Justice League Fancast

Justice League Fancast

JL cast I'd like to see. 1st Attempt at an article/fancast, so take it easy

The JLA are one of my favourite teams in comics, and even though it may not be in the way the fans, or any normal person would want, there will be a JL movie. And if done right, i think it could be better than the Avengers, which i actually like alot as well and it'll probably be the 2nd best CBM of all time.

On Story I think they should face a threat thats very dangerous, but try to make it grounded a little bit. My point: I can see Superman and GL fighting CGI white martians or para demons, but I can't see Batman doing that live action. Maybe if they use Braniac the CGI won't look alien, but it"ll be more Iron Man mechanic and some of the characters will look good against it.

I think the writers should be a team instead of one or two guys. Warner Bros should put their talent in a hotel conference room and lock the door for a week or two and have a good story ready. Guys like Goyer, The Nolans, Snyder, Cambell, and comic guys like Johns, Tomasi, Winick, Morrison, Robinson, Waid.
For a team movie this ambitious, you got have a great director who knows what he's doing, and can manage a blockbuster, into an oscar nominated movie. He's probably the best out there right now besides Fincher and Scorcese. Plus his usual crew is amazing with his bro and Goyer writing and Wally P at DP.
Director: Chris Nolan

Selected Works: Current Batman Series,Inception, The Prestige, Memento

From my director pick, you could probably guess my Batman pick. I think Christian Bale is one of the best actors on the planet, and he is the most physically committed actor of all time. The guy just picked up an Oscar and if Nolan does do JL or at least has something to do with it, than Bale will follow.
Bruce Wayne/Batman: Christian Bale

Selected Work:The Fighter, The Prestige, American Psycho, 3:10 to Yuma, BB-TDK, Public Enemies

For Superman, I gotta go with the guy who just won the role. I've never seen anything with him, all the way through but he seems like a pretty good actor with the right presence to bring Superman to this generation.
Clark Kent/Superman: Henry Cavill

Selected Works: The Tudors, Immortals, The Cold Light of Day

Green Lantern is right now the coolest DC character, and yes I'm aware of Batman. Over the last few years GL has become a comic staple to me and I'm very excited about the movie coming out soon. I am a huge RR fan, and even though I didn't really think he would be to great in it, he won me over, and he's capable of being amazing(Buried)in a role where you expect him not to be.
Hal Jordan/Green Lantern: Ryan Reynolds

Selected Works: Buried, Blade, Paper Man, Definitely Maybe, X-Men Origins Wolverine

Barry Allen doesn't get alot of love because alot people just aren't used to him. The Flash on JLU animated was Wally West, and thats who most people are familiar with, but the real hardcore fans know that for a movie, it's gotta be Barry Allen in the flash suit. For an actor to play him he's gotta be a guy who looks fast, smart, and overall like a guy you would trust, even if he's gay. NPH is my choice because he basically owned the New Frontier movie as Flash, and in the current comics he's drawn by Francis Manupul like a twin.
Barry Allen/The Flash: Neil Patrick Harris

Selected Works: How I Met Your Mother, Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog, Harold and Kumar, Starship Troopers

Wonder Woman was probably the most difficult choice i had to make. I'm still not really sure about it, but i think it's all right. So i chose Serinda Swan. I liked her in Breakout Kings and Smallville, she looks like she's tough and no one else really owns the role. Palicki doesn't look old enough and Cole doesn't seem tough enough to me.
Diana Prince/Wonder Woman: Serinda Swan

Selected Works: Breakout Kings, Smallville, Tron, The Break Up Artist
In a couple different incarnations of JL, the Martian Manhunter is the guy who brings it all together. It seems like everyone's got that scary dude from heroes or Jon Hamm as the guy. I wanted to go a bit more obscure. I picked the actor Garret Dillahunt because he looks crazy and alien enough to portray Jon Jonzz in human disguise. He could probably do motion capture too, but they might wana get someone else's voice. Oh and his last name is oddly fun to say.
John Jones-Jon Jonzz/Martian Manhunter:Garret Dillahunt

Selected Work: Burn Notice, Raising Hope, No Country for Old Men, Winter's Bone, Terminator tv series

Green Arrow's gotten alot more mainstream after being on Smallville for the past half a decade. He's pretty much the coolest part of the show, aside from the episodes with the Legion or JSA, they should have just made the show about him. However the character in Smallville is a bit too much Batman-ish, and although Hartley is pretty good, I'd recast for the movie version. He's gotta be a little bit more heartfelt. GA to me is always the conscience of the JLA, him and Bats make sure they don't become like Gods. I like Bradley Cooper for this role, and I really don't know exactly why, but theres something about it that works.
Oliver Queen/Green Arrow: Bradley Cooper

Selected Works: Limitless, A-Team, The Hangover, Case 39, Yes Man
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