you break it off?
Lois- well yeah
Bruce/BM- what for
Lois- love
Bruce- Clark?
Clark- no, Superman
Bruce- oh, you mean that big blue boy scout
Clark/SM- excuse me?
Bruce- well he wears a lot of blue and everything and he plays a lot by the rules
Clark/SM- and what is wrong with that?
Bruce/BM- nothing, if you want your city to keep filling up with crime
Clark/SM- well Mr. Gotham city, that Bat Guy isn’t doing that great of a job either
Bruce/BM- well maybe if he had super powers, things wouldn’t be so bad
Security comes holding Iris and Barry
Guard- sir, these two snuck in without being invited, what do you want me to do with
Bruce/Wayne- first off, what makes you think that these are the only two here that snuck in? Second off, let them stay, they don’t look lik they’re hurting anyone
Barry- yeah, listen to the rich guy.
Security- whatever you say sir (lets them go and walks off)
Barry- thank you Mr.Wayne, we’ll be getting out of your hair right now
Bruce/BM- don’t be silly, stay. Sit with us
Dianna- yeah sure, let everyone sit with us
Bruce/BM- don’t be rude
Iris- thank you very much (sit down)
Jone/MH- (comes in) sir, may I sit with you all
Bruce- sure Jone, just pull a seat
Jone- (pulls out a seat and sits down)
Clark/SM-getting a little crowded isn’t it?
Bruce/BM- nonsense, in fact, I’m going to make the announcements right now
Bruce gets infront on a stand and speaks into a microphone
Bruce- attention everyone, tonight I want everyone to know, that tonight is about something bigger than ourselves, some of the people who protect our country from incredible threats, the US airforce. As we all know, the airforce flies around in those jets, but where do you think the money for those come from? Tonight we will be raising money for the jets that they ride in, and here tonight to except a check from our very own Mr. Lex Luthor, Carol Ferris, a certified Test Pilot
Carol- (takes the check) thank you Mr. Wayne, me and my partner, Hal Jordan over here are happy that you have taken so much time to organize this whole thing for our people, and that men like you make our world a better place (walks off)
Hal/GL- (whispers in her ear) what, you couldn’t think of anything better than that?
Carol- I was the one speaking
Both walk off
Bruce/BM- thank you Mrs. Ferris, and I think we should give a warm welcome to Mr. Lex Luthor
Lex- (steps to podium) thank you Mr. Wayne (keeps talking on)
Jone goes up to Hal
Jone- may I please have a word with you?
Hal/GL- alright, I’ll let you see my ring again
Jone/MH- no it isn’t that, It’s Luthor
Hal/GL- what, he’s giving a lot of money
Jone/MH- He’s up to something, and I know that you are one of the people that can help stop him
Hal/GL- and you know this how?
Jone/MH- I know about the ring, I know about the Green lanter Corps , I know everything Mr. Jordan
Hal/Gl- no seriously, how do you know any of this stuff
Jone/MH- I saw your fight with Parallax, your amazing power might just be enough
Hal/GL- what do you think it is?
Jone/MH- I’m not sure
Lex- oh and everyone, I would like to introduce you to one of my newer Colleagues
Brainiac comes up with a trench coat and takes it off and starts shooting beams at people
People start running off
Brainiac- STAY
People stop
Brainiac- Kneel
People starts kneeling down
Clark/SM- (runs off and takes his suit off with his superman costume on)
Brainiac- you people of Earth, I see you, and you run around helpless, and afraid, no more, I won’y let you all live on like this, you all will be destroyed. Anyone who wants to stand in my way is allowed to object, but be careful what you say
Hal/GL- (gets up) I’m not afraid of you, whatever you are
Brainiac- of course, the brave human, and give me one reason not to destroy you
Hal/GL- People like you make me sick (shoots a green blast out of his ring)
Everyone runs out
Brainiac- (dodges it and punches Jordan through a wall)
Hal gets back up dashes and a fist appears out of his ring and hits Brainiac
Brainiac absorbs the blow
Hal/GL- tough guy aren’t you?
Clark/SM- he is isn’t he?
Hal/GL- hey Mr.Underwear Model, I’ve got this
Clark/SM- yeah and you’re doing such a great job
Hal/GL- bro, it would be really cool if you just let me handle this one
Brainiac- (punches Superman down)
Superman gets back up and punches Brainiac
Brainiac- impressive, you’re not human, are you?
Clark/SM- I don’t know who you are, or how you got with Luthor, but you better get out of here on the count of three, 1…2… (Falls weakly toward the ground)
Luthor- (comes out holding some Kryptonite in his hand) pleasure to see you again, Superman
Clark/SM- where do you find this stuff?
Hal/GL- really, he pulls out some green rock and you start falling to the ground, I thought you were the invincible Superman, seriously, I think it would be in everyone’s best interest if (gets blasted by Brainiac)
Jone/MH- its Kryptonite, his one weakness (turns into his Martian form) Brainiac, it’s time to go
Hal/GL- (gets back up) what the heck just happened?
Brainiac- oh, a green Martian comes to the rescue, how nice
A red flash comes and knocks Brainiac towards the ground
Barry/Flash- (in costume) yeah, and a really fast guy
Hal/GL- seriously people, I had this
Bruce/BM- (drops from the ceiling) now you got me
Hal/GL- I’m just going to go
Brainiac- no stay (shoots a beam at him)
Clark/SM- (punches at Brainiac)
Brainiac- (blocks it and knees him in the stomach) I have no time to deal with you Earthlings, I have places to go and worlds to conquer
Dianna/WW- (comes in and punches Brainiac in the face knocking him to the ground) and that is how a woman punches
Brainiac- an Earth Female, are you really that desperate?
Dianna/WW- Excuse me
Brainiac- (shoots a beam at her)
Bruce/BM- (takcles him)
Brainiac- (pushes him off)
Barry/Flash- (runs and punches at Brainiac)
Brainiac- (doges and knocks him down) you are simply too much
Jone/MH- (shoots a beam out of his hands and knocks Brainiac towards the ground) get out Brainiac
Brainiac- as you wish, but I will return
Lex- yes, and then-
Brainiac- shut up Earthling (shoots a beam at Lex knocking him unconscious) I needed you to get me here, now you’re useless to me (flies off through the roof)
Hal/GL- who the heck was that?
Jone/MH- Brainiac, one of the most dangerous beings in the entire universe
Bruce/BM- I’ll get Luthor, when he wakes up, he has something to tell us
Dianna/WW- you were right Jone, he was up to something
Bruce/BM- excuse me?
Jone/MH- Bruce, take the mask off, I already knew it was you
Bruce/BM- (takes his mask off)
Clark/SM- Bruce Wayne?
Jone/MH- yes, it is him Clark, good work Dianna
Bruce/BM- Dianna?
Barry/Flash- well, since everyone is revealing their identity, the thing that heroes aren’t supposed to do, (takes off his mask) surprise
Hal/GL- hey you’re that guy in the hotel lobby, Jerry, right?
Barry/Flash- actually, it’s Barry, nice to see you Hal, I remembered your name
Hal/GL- well, that was very nice of you, Barry, but seriously, I think he wouldn’t have gotten away if I would’ve just handled this alone
Diana/WW- if you say so
Bruce/BM- (grabs the Kryptonite and puts it in his utility belt) this little rock is enough to harm him?
Jone/MH- yes, it’s a piece of his remaining planet, Krypton
Hal/GL- you seem to know a lot, who are you, Green Person?
Jone/MH- I am Jone Jones, a green Martian from Mars, I go by the alias of Martian Manhunter, I was sent here through a beam by accident, but before I left my Planet, I heard of an upcoming attack on Earth, by the being known as Brainiac. When I arrived on your planet, I then heard of Lex Luthor working with Brainiac. He is too powerful for me to face alone, that is why I convinced Mister Wayne to hold a charity event for the airforce, I knew that would bring in Carol Ferris, and thus Bringing in you Hal.
Hal/GL- Wow, Fascinating
Barry/Flash-hey, let him finish
Jone/MH- I also knew that there would have to be a way to bring in Dianna, who goes by the name of Wonder Woman, so I told her everything, and she agreed to be Bruce’s Date
Bruce/BM- wait a minute, you were just using me?
Dianna/WW- no not at all
Barry/Flash- hey, the green guy was talking, go ahead
Jone/MH- I also knew that with the powerful people we would be gaining, that still wouldn’t be enough, I needed the strongest man in the entire galaxy, Superman. With you 5, plus myself, I know that we can get together and stop this threat
Bruce/BM- not interested, I work alone (walks off)
Hal/Gl- fine, we don’t need quitters on this team
Dianna/WW- Bruce, wait
Bruce/BM- (stops) what is it Dianna, or Wonder Woman, what should I call you?
Dianna/WW- whatever you want, please stay, we need you
Jone/she’s right, it’s not often that we can get hold of a man with your intelligence
Bruce/BM- alright, we stop Brainiac, then I’m out
Jone/MH- good enough, alright everyone, grab hold of me, and I will transfer you to my ship
Clark/SM- alright, but I’m bringing Luthor (grabs Lex)
They all gather together and teleport to Jone’s ship in a room and gather around a table
Jone/MH- Everyone, sit
Everyone sits around the table
Jone/MH- I came here to gather all of you here, but I will not be your leader, Superman will
Bruce/BM- you’re letting that Boy Scout take control
Clark/SM- you have absolutely no idea how sick I am of everyone calling me that, and plus, do you have a problem with me as leader
Bruce/BM- Well, I just don’t think that we need our team to be soft. We can’t be too soft on our enemy, like you were with that robber
Clark/SM- well, Mr. Dark Knight, if you have a problem with the way I run things, you can get out
Bruce/BM- I already told you that I’m staying, then I leave
Dianna/WW- would you two calm down
Bruce/BM- I’m taking Luthor with me
Clark/SM- hey, he’s from my city, he’s my responsibility
Bruce/BM- I’m sorry, don’t you have a merit badge class to go to
Clark/SM- don’t start this with me
Dianna/WW- you two settle down
Barry/Allen- yeah guys, this isn’t the time to be arguing
Hal/GL- this is some team we got going on here
Bruce/BM- You should shut up Jordan
Hal/GL- you should be getting out of my face
Barry/Flash- dang, he is kind of a Douche
Hal/GL- I heard that
Jone/MH- everyone please, stop
Bruce/BM- Jordan, I don’t see how they allow somebody like you to handle that ring
Hal/GL- oh I’m sorry, shouldn’t you be sailing a Yacht?
Bruce/BM- take that ring off and let’s see what you’re made of
Barry/Flash- hey, Bats get off
Dianna/WW- Seriously guys knock it off
Bruce/BM- Without that ring, you’re nothing, a joke
Clark/SM- Bruce, that is enough!
Bruce/BM- stay out of this Clark
Clark/SM- don’t act tough to me, you’re nothing but a man that goes around in a bat suit, take that away, what are you?
Bruce/BM- play boy, billionaire, philanthropist, master in martial arts including kung fu, boxing, karate, ninjitsu, Judo. Degree in criminology, degree in physics, biology, history, forensic science, medical science, I’m also an escape artist, detective, fluent in German, Chinese, Mandarin, Spanish, Japanese, French, Ugandan, Latin, Irish, Italian and-
Clark/SM- alright, I get it. But I own a fortress of solitude
Bruce/BM- what the heck is that?
Clark/SM- who cares, you’ll never have one
Hal/GL- you have really nothing to brag about mister I have to have my fancy gadgets to fight crime with
Bruce/BM- alright Jordan, I have had enough of your mouth
Hal/GL- get out one of your Batarangs and make me
Superman steps on the ground and the ground shakes
Clark/SM- I’m putting my foot down, Bruce, you, Barry and Dianna talk with Luthor, Jone, tell me everything you know about this Brainiac, Hal, stay with us
Hal/GL- yes boss
Bruce, Barry and Dianna are in another room
Bruce/BM- so Dianna, what exactly are you?
Dianna/WW- if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me
Bruce/BM- Trust me, I think I’ve seen enough strange stuff today, nothing will surprise me
Dianna/WW- I was originally murdered by the hands of a man, but there are a select few women who are born again as Amazonians from God. I was then intact with many other abilities like I was meant to be as beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Mercury.]
Bruce/BM- interesting, out of all the things that I have studied, I didn’t know anything about the amazonians
Dianna/WW- well we live on Paradise Island; we try to keep ourselves secret
Bruce/BM- Aliens, amazonians, I’ve never quite dealt with anything like this before
Dianna/WW- don’t worry, you’ll get use to it
Barry/Flash- he’s waking up
Lex wakes up
WW,BM and Flash are in front of him
Lex- Where am I
Bruce- you were hit with a beam from Brainiac, we brought you here
Barry/Flash- now it’s time to give us some answers
Dianna- how did you get in contact with Brainiac?
Lex- I’m not telling anything
Dianna/WW- don’t worry I got this (pulls out a rope) one of the many magical weapons that I required when I escaped the island of Paradise, this will make him tell us everything (flings it and wraps around him) tell us everything we need to know
Lex- When Superman put me on the Island, I thought I was doomed, and then, one day as I was digging around the Island, I found something, it was a robotic Green person with probes on his head. I spent weeks trying to fix him. I finally did it. He was the being known as Brainiac. He promised to help me defeat Superman if I gave him some of my technology. He flew me back to metropolis where I showed him everything, but the device that he was most interested in was a portal machine, this could open up portals to different dimensions. After I told him about this, he mentioned an army, of I think it was white Martians, that’s all I remember
Barry/Flash- so, you think that’s enough info?
Bruce/BM- if it’s all he remembers, yes
Superman, Hal, and Manhunter
Clark/SM- so, what do you know about Brainiac
Jone/MH- he is an android from the planet Colu, he turned against his creator. He became a master of xcevil. His most evil doing was when he shrunk the city of Kandor
Clark/SM- Kandor?
Hal/GL- yeah, that’s what he said
Clark/SM- that was the capital city of Krypton
Jone/Mh- your home planet
Clark/SM- yes
Bruce, Dianna and Barry come in
Bruce/We got Luthor to tell some things
Dianna/WW- turns out that Brainiac wants to somehow bring an army of White Martians to Earth
Jone/MH- oh my god
Barry/Flash- what is it?
Jone/MH- the white Martians are a savage race from my planet, if he brings them here
Brainiac in Lex’s Lab getting out the wormhole generator
Jone/MH- your planet will be doomed
Bruce/BM- well, before he left, I placed a tracker on him, he’s at LexCorp. We need to go now
They all gather around and Martian man hunter teleports them back to Metropolis
Clark/SM- I’ll go to LexCorp, you all stay back
Hal/GL- hey man, I aint staying here with these people
Dianna/WW- he’s right, you can’t go at him alone
Clark/SM- alright, Hal, Dianna you come with me
Hal/GL- yes
Clark/SM- rest of you , stay here
The three fly off to the top of LexCorp
Brainiac is at the top of the tower
A giant portal opens
Clark/SM- stop it Brainiac
Brainiac- oh, it’s far too late, my army is about to come, I could destroy you all myself, but that would take far too long, this method is much quicker
The Martians start to jump out of the portal and begin to attack
Clark/SM- Dianna, Hal , you go. I’ll Take Brainiac
Hal/GL- alright, but let me have just one word with this guy real quick
Brainiac- I will let you speak, it’s not like you’ll have a chance to talk to anyone else at the end of the day
Hal/GL- you speak as if though you’re going to win
Brainiac- Because I will
Hal/GL- yeah, but see here’s the thing you haven’t took into account. You have got a man that would take more than an entire army to stop, you have an Amazonian princess, a guy who is a master of almost everything that is humanly possible, a man who makes Usian bolt look like he isn’t moving, a green martian, and most importantly me. Your biggest mistake was threatening our planet thinking that you can get through us.
Brainiac- I will, you obviously don’t see how outmatched you are human, I will win
Hal/GL-you obviously don’t get it, there is no win for you, because maybe you have an army, maybe you are one of the most powerful beings in the known universe, maybe we are unmatched but I want you to know, even if we don’t “defeat” you, we will defiantly bring you to justice. I’m pretty sure that I stole some lines, but you get the picture, now I leave
Fly off
White Martians have lasers and starts shooting people with them
Hal/GL- (gets a green sword from his ring and slices one of their heads off)
A bunch gathers around Barry
Barry/Flash- Let’s see if any of you can hit me
They all shoot at him but he dodges every single one of them, runs behind in a circle and knocks them all down
Barry/Flash- and they say super speed was a poor choice of super power
A Martian shoots at a board that is about to fall on a man
Wonder Woman comes and holds it up
Man- am I imagining any of this?
Dianna/WW- no, now go to safety
Man runs off
A bunch of people run away but two of the Martians get in front of them
Flash of red comes by and knocks them down
Barry/Flash- Everybody go
The people run off
A bunch of aliens are clustered together around Batman who is punching all of them
Top of LexCorp
Superman Punches Brainiac in the face and knocks him down
Brainiac gets up and shoots a beam at super man
Superman dodges it
Brainiac- you are very impressive, when I’m done with this planet, I want you to rule at my side
Superman- no deal
Brainiac- perhaps you would like to Know more about your people, join me, and I will tell you more
Clark/SM- I know way more than enough (punches Brainiac in the face)
Brainiac- Did the martian just tell you that I shrunk the city of Kandor, I also blew Krypton up
Clark/SM- YOU- (punches at Brainiac)
Brainiac-(grabs Clark’s fist) and just when I thought I was done with all of those primitive beings, I find you.
Clark/SM- you took one planet from me, it’s not going to happen again (grabs brainiac and tosses him to the ground)
Brainiac- (gets back up and tries to punch Clark)
Clark punches him in the face and knocks him down
Hal flies with the in the area of Barry
Hal/GL- so this is fun, am I right
Barry/Flash- stop goofing around
A bunch of Martians come from behind about to attack the both of them
Wonder Woman comes and throws her lasso around both of the Martians
Dianna/WW- yoo-hoo, boys
Hal and Barry turn around to see her
Dianna/WW- you’re Welcome
Martian man hunter throws a bunch of Martians into a building
Hal makes a gun out of his ring and starts shooting at Martians
A cop is on his walkie talkie
Cop- this is too much, I can’t get all of these people out
Batman gets infront of him
Bruce/BM- alright I want you to take the civilians to down on 39th street, there are martians blocking the gate at 36th, so you’ll have to take the long way around
Cop- why should I have to listen to you
A martian comes and jumps at batman
Batman roundhouse kicks him and knocks him out
Another martian comes and jumps at batman who punches him in the face knocking him down
The last martian comes and batman throws a Batarang at his chest
Cop- (speaks into Walkie Talkie) I want the civilians to go down on 39thm there are Martians blocking the gate at 36th, so we’ll have to go the long way around
Battle at LexCorp
Superman is down on his knees
Brainiac- it’s pathetic h how someone with all of your power, spends his time protecting these worms
Clark/SM- I was sent here to be their savior, (punches brainiac in the face) and they need one
Brainiac- savior, to these people, please. You want to save them, do it by ruling them
Clark/SM- (punches Brainiac in the face again)
The rest of the Justice league gather together and form a big circle facing outward
Barry/Allen- I don’t get it, how many of these things are there?
Jone/MH- someone needs to close that portal
Hal/GL- I’ll do it (flies off)
Dianna/WW- HAL!

Bruce/Batman- let him go, we got it handled down here (throws a batarang at a Martian’s chest)

Dianna/WW- (hits a Martian into a building)
Hal/GL- (lands on the top of LexCorp) Clark!
Clark/SM- Hal, leave I got it handled
Hal/GL- someone needs to shut down that machine (tries turning it off)
Brainiac shoots a beam at Hall and knocks him down
Clark punches him from behind
Hal shoots a blast from his ring
Brainiac Deflects it and shoots a beam at hal
Hal creates a shield with his ring
Superman kicks Brainiac
Brainiac- I see your friends down there, helpless. I’m not even doing anything right now and you’re just letting them down there to die. It’s either me or them
Superman- (pauses for about 10 seconds and goes down to the rest)
Brainiac- and he falls for it (watches from the top and leaves)
Superman gathers around with the rest of the league
Clark/SM- how many of these things are left
Barry/Flash- too many
Clark/SM- well then
Bruce/BM- where’s Brainiac
Clark/SM- I had to let him go, it was either I waste my time with him and let more damage be done, or help you guys out
Bruce/BM- Clark, you are so Naïve
Dianne/WW- not now guys, set aside your differences
Bruce/BM- then where is Brainiac?
Clark/SM- I don’t know
A Martian jumps out to attack Bruce, but Superman punches him down
Bruce/BM- thank you
Clark/SM- We have to work together
The Justice League circle around similar to that one awesome scene in the avengers
Clark/SM- League, move out
The flash and GL run out to the left
WW and MH move out together
Clark/SM- I guess that just leaves you and me, if you accept
Bruce/BM- (shakes Clarks hand then they go back to back) we need a plan of attack
A bunch of Martians surround them both
Bruce/BM- Clark, put your foot down
Clark/SM- alright (slams his foot down and the Martians fall down)
Another one jumps up and Batman punches him in the face
A martian jumps out at Hal, Barry runs and knocks him down
Hal shoots out A green fist at another Martian
Hal/GL- serious stuff, right?
Barry/Flash- no kidding (runs at and knocks down a bunch more martians)
WW throws her lasso around a Martian and MH knocks him down
Superman grabs a Martian and Batman punches him the face
Batman ducks and Superman punches another martian in the face
Brainiac appears back on the rooftop
Bruce/BM- we got it under control down here, go get Brainiac
Superman goes back to the roof
The rooftop
Clark/SM- you’re back
Brainiac- yes, and while you were gone, I was gathering more information on Earth, after I’m done with finishing this planet, don’t worry I will make sure that their legacy lives on
Clark/SM- don’t worry, you won’t have to do that, because you aren’t destroying anything (punches Brainiac in the face)
Brainiac tries to get up but Superman grabs him and slams him to the ground
Superman starts punching him in the face a lot more
Hal/GL- (arrives) well, I thought you would need me, but I can see you’ve got it
Brainiac gets back up and knocks superman down
Lex arrives on the top of the building
Lex- this is enough Brainiac!
Brainiac- Luthor!
Lex- (gets a lazer and shoots it at his machine, thus destroying it)
All of the Martians fall to the ground dead
Barry/Flash- what just happened?
Bruce/BM- look the portal closed, let’s go
(They all fly off and run toward the top of LexCorp)
Brainiac- I should have finished you Luthor
Luthor- well, this isn’t what I wanted
Hal/GL- so, how does it feel, Brainiac, knowing you lost
Brainiac- no, I haven’t lost (shoots a blast at Clark)
GL shoots a green fist at Brainiac
The rest of the league comes on top
WW punches Brainiac
Batman throws a batarang that hits him in the chest
The flash runs at him and knocks him down
Brainiac is down on the ground almost dead
Superman- everyone back down, he’s my responsibility now (kneels towards Brainiac) give up Brainiac
Brainiac just looks at him
Clark/SM- I’m giving you the chance to live, accept your defeat, (gets up) I think we’re done here
Superman and the rest of the Justice league walk off
Lex walks towards Brainiac’s body
Lex- you think you can take my technology and get away with it, it doesn’t matter, and you’re dying anyways
Brainiac- no, I’m not dying (grabs hold of Luthor)
Luthor starts to grow the probes on his head and his skin turns green (or blue, whatever we go with)
Luthor/Brainiac-(looks at his self)
The Justice league turn around
Luthor/Brainiac- I’m not finish yet
Clark/SM- Luthor! Don’t let Brainiac control you
Luthor/Brainiac- why should i? The power feels amazing (punches superman and knocks him down)
Dianna/WW- (wraps her Lasso around him) stop!
Brainiac/Luthor- (grabs the lasso and flings her off)
Bruce/BM- Dianna!
Brainiac/Luthor- (shoots a blast at Batman knocking him down)
Manhunter tries to attack him, but Luthor grabs him and throws him down
Barry runs at Brainiac who punches him down
Clark gets up and tries to attack Brainiac, but Brainiac grabs him and knocks him down)
Superman gets back up
Hal keeps trying to shoot Blast from his ring, but Brainiac keeps dodging them
Hal/GL- He keeps deflecting everything I shoot at him. Clark! (puts Brainiac in a headlock) shoot
Clark/SM- are you crazy, I shoot him, I kill you too
Clark/SM- (shoots his heat vision which goes through brainiac’s and Hal’s chest)
Lex’s body goes back to normal as him and Hal both fall down
The rest of the league gets up
Dianna/WW- HAL!
Clark/SM- he got hold of Brainiac so I could shoot him with my heat vision
Bruce/BM- (puts his hand on Hal’s chest)
Dianna/WW- (pulls a bottle out of her pocket and brings it to Hal) this will heal them
Put’s the bottle in Hal’s mouth and then Lex’s
Hal/GL- (gets up) am I alive?
Clark/SM- good to see you back on your feet
Hal/GL- so, did we win?
Barry/Flash- yes man, we did
Hal/GL- good, I thought it would feel a lot more exciting than this
Lex gets up and tries to run off
The flash runs and stops Luthor from escaping
Superman grabs his arms behind his back
Clark/SM- you’re not going anywhere Luthor
Luthor is put in behind bars
News reports are on about the team
Montage of the superheroes going their separate ways
Clark/SM- (voiceover) so, an attack on Earth was stopped, but it never would have happened if it weren’t for all of us coming together, We are the Justice league
Last scene shows us the watchtower
Post credits
Alien walks towards a figure who is staring out into space
Alien- Sir, Brainiac, he was defeated
Figure- yes, I have heard about it, this Justice league interest me (turns around and reveals to be Darkseid)
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